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  1. What a great step by step tutorial Alan!
  2. English Electric Deltic Prototype (DP1)

    Surely the coolest were Bulleid's "air smoothed" Pacifics - after all he did "eschew conventional thinking". Glad to see that your Deltic is "back on track"
  3. Carriers Ahoy! Things that fly on things that float!

    Hoping to come on board this build with a 1/48 Hasegawa Phantom FG Mk1 in Ark Royal livery. No particular boxing as the parts were from a bulk buy of 3 kits in one plain box off E*** a couple of years ago. Extras would include Wolfpack flaps down set, Hobby Decals rub-down stencils and livery decals plus Montex masks and Master pitots. The only problem could be the number of overlapping group builds that I'd like to take part in!! (10th Anniversary, 737, HS, RAF 100, Airfix). Mike
  4. Hawker (Siddeley) GB

    Hoping to join in with an F-RSIN Trident 3 (BEA) but that would mean three GBs at the same time early next year!!
  5. 10th BM Anniversary GB Chat

    Well............. I do have a Revell DC-10 in the stash, which I was intending to build next year so I'm in if nothing else gets in the way. Oh yes, it will be G-DCIO in British Caledonian livery
  6. BA A380 question

    You're welcome!
  7. BA A380 question

    Have re-instated the photos in the build thread
  8. BA A380 question

    Glad that you found the pictures useful. It was painted with Halfords Appliance white, Halfords Fiat Capri Blue (both rattle cans) and Tamiya Ocean Grey (airbrush) for the aeroflex (though this is too dark). As for brushing up on your skills.......... I lost quite a few of the panel lines whilst filling the windows and also over the fuselage joint, but managed to rescribe the obvious ones on the top of the aircraft. The undercarriage legs are quite brittle - all three have brass rod inserts to rectify my breaking them at various stages. Have taken the liberty of inserting a link to my build thread:
  9. BA A380 question

    Hi Bluesmodeller Hope these four assorted views give you an idea of how the 26Decals fit this model: The livery decals went on very easily but I cut the tailfin insignia into 3 pieces (having carefully noted how far apart each one was from the others) to avoid any silvering issues with the large clear parts of the decal. I found the door decals etc to be very thin and managed to mess a couple up - there are no actual spares so I used some of the ones intended for non-white liveries. Nottoo noticeable if one doesn't look too closely! Regards Mike
  10. BA A380 question

    I made the "House Colours" version in last year's Airliner group build, using BA decals from Ray at 26Decals. Don't remember any particular fit issue with the decals. My original photos have been hijacked by Photobucket but could upload one here if you are interested. Regards Mike
  11. Polish MiG-29 (Now finished)

    Hi Jabba You've got a great looking model there - congratulations I'm still working on my F-15s but WILL get back to my MiG-29 "Hero" soon Mike
  12. Nowhere 2 Hide 89-0472 *Back on track*

    This build is now seriously behind schedule, so am going to concentrate on "Twin Towers" over the rest of the week. Airframe is only partially painted (underside still to do) and weapons are a work in progress but here's a look at them anyway
  13. 1/48 Revell F-15E "Never Forget" *Now "Twin Towers"*

    Progress has been slow and I'll be struggling to meet Sunday's deadline but...... Airframe is now painted Cans, seats and wheels ready Underwingy things (not fully decalled yet)