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  1. Excellent build and super job rescuing it from the shelf! I have to agree that in scale the duller finish seems to work better. The MiG-21 is lovely too!
  2. I have an Academy "B" in the stash with lots of aftermarket to build and decals for VF-32 Swordsmen, my thinking is it will look nice alongside a Tamiya F-14 from the same squadron!
  3. Ok this is going to be my second "entry" for the GB, nothing flash. Tamiya P-51D OOB built as KH727 from the Xtradecal sheet. Hoping for a fun build to maintain my mojo and hone my painting skills a bit more.
  4. As a bit of light relief from taking several years to get one 1/48 Phantom over the line I'm intending to try and complete a couple of P-51's for this GB. First up is the ICM P-51 B/C boxing, with the intention to finish it as an RAF mk3 courtesy of Techmod decals (yes i know Tamiya have actually done this as a boxing but the ICM kit was a tenner....) Basically it's a less accomplished version of the Tamiya kit (softer plastic, no locating lugs and some silly errors like no landing gear leg hole on one side). However it's not too bad - i've taped the fuselage together to check fit and glued the upper wings to the lower just to make sure the fit wasn't so bad I needed to pull a Tamiya one from the stash! The definition on the trailing edge of the wings is a bit vague compared the Tamiya kit but other than that it doesn't look too bad a kit. Untitled Untitled Untitled Untitled Plan is for an Eduard Zoom cockpit set but otherwise OOB. I am also doing an RAF P-51D but i don't have that kit to hand just at the moment to photograph for a thread.
  5. Hi All, Was looking into upcoming group builds last night and really fancy doing something in the MTO GB. Looking at the stash the obvious option was some sort of Bf109 Trop, however I was also pretty sure that the all black Mosquito NFII made an appearance in the theatre courtesy of 23 Squadron. I see Xtradecal cover the NFII on their 23 Squadron history sheet but the airframe in question is standard camo with a black lower. Does anyone know if an all-over black NFII from this squadron has ever been covered on any decal sheet, either in box or aftermarket? Thanks!
  6. Hi All. Would like to do a couple of 1/48 Mustangs for this build, a D and a B/C, Tamiya / ICM. Looking to do RAF liveries.
  7. Count me in, have various Airliners to build.
  8. Finally got this over the line last weekend. One of a pair i've been working on for probably the best part of four years! I had a burst of activity earlier this year, priming the airframe and getting a lot of the sub assemblies built and painted then went back to my usual glacial non-progress untill about six weeks ago when i finally started painting the main lump. I had intended to get both kits painted and finished simultaneously but i figured it would result in getting even less done so I focused on the FGR.2 (other one is an FG.1 which will be XV574). Mostly OOB with some Eduard etch on the seats and cockpit panels, QMT FOD covers and resin wheels, Decals from the Xtradecal 74 Squadron sheet, weathered with Flory washers. Overall i'm fairly pleased with it, it's not perfect but i learnt quite a bit especially with regard to painting so should be in good stead for the next one! Thanks for Looking! I hope this heralds me being a bit more active, i intend to take part in the Mustang group build as a bit of light relief before getting back onto big jets!
  9. I like the canvas effect on the RIO's anti glare panel, very nice.
  10. Hi Tony, would love to see a work in progress of the build!
  11. I am tempted to build the KH one. It's in the stash, I know it's not a great kit but I feel like giving it a go just to see if I can make something presentable out of it. I know Trumpeter's SU-15 is supposed to be a pile of crap but I enjoyed building it and once painted I'll have a nice big soviet interceptor for the shelf.
  12. I believe it is the P version yes. I meant to say the type Belenko defected in. Sounds like a possibility if someone does have a better attempt at the interceptor Foxbats.
  13. Not that I would build one (prefer the PD / PDS) but has there ever been a 1/48 model of the original interceptor (what we call the MiG-25A in western parlance)? I'm guessing the old Revell kit is the closest but I would think a good modern model of the original version would do well.
  14. Thanks for the info. I think I'll take the plunge anyway, I've wanted to do 903 for a long time. Looking at pics I agree it does have a probe though.
  15. In at Hannants and into the basket!
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