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    I enjoy making 1/48th scale aircraft. Also, both 1/48th and 1/35th armour.
    Mainly Tamiya these days simply because they go together so well.

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  1. Thank you for all your help gentlemen.
  2. Thank you Richard, that helps. I just wondered if there was any history behind it. Joe
  3. Hello gentlemen, Does anyone know the reason for the black and white checkers on the tails of the Royal Navy 801 NAS Sea Harriers please? I noticed similar markings on the nose of the soon to be released Airfix FAA Hurricane. Thank you, Joe.
  4. Hello Martin, just been to the Post Office to pick up my box of goodies. Great service as usual. I really liked the LED Magnifier. The link is below for anyone wishing to view it. Thank you for your help via emails. It's a great when the seller is so helpful. Joe.
  5. Hello Jonners, your Claude looks very nicely detailed. The cockpit looks very good. The engine also looks very well detailed. Keep up the good work. Joe
  6. Hello Ced, this is painless! You must be mad! Good to see you yesterday, It was nice to have a chat and catch up. Thanks for the coffee. Joe
  7. Thank you Stix, that's most kind of you. Many thanks Knight_Flyer. Alcald gives a nice finish.
  8. Much appreciated Stig, thank you.
  9. Thank you Nigel, I do get a bit carried away sometimes.
  10. Thank you very much Nigel. A lot more simple than your builds.
  11. Thank you Bob, glad you like it. Joe.
  12. Hi Hans, I remember you now Hans, you kindly posted on my Porco Rosso when I posted it here on britmodeller. I only had the early version of Porco's planes. But I do have the Finemolds 1/48th Curtiss Seaplane ready to build.
  13. Very nice Russ, I like the Chinook in the background. Joe
  14. Than you very much Hans. Have you ever seen the animated film, Porto Rosso. That is about the flying era between the wars. The main character is a pig, but it's a very good film. Joe