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    I enjoy making 1/48th scale aircraft. Also, both 1/48th and 1/35th armour.
    Mainly Tamiya these days simply because they go together so well.

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  1. Another excellent build from you Russ. Nice photography as well. Regards, Joe.
  2. Some of the aircraft models on display at the show.
  3. No, I never noticed it. My mistake.
  4. I've not heard of this company before.
  5. Thank you Bpasenelli. The kit goes together really well. Joe.
  6. Photos from the TamiyaBlog.
  7. The Nimrod was about 5ft long at a guess and made of unpainted aluminium. I saw two technicians mounting it on the pillar as I drove past one day. A Typhoon crashed in 1944 in Stansted Forest which is very near Funtington as I'm sure you know. I took some photos last year. The link is below if your interested. Is the Mustang you intend to build from Funtington as well? I believe the Tamiya Mustang III includes markings of an aircraft which was from the same area in West Sussex, but I cannot remember the airfield it came from.
  8. An excellent Typhoon. Very well painted and weathered. It's nice that you've added the history of the aircraft. I've driven on that road a few times over the years. Do you remember seeing the EH101 Merlin perched on a pillar support? The tail rotor was continuously turning day and night. There was also a large metal model of a Nimrod at the village end of the site that was placed upside down on a pillar. I was told this was something to do with radar calibration. Looking forward to seeing your Mustang . Joe
  9. I've added a Super Wing Series Pro-Zetsu Plastic Shaping Scraper to my modelling toolbox.
  10. I've just purchased a Flex-I-File Super Cutting Compass. £15.25 on emodels. I've tried them, and they work well.
  11. Hi Andy, a great looking pair of tanks. I like the photo of your cat looking at the Tiger. Joe
  12. Hello John, a really impressive start to your build. The detail looks excellent. I think the seat looks superb. I've just purchased my first Wingnut Wings model. It's the Ship's Camel, and very pleased I am with it. looking forward to more progress on your Camel. Regards, Joe.
  13. You could try one of the below. I've used both and both are good. The Artool is very good.
  14. Let's hope Tamiya have a nice surprise for us like they have in previous years.