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  1. Looking forward to this, first show for us of the year.
  2. cracking build. That reminds me of the one I was given by a teacher of mine, my dad dropped it three times trying to hang it on my ceiling, I can confirm they naturally want to dive...
  3. The only good thing about the series was it prompted me to read the book and the follow up Massacre of Mankind. i don’t understand why the story was not honoured
  4. +1 for flory, I did use Humbrol enamel washes and had the same issue even with their own thinners.
  5. We had a (chocolate) button cute one, 18 months later he’s 32kg and is currently snoring his head off next to me... still a legend though!
  6. For info the GR3 airbrake was larger than the 'hole', the GR1 did fit more inside, watching this closely as I'm about to attempt the original airfix verision and I think I'll have the opposite problem
  7. Nice build, I spent my adolescent years not far away from Upper Heyford and remember them flying overhead almost everyday.
  8. Too true about the score, it really makes the film...off to google now..
  9. I think mine is suitable for all scales up to 1/24
  10. What about a blob of superglue gel? Or try softening some sprue and pushing it on a cheese grater hole of suitable size?
  11. They look fantastic, could you share how you did the finish on the inside of the nozzles? Hang on, looking again at the WIP looks like it was white with a wash
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