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  1. @paulj Perhaps try this: Press the bottom right square button while in the contact and it gives you the options ( deleting, sharing, editing and printing) Edit... The single Icon in the first screenshot next to the star Icon should be contacts.
  2. I'm using a Samsung at the moment so hopefully this may help in some way: Go to contacts, tap on the name, click on more in the top left and it should show delete, link contacts or share contact I know if I long press on a contact a small checkbox appears and then at the top under the clock it says share or delete. Hopefully it'll help in some way
  3. XRT "medium" black helmet Olbas oil Paracetamol
  4. 306 (Runcorn) Squadron Only part of 306 for a short while due to ill health, although enjoyed the Easter camp at RAF Valley (able to crawl around the Hawk's and Sea Kings + the aircraft on the Visiting Aircraft area), plus the Night Ex at RAF Mona & the "sporting" Football/Basketball final's between the staff & our flight (only had 10 members in and caused the most mischief!)
  5. 1. Lancaster 2. Tornado GR4 3. Dornier Do-X 4. Convair B-36 5. Blackjack
  6. Fantastic build this is one I could be looking at doing myself in the future, although I have a feeling I'd have to scratch build a Hyper-charger for one of the builds though! Will see if I can get a walk around set of photo's done at some point, as I know two good friends have these with various modifications etc!
  7. Excellent build, currently have this one on the bench at the moment so good to see how it builds up!
  8. Have to say I dare you.... Best of luck with the recovery though. P.s Pink by any chance?
  9. First Airfix kit was the 1/72 F-111E Not airfix related though but does anyone remember the Tamiya Mini 4WD series?
  10. Jens, There's a couple over on Evilbay at the moment: Cracking finish on the kit too.
  11. I've quite a few hundred books on the S6 at the moment. Try looking at FBreader, although Kindle also have an app for the tablet.
  12. Chain Lube & Dot4 Brake fluid.
  13. To connect the airbrush to the can via the hose you have, you would need something like this: That screws on to the top of the Propellant can's to enable you to spray that way. The HS08 is a very cheap compressor, which is ideal to start off with spraying properly. I have had mine for nearly 2 years now and it still works as good as the day I purchased it (with airbrush) from Amazon.