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  1. Yep game for this. F-4 or F-15, perhaps something civil. Lots to unpack with this one.
  2. Just asked this - answer was yes. Full combat capability and most service squadrons had at least one on strength.
  3. Thanks Col, gives me another interesting possibility.
  4. Hi, definitely some interest here, lots in the stash that could work, from both sides of the Cold War. quick query - would a two seat Lightning (T4/T5) be acceptable? Used for training but same combat capability as a single seater as far as I’m aware. thanks!
  5. Thanks Alan! Isn’t every spray session the precipice of destroying weeks of work??? I was really expecting one last disaster on this one. Will revisit Alclads in future, as you say they do give the most convincing results.
  6. Done! Build thread here Tamiya P-51D as RAF KH727 Italy 1946. Out of box with the exception of the decals and Eduard Zoom cockpit set. Decals are mainly Xtradecal with stencils borrowed off another aftermarket sheet as the kit ones were toast. Paint is a mix of Alclad (Aluminium on the wings and rudder), Gunze (Anti glare panel and camo on the tail), Plastikote chrome!?!?!?! on the fuselage (worked out ok after issues with Alclad). Congratulations to all who made the deadline - some fantastic builds!
  7. All done! Other than the usual issues trying to get a neat finish on the prop blades the run in was quite straightforward.
  8. Chucked in a late shift last night but got it over the line! Photos later this evening.
  9. Decals on tonight. The Xtradecal set went down really nicely, i had some issues with the same set in 1:72nd where Microsol turned the decals cloudy but no issues here, settle down well. Unfortunately the stencils off the Tamiya sheet are well gone and refused to budge, the broke up, so the finished product will be short of some stencilling but I don't have time to sort that now! Next couple of nights i aim to blitz painting the landing gear and prop blades then it's hopefully just final assembly.
  10. Bit of progress, got the random camo patch on the tail and the anti glare panel painted. So.... left to do. Paint undercarriage legs and wheels. Paint propeller blades Decals Mask and paint front canopy Final assembly Things are tight now but hopeful i can get it over the line for the 15th.....
  11. Initially I had zero issues with them, super easy to use, but this issue with the chrome had me vexed as I have no idea what caused it. The aluminium sprayed fine and there’s a small block of camo on the tail which I’m hoping will be ok in Alclad, but for large areas of chrome I think I’ll go back to Gunze SM or a rattle can.
  12. I've got this to the "primed and filled" stage but realistically i'm not going to get both Mustang projects over the line for the end of the build so I'm going to concentrate on the Tamiya P-51D in my other thread and save this for a future RFI. There's more work with spraying a camo scheme and masking canopies etc and i just don't think it's going to happen by the 15th!
  13. Ok i've been jumping on this as and when i could find time. My intention is to push to get this one done for the end of the group build and finish my B/C later for a standard RFI. Rest of airframe assembled and primed / given a coat of rattle can black. I sprayed the wings and rudder with Alclad aluminium which went down pretty well. However I struggled with the Alclad chrome, it went down ok but left dull cloudy patches for reasons i cannot fathom (tried two different bottles as well). In desperation I went with some Plastikote rattle can chrome, which gave reasonable results. It's not given a silky smooth finish but it's workable and i think contrasts quite well with the aluminium. It's not likely to win anything at IPMS but it's not too bad and I reckon i have a chance to get it over the line before the deadline.
  14. As detailed in my B/C build thread i've not been as active as i hoped getting these built! Anyone familiar with this kit will be aware it's not that taxing to build, in fact building it alongside an ICM Mustang makes the build experience even more pleasurable! Interior Green (Alclad) sprayed, Eduard Zoom etch fitted - Fuselage halves joined and wings in place to check fit - no major issues. As per the B/C build i plan to forge ahead with getting the joints fettled and wings / tail fitted over the coming week and get it to a state where I can think about paint. It's nice that there isn't lots of ordanance and other fripperies to worry about compared to the average 1/48 Jet!
  15. Neither of my projects in this group build have progressed as far as i'd like to be honest. A combination of busy workload and frustration over a defective airbrush sort of killed the initial mojo! However i've had a good couple of days on both kits in the past week. Interior green sprayed, Eduard Zoom set fitted.... As Bonhoff pointed out in his build, the fit of the cockpit is less than positive, in fact it took me a while to get the instrument panel in a position where the pit would actually fit at all! I'm not sure it's 100% right but it was the only way it was going in. As i'm building this alongside the Tamiya "D" I sort of wish i'd gone with the Tamiya "B/C" now, the ICM kit isn't anywhere near un-buildable but everything has just taken a bit more effort due to the comparative lack of finesse in the moulding despite being obviously based directly on the Tamiya plastic. Case in point, the fuselage halves need copious taping and stitching together due to lack of locating pins and less accurate joint. I resorted to superglue and clamps in a couple of places. Then the "ramp" that goes between the radiator and tailwheel bay came unglued once the halves were joined, and sprung up into the fuselage, requiring some tomfoolery to bend it back down and superglue it into the correct position. Reckon i'll be fettling the join over the coming week and getting the wing unit glued in place. I'm a bit up against the deadline now but I still intend to try and get both kits over the line.
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