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  1. Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri.

    It’s brutal topic and language is pretty extreme just in case that puts you off ...
  2. Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri.

    Fabulous film and having spent time in Arkansas (one state south of Missouri iirc) completely believable portrayal of small town america. As a result of this I backtracked to his two other well known films in Bruges (good especially as Colin farrel annoys me in most films!!) and 7 psychopaths which I liked just because it’s quite extreme
  3. Top Gun 2

    In our house top gun is classified by sons as "quality garbage" i.e. Just total mindless rubbish but superb for switching off brain. Our debate on new plot line involves how they will work in goose junior as that must be the key....ideas??
  4. Ok lets be positive then......uplifting to see such great work!
  5. Depressing to see you do such a great job on this relic of a kit while I struggle with swords "state of the art" aew version. Can't wait to see more!
  6. Love your posts and love that finish.
  7. Duxford aircraft "crash landing"

    Looks like a sequel idea for the genius who created the t-34 v mustang diorama that I saw on here!
  8. T34 v P51

    I love a good documentary!! Great diorama as well of an important hysterical event!
  9. Best 1/48 A-4

    I thought you both "violently" agreed that Hasegawa is the way to go but due to cost some other options were provided and buildexamples?? As a subtext for a "6ft view" modeler like me the advice was excellent (I was looking for a 1/48 one myself) and for a non-Skyhawk ninja the images are inspiring but also total respect for those with amazing hands-on experience.
  10. I think the dust is amazing. On that sort of ground it does appear "solid" so I cant think of anyway you could make it better. Its also amazing as the cars pass how the dust dissipates quickly as if the car is carrying around its own personal storm cloud and that is captured perfectly. A couple of people on here have the incredible skill of making a dead piece of plastic move and this is one of them.
  11. Driving around Normandy

    I cycled the area with my son and found the little villages and reminders fabulous so try and get off beaten track. agree with all votes for bayeux as a Base. I found the American cemetery very moving with the amazing viewing point over beach. if you have time a trip into the falaise area reaps rewards and unexpected links with history at every turn.
  12. 1/48 AIRFIX SEA VIXEN 890NAS

    Www.seavixen.org will give you some of the history of lost crews. I remember in London on charing x bridge a campaigner set up camp to highlight loss of aircrew caused by poor design. Assume he sat there due to proximity of ministry buildings. No politics just a distant memory.
  13. HL-10, a very busy and extremely happy year.

    If I could do one build half (well a quarter but I'm bigging myself up) as good as any of these I would be delighted. Just wonderful.
  14. MadNurseGaz's 2015 models.

    Great collection - the ju88 is my favourite because it is such a worn out kit.
  15. Airfix 1/144 SRN4 Hovercraft

    Hope this is allowed for the competition - does it float or fly?? - only joking as someone said already a stunning build of a really difficult kit....I remember the brilliant little cars on mine that I tried to copy!