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  1. We must both report back on what we think - as “three corvettes” is his real experiences it makes his role as the senior medical person on board even grimmer than cruel sea IMHO.
  2. I think (correct me please!) “three corvettes” was a compilation of Nicholas Monsorrats actual wartime experience that amazingly were published as a column in wartime paper (telegraph maybe?) and then he wrote Cruel Sea which is full off incidents/people you can see in his earlier work. I actually prefer three corvettes. Really going to hunt the ones you recommend !
  3. Seems very light sensitive as it would be I guess so tough call...smoke or similar on glass if it annoys you?? I think it looks great and shows the construction method clearly.
  4. Thank you straight of to find these as I love Three Corvettes.
  5. What a pleasant debate. Refreshing plus I’m learning so much without feeling bullied by experts. Thanks Greg!
  6. I will I promise especially as I follow this. It feels odd to call him "uncle" obviously we never met. He was my Mums classic "older brother" and she adored him and the impact of his death on her and her father still makes me think about it all the time. A 25 year old post office worker (RAF Reserve) from Gloucester training in "Rhodesia" as it was called and tragically dying after only 1 or 2 missions in a land and in a culture far away. I am currently reading "Fire By Night"..... if you have not tried that yet worth finding but you probably have it. SORRY for thread drift I will shut up
  7. Following. My uncle (George Sinclair Smith) died Feb 1941 and buried in Turkey was a pilot in 37 squadron. They were bombing Rhodes harbour I think clearly had problems and flew into a hill on Turkish mainland. Have all paperwork and aircraft serials ( Wellington IC T2821 ’T’) but never been brave enough to build. This might inspire me so thank you in advance.
  8. Fantastic wonderful. Can’t remember where I park the car but can remember exact place I bought the exact same boxing circa 1973!! Thought it was so exotic and that I was really moving “up market”. Thanks for the wonderful Entertaining build and memory!
  9. Fabulous - would love to see these “live” I think it’s perfect as it is. I think the black finish suits it - you should have not said it was not By design! I have monogram boxed one in the stash can’t think I could ever match this But will bookmark to inspire.
  10. https://www.rafmuseum.org.uk/blog/how-an-american-saved-our-german-heinkel-he-111/ amazing story.....great model...love this site as a gateway to often very random events!
  11. So I build the state of the art revell and make it look like a kit from 70s and you guys on this site do the reverse again and again! . Amazing built no idea how you got the transparency’s so “clean” and well fitting. Was it airfix blue plastic by memory?
  12. Beautiful. Something about the hurricane that is tough to capture and no idea what it is but yours captures it perfectly - is it the way it sits or the way the colour falls NO idea but this is wonderful.
  13. Totally agree. When I build a state of the art I look at it and compare it to work on here and think why do I bother! However with older kits I get a real buzz out of my fictitious “busying” of wheel wells and cockpits! However, as you say I am happy with my work if just a bit disappointed with my glacial improvement!
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