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  1. I think this is one of the best looking plane designs of the era. Seeing it in such vivid detail I'm getting a better appreciation of it, what a beautiful model you've created here. As an artist, I'd love to use your images as reference in a new drawing. I could draw it in formation, solo, in combat, anything really. Let me know if you're interested.
  2. Hi, great looking model! I rather love this aircraft and think it's attractive and unique. It does have an alien/reptilian front end and is both intimidating and sinister in appearance. I liked it enough to make a drawing of it in a homeland security paint scheme. Just curious why do you think it's so ugly?
  3. DigiArt350


    Greetings from PA, USA. My name's John and am a professional digital artist. I've always loved building models but found I enjoy drawing them even more. I hope this is ok with the mods, but would any of you like to see your model as a piece of aviation art? I've attached an example of my work of the Raiden, completely drawn from a reference model of a pro modeler (with their permission). This is a 2-D rendering and was drawn in an art program by Serif called DrawplusX6. I'm hoping to find modelers that may want to see their models in flight or in combat. Good reference photos simply d
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