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  1. So I build the state of the art revell and make it look like a kit from 70s and you guys on this site do the reverse again and again! . Amazing built no idea how you got the transparency’s so “clean” and well fitting. Was it airfix blue plastic by memory?
  2. Beautiful. Something about the hurricane that is tough to capture and no idea what it is but yours captures it perfectly - is it the way it sits or the way the colour falls NO idea but this is wonderful.
  3. Totally agree. When I build a state of the art I look at it and compare it to work on here and think why do I bother! However with older kits I get a real buzz out of my fictitious “busying” of wheel wells and cockpits! However, as you say I am happy with my work if just a bit disappointed with my glacial improvement!
  4. Fantastic - really not happy when you take a basic frog kit and make it look 10 times better than my effort with later revell and sword examples. Fabulous.
  5. Fabulous. A reconnaissance aircraft with appalling visibility! You have to wonder who Blackburn “knew” in the air ministry - so many duds. Stunning model thank you.
  6. Good read here.. https://www.nevilshute.org/Reviews/barneswallis.php comparing Barnes Wallis with his fictional aircraft designers in “no highway”.
  7. It’s also a very un-varnished account of the governments wilful arrogance and stupidity over the R101.
  8. Most secret is also a good read. I don’t know if it’s true but “no highway” and some of his other aviation titles are full of not very well hidden recognisable characters from aviation. Would love to know who Theodore honey is based on!
  9. I’m such a luddite I love the personal service! Thanks for the training!!
  10. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greyhound_(film) Only just seen this. Hope it’s more private Ryan than pearl harbour!! Shame that it is fictional always thought a film about or even based on “Johnny Walker” would be Fabulous and bring a real hero some attention
  11. Evidence of Boeing new partnership with IKEA by the look of it....
  12. The kit gets a justifiable kicking for some really big errors but it was my most enjoyable build of the year OOB - no idea why just great fun and in the back of my mind “all this for under 20 quid”.
  13. Bought a set of MIG late war RAF paints and not sure if I’m unlucky or if others think match is dreadful. The ocean grey for topside is way too blue The dark green is laughable so bright!! Underside msg seems ok to me Im a very average modeller and love the debate on here about colour match so this is not about tiny degrees of difference as these to me are so far out they almost break trade description!! i have shaken them to death used airbrush and brush and tested with varnish finish which helped a little with the greys...
  14. Not sure where to put this as for uk delivery it would be free - I have some spare old bucaneer parts including part 10 (bulged bomb bay insert??) and most of the weapon sets included in the last red box release. Happy to send if any use for people wanting to start a granby conversion now! No idea why I kept them! I made mine I seem to remember as all white faa with low viz roundals so might even have decals but doubt it.
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