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  1. Great news for me, especially considering Hobby Link Japan have just this morning delivered a set of VF-41 decals for B and J versions.. My sphere of interest is US Navy and British Phantoms, i find the RF and gun equipped versions hideously ugly so for me Tamiya have made the correct call, especially as ZM don't seem to want to do the original skinny winged versions.
  2. Hasegawa 1/48 Phantom FG1 XV574. Eduard cockpit and seat etch, Xtradecal decals for the special scheme (stencils stolen off the ADV part off the Revell sheet as the Hasegawa decals were toast) and mainly Gunze paints. Main thread here - And finally with it's stablemate FGR.2 that I complete in 2019...
  3. Ok i'm calling this one finished - only four years in the making. Apologies for the photos, I really struggle to find a decent place in the house to take photos, especially with the modelling room now being repurposed as an office. And finally with it's stablemate FGR.2 that I complete in 2019...
  4. Moving on swiftly.... Only really the seats and canopies left to sort now, should be over the line this weekend and on the shelf.
  5. Getting on pretty well with this now! Masked and painted the spine which I expected to be a terror of a job but came out well. I think shooting Barley grey (the main colour) over the tape before applying the black helped to seal it as there is next to no bleed. I'll certainly leave the splitter plates off the next one though! Let the decalling commence! I expected more issues than I actually had. I tried to use some of the Hasegawa stencils but they dried with a very yellow carrier film (to be honest the entire sheet looks "old" so I should have known..), so raided the Revell sheet for these. Insignia is from the Xtradecal sheet and generally settled down very well, I had a small split under the RWR unit on the fin but Gunze yellow was a very good match to hide it. Airframe is now sealed with a coat of Satin varnish awaiting weathering. In the meantime I've been completing all the little sub assemblies - Exhaust cans and FOD's I've got the ILS fins to paint in yellow to match the tail decals then it's just a case of weathering and assembling all the bit and pieces.
  6. Making some headway on this, it's bumped the F-14 off the bench due to the earlier finishing date. Just a bit of masking and painting. This lot should be cured by the weekend so I can then get the black spine masked and painted.
  7. Lol no. it’s on the fightertown decal sheet but I thought it would look good, especially on an early hi viz ‘cat.
  8. It's not a bad kit, especially when you consider it was just under £20.00 when I picked it up. The Academy one which I have on the bench as mentioned above seems reasonable too, only thing I don't like on that kit is there is a large cranked joint at the front of the fuselage which I'm hoping can be dealt with before the cockpit tub goes in as it will be much easier to squeeze it into reasonable fit if it can be accessed from both sides. I have the Tamiya F-14's in my stash but I'm still honing my skills and finding techniques I like using so I'm getting plenty of value building the "lower" end of the F-14 kit market!
  9. Powering on with sub assemblies as these are my pet hate at the end of a build and things I find a real struggle to get over the line. Pretty pleased so will get all these bagged up and put to one side for now. Once the festive (relatively speaking) period is done I'll get the compressor and extractor fired up and get some paint down on the main airframe, although my initial focus will be my Phantom FG.1 for KUTA.
  10. Things are moving on nicely still. Aires seats with Eduard etch and a few choice placards from the Fighter Town sheet - Rest of the airframe going together quite well. Some filling here and there but nothing biblical. Thoughts are moving towards painting now which fits in well with the British Phantom I am working on in parallel for KUTA. Sub assemblies (except missiles) are very simple on this kit, especially with most being white.
  11. It's at the same point as this build was (wings painted) but as I've got this build well on and my RAF Phantom going in KUTA and I like to give myself a slight chance of getting a GB project finished so it'll stay on the back burner for now. It will resurface on a GB sooner rather than later.
  12. It’s not bad at all. General fit and finish, while unlike to keep Tamiya awake at night, is pretty good. I’ve certainly built worse. The Academy F-14 certainly needs more work, the top half of the forward fuselage is moulded into the rest of the upper but the joint line for the lower part of the cockpit is cranked and needs much more work. I’ll KUTA the Academy kit I’m building as an aggressor at some point.
  13. Progress on the cockpit and seats. All working out well up to now. I'll crack on detailing the seats later this week then that's all the internal stuff done.
  14. I have found some Aires GRU-7 seats in the bits box that fit the orignal tub quite well (not the case with the Academy kit they were intended for). I am going to use these in conjunction with Eduard etch intended for the Tamiya seats to "busy" up the cockpit area a bit. There isn't any etch or other aftermarket available for the cockpit itself, however I have borrowed the FIghter Town generic F-14 sheet which is chuck full of useful stuff for use all over the airframe. I hope to be able to use decals to on the main panels and then a bit of dry brushing and highlighting to give some life to the side consoles. My plan is to get ad much attached to the fuselage as possible before joining the halves together as I don't want a million gluing and filling jobs to do while i work around fully painted and masked wings. Rear stabilators fitted and first wipe of putty in lieu of primer. Try and make some inroads on the cockpit this weekend.
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