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  1. Think I’ll just do the 330 in standard Finnair livery, when I get the time to start it...
  2. Not sure my hand painting skills would do it justice... I’ll stick to basic Finnair I think...
  3. Does anyone know if decals are available for Finnairs marrimekko livery for the A330?
  4. I saw the Landor 747 yesterday and the BEA A319, they do look good!!! Also saw the retro Aer Lingus too!!!
  5. You want to read his book too!!!
  6. An oldish thread I know but if you have the orange "ADR" square board on the rear of the trailer then you need one on the front the tractor unit, other than that great build...!!! Best ever truck I've driven was my XF105, loved "my" FJ12 AWZ...
  7. So pretty much a -100 is almost identical to a -200? What engines come with the Zveda kit?
  8. I've just been through my decal stash and found a set of British Caledonian A320 decals, now I have a Zveda A320 waiting for me to start work on it am I correct in thinking that to build it as a -100 I don't put anyway wing tip fences on it or are there any other minor differences between a -100 and a -200?
  9. I'll have a look into all of them thank you
  10. I've just ordered a Revell A350 and Embraer E195 and the Italeri ATR42, as well as the Zveda A320 I've got hidden... The A320 and 350 I've got planned to go into Finnair livery and the Embraer into Flybe using V1 Decals, but I'm not sure what livery for the ATR - are there decals available for it?
  11. I too build merchant ship models and although there are not as many of them like navy ships there are some interesting ones other than passenger ships. Have you heard of the Nedlloyd Bahrain (General Cargo), Nedlloyd Rouen (Ro-Ro), Trinity (GC), Toyama (Container)? There are also some rarer ones such as the Hawaiian Pilot (GC) (Re-issued under various names), JL Hanna (Tanker) (Re-issued under various names), Shell Welder (Tanker), Strathardle (GC), Talabot (GC), Free Enterprise II (Ro-Ro, Pax Ferry), Colombo Express (Cont.), Benledi (GC) (Re-issued as the Da Noli), Meteor (Research Vessel), Calypso (RV) (Re-issued as Research Vessel), Suroit (RV), Geopotes (Dredger). Savannah (GC/Pax), Arktika (pax/Ice breaker). Then there are lots of tugs (harbor and deep-sea salvage), SAR boats and a firefighter boat. Most I have accumulated on Ebay. Some are built and some not as of yet but will be. Do you have some others that I could look for?

  12. I'm thinking about buying the PAS conversion for the A320 neo and wondered if anybody knows what it's like? And the decals, what are they like to use?
  13. It's just a shame that I can't find any other modernish ship kits though....
  14. Yep I have 4 ships in the stash, the Revell Finnjet, the Color Magic (I think), an Aida cruise ship and a Shapeways Pride of York.... Thinking about getting a container ship as well if I can find the Colombo Express for a decent price....
  15. Yeah I had a look on Hannants after you gave me the heads up last night, but have been told no models or spending on my car or truck (until the cars been given a good service) by my girlfriend
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