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  1. Small Wars GB

    No love for Small Wars??? What could be more interesting than Ethiopian F5's, Honduran Mustang's, Anything Rhodesian, Katangan C47's!!!!! So much diversity! Hello! Paul
  2. Small Wars GB

    Hi Col. You may put me on the list. And it may be one of the examples i gave in my earlier reply! Cheers Paul
  3. Small Wars GB

    I believe we all know what a "small war' is. And I think we all know what kind of subjects are being looked for, eg: Katangan De havilland Dove, Rhodesian Allouette chopper, DC 6 Red Cross Biafran conflict. If not sure ask, yes or no. Lets not try and re-invent the wheel. We're all getting older and modelling time is running out. Thanks for listening(I hope) Paul
  4. Just beautiful!! One of my favourite aircraft. I'm heading to Israel in a couple of weeks and this has put me in an accelerated mood to get there. Again, great job. Paul
  5. Love the French Indochina theme!! One of my favourite subject. Always wanted to build a French Ju 52. Thanks for the pictures! Paul
  6. Love these type of subjects! Great build. Great background too
  7. French aviation at Madagascar - set of photos

    Great pictures! Thanks for sharing! I was in Madagascar a couple of years ago. Still a very rugged country!
  8. Love these kinds of conflicts! Great looking sheet with several aircraft I have on my "to do" list. I had bought some MAV DECALs for a Katanan C47 I'm very eager to get stared on. And yes I agree with Steve, Nigeria/Biafra would make a very interesting subject if some of the Mercy Airlift aircraft could be included! Cheers Paul
  9. A very cool idea! Always wanted to do a Katangan C47. Would be very interested. Cheers Paul
  10. So why the lack of Harvards?

    Not an authority on the T-6 at all but it is one of my favourite aircraft! I find the use of it as a combat aircraft in Biafra, Congo, Portuguese Africa to name a few, of great interest. Have the Academy 1/72 boxng, looks quite nice but am stalling as to what conflict to build it as. Great insite as to the various makes, versions and builds on this thread. Thanks to everyone! Paul
  11. I assume the colour of the PBY is the same for the DO24? Late 41, early 42???? Paul
  12. Allied Defence of the Malay Barrier

    Sanguin, Thank you for the reply! Saying that none of the aviation fans here have read the book may be proof that the book is more Naval based than not. I may still purchase. Not sure. Thanks again, Paul
  13. Hello Gentlemen...and Lady's?? I have a keen interest in the early months of the Pacific campaigns... Dec 7/41 - June 7/42. I've notice a book "Allied Defence of the Malay Barrier" by Tom Womack. Just curious, but is it more viewed towards the naval battles or the air/land /sea battles as a whole. It looks very interesting and I would just like some insite before making a possible purchase. Thanks in advance for any opinions and answers. Paul
  14. PBY4 Catalina 1941

    I've read "The Hands of Fate". Great read. I like to build different subjects and the PBY-4 is not a common build as the PBY-5 is. For that matter I'd like to build a B17-C ,Philippines campaign as opposed to an F or G version. I find the PBY-4 being used as a bomber, transport, recon, rescue aircraft during the Philippine invasion amazing. At that point in the war it was use what you have any way you can! Cheers Paul
  15. PBY4 Catalina 1941

    Thank you all for the responses! The early Pacific campaign is a favourite of mine and the early PBY- 4's of PatWing 10 is of great interest. Hopefully I will start with this project in the new year(hopefully). Thanks again to all and Merry Christmas! Paul