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  1. Yes I have requested I refund through PayPal aswell and sounds like a good bit of businesses to me
  2. I've just sent a message via PayPal about getting my money back it should take a few days it says, but I agree he does do some very good decals to be bad he is unreleable
  3. Yeah I agree dave i won't let him get away with it, it's just not right
  4. Ok I understand, it's just very annoying and I would have never expected this really from airline decals but I suppose money is money Thank you for your comments
  5. Yes I paid by PayPal I will have to see if I can get the money back
  6. Oh right really can he not get done or anything ? Or can Is there no way to get my money back off him ? Guess I better look at other decals then
  7. I never even thought to look about it after looking on his website and everything seemed right so I would have never thought until now
  8. Hi all, I have ordered two different sets of decals from modelarstwoalexender and spent quite a lot of money on them I received a confirmation email and told him my preferred choice of payment, I have paid him and it has been months and still nothing I have tried emailing and ringing him and nothing. Has anyone else bought decals of him and had the same problems ? Regards Jackson
  9. Deleted - 100 post rule, not the wanted area.
  10. Massive thanks for this and I hope yours goes well! Many thanks Jackson
  11. Hi yes that would be great thanks I would like all the information and help I can get Jackson
  12. Thanks for the information I just looked and was thinking of a Lufthansa cargo, looks like it uses the GE-90 that come with zvezda and the raked wing tips just fuselage that needs the work. What would be the best way to cut the fuselage as straight as possible ? Jackson
  13. Hi all, I was wondering if it was possible to convert a 777-300er from zvezda to a 777F which I believe is the frieghter version of a 777-200LR. I know I would have to cut it down but I am unsure how many frames and if that is the only difference between them
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