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  1. Is there not also an amazing build by “nobby” sorry I don’t know how to reference other threads. I loved his builds. https://www.britmodeller.com/forums/index.php?/topic/234917993-airfix-gloster-javelin/&do=findComment&comment=1274498
  2. Seriously stunning F1 content last few days. How do you masters create such stunning peerless finishing. That’s a rhetorical question as even if you told me I would not get close! Fabulous.
  3. I did not notice the chrome....to me it suits my memory of this generation. As regards “F1 cars all look the same” my dad used to not like 1970s f1 cars as “they all look the same” I lost interest in about early 2000s as “they all look the same”..... 1970s/80s still favourite!! Crazy design ideas that I don’t think can happen now...wild “bullet nose” arrows and Alfa’s, crazy Brabhams, 6 wheel Tyrell’s, and always Colin chapman pushing every envelope with sometimes tragic outcomes. Awesome model
  4. Awful panel lines as well ...like trench’s !!
  5. BristolBlue

    RIP Niki Lauda

    I thought I had heard most Niki Lauda stories until last night on R5 when they discussed his reaction to the Lauda air crash. Kept in contact with all survivor families in person and also fought Boeing into submission by threatening to fly the same type of plane and replicate the failure over Seattle as he knew it was a Boeing issue but they were trying to deny it (a la recent 737 max). Just would have been amazing to see him versus the boeing lawyers etc. Amazing man.
  6. As somebody who ALWAYS picks an older kit from his stash rather than a stunning new tool (it gives me more excuses when I mess up!!) Im very happy with some of the classic releases especially the price point. However, repeating myself from last year they have either fixed their stock system OR are in full reverse on the "range culling" policy they announced sometime ago.
  7. No wonder you have not attacked the Beaufort yet (hint hint!)). That is unbelievable and your joke “out of the box with a few bits” is hilarious. Over last week a few stunning “British brute biplanes” on here but this surely has to be a contender for build of the year!! Magnificent.
  8. That is so so far ahead of my ability I’m not even jealous. That has to be my build of the year. Stunning at every level. Inspired not dejected!
  9. wrong time of year for April fool. That’s at least 1/48. Stunning - the hurricane to me is so difficult to capture and to do it in this scale with not an ounce of cartoon like humps or bumps is stunning. They are so beautiful when done like this.
  10. Excluding the heat in some responses the whole question of why firm x produces "mainstream kit x" or "minority topic z" I think is a real mystery/science and I think the small under pressure team at Airfix have played a very good balancing act (Whitley v a.n.other spitfire Walrus v a.n.other mustang etc etc). My thought is that the market MUST now be totally enthusiast driven and the thought of random purchases by kids wandering into shops with parents etc etc or well meaning gifts by Aunts is dead. Therefore I can see both sides of this passionate debate. Agree "oh no another spitfire" but also agree "Well Spitfires sell". WE are now not a passionate and slightly annoying (im very annoying) minority, to me WE are the market as WHO else is buying??
  11. Brilliant rendition of stealth technology
  12. I have one in the box of doom and having seen your brilliant work it will stay there. Love the work around the engines and the renovation of the airfix canopy’s. If I am ever brave enough I will copy but I won’t ever get such a result as you have.
  13. Head for gare du Lyon enormous one in funny shopping centre you access from the south side of concourse. Worth finding !! Sorry can’t renember name.
  14. I agree that its odd. A key issue was (they claimed) reducing the NUMBER of products on sale now they have reversed that!! Maybe the inventory system that seemed to cause so many problems is now working or will they be on-line only?? I like the classic ships coming back!
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