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  1. BristolBlue

    Airfix Classics Launched

    I agree that its odd. A key issue was (they claimed) reducing the NUMBER of products on sale now they have reversed that!! Maybe the inventory system that seemed to cause so many problems is now working or will they be on-line only?? I like the classic ships coming back!
  2. With skills like that who needs new moulds. Wish I had 10% of that talent. Stunning. I will send you my frog Beaufort if you want it deserves you.
  3. BristolBlue

    What weights do people use for tail sitters?

    Whenever I get tyres done I ask for some balance weights! Never been refused yet but at about £100 a corner I would be cross if they did!!
  4. BristolBlue

    twin otter at Barra

    Wonderful I see them at Glasgow and always want to make the trip. Having built one oob you are being way way too harsh on yourself this is brilliant.
  5. BristolBlue

    Tamiya Lotus 78

    Beautiful car of my favourite all time F1 driver. Super model of super swedes car
  6. BristolBlue

    What music are you playing ? Part IV

    Fabulous bit with mr moon not getting anywhere near catching his drumsticks - pure genius!
  7. BristolBlue

    Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri.

    It’s brutal topic and language is pretty extreme just in case that puts you off ...
  8. BristolBlue

    Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri.

    Fabulous film and having spent time in Arkansas (one state south of Missouri iirc) completely believable portrayal of small town america. As a result of this I backtracked to his two other well known films in Bruges (good especially as Colin farrel annoys me in most films!!) and 7 psychopaths which I liked just because it’s quite extreme
  9. BristolBlue

    Top Gun 2

    In our house top gun is classified by sons as "quality garbage" i.e. Just total mindless rubbish but superb for switching off brain. Our debate on new plot line involves how they will work in goose junior as that must be the key....ideas??
  10. Ok lets be positive then......uplifting to see such great work!
  11. Depressing to see you do such a great job on this relic of a kit while I struggle with swords "state of the art" aew version. Can't wait to see more!
  12. Love your posts and love that finish.
  13. BristolBlue

    Duxford aircraft "crash landing"

    Looks like a sequel idea for the genius who created the t-34 v mustang diorama that I saw on here!
  14. BristolBlue

    T34 v P51

    I love a good documentary!! Great diorama as well of an important hysterical event!