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  1. And here I thought Eduard was one of the premiere kit companies. Your work looks beautiful. I have a 1/48 Spitfire to start and this news aint good. Better check before I begin.
  2. Thanks LaurieS I rather get it from the RCJaz site.
  3. Nice and cheaper than the list price I was looking at but no stock. Thanks alot chaps
  4. Hello I have been trying to get a bottle of Tamiya Panel Line Accent brown or black here in the UK but with no luck. Is there an alternative to this for highlighting panel lines?
  5. Went shopping at my local Hobby Craft, they are expensive! Picked up an bottle of Humbrol Clear Gloss Varnish 125ml for £5. I read this before buying: Humbrol Clear Decided that I would share with all here.
  6. Thanks Paul and dadgaddad for their hlp here. I was almost committing to buy the Tamiya X-22 as a varnish but your post as put me right and I have gotten the Humbrol Clear instead.
  7. A very interesting debate. This is what I am taking from it: I will be washing the model before painting. I wont be priming this time, but will see what happens.
  8. Hi nigelshipp Well I bought an airbrush, mini compressor, paints, Eduard Spitfire 1/48 kit, model kit (tools). Still need to get varnish, weathering stuff. So it will be exceeding £100.
  9. Really Plasto? Humbrol Klear the work of the devil !!! I think I will give the Tamiya X-22 ago since it's easier for me to acquire. Thanks.
  10. Thanks chaps for the help. I am thinking of going with alclad aquagloss before doing the decals then weathering next. Am I correct doing so?
  11. Hello Members Another noob question. I must say I did do a search, but the results were not helpful, so here is the direct approach. So I have the Spitfire kit, I have the Mr Color paints, the airbrush and mini compressor. What eludes me is the gloss varnish. I noticed the use of Mr Color GX100, but it's not found in the UK (well at ridiculous cost!). I noticed the arguments are many for and against the use of Pledge floor varnish. So what do I use?
  12. Thanks All especially Boak and Chuck1945. Off to MDP to shop minus primer.
  13. Hi All I have an Eduard 1/48 Spitfire project to begin, my first job and I am getting all the stuff together. Wow, had anyone told me I would spend over a £100 for this project, I would not believe! The painting stuff alone is £52 by itself! I just want to do this right. So my question is - do I need to use a primer before painting? I am looking at Scale 75 White Surface Primer and there is black, white and grey. Which colour would be best suited?
  14. B EN133, No. 611 Squadron, Biggin Hill, Early 1943. Your research is very detailed!!! I will be following the instructions to the letter, been a noob to this and have never completed a project on previous birthdays, this one is going to special I intend to get this done and done right.
  15. Hi Bread. Just reread this and noted you mentioned Wolverhampton. I actually live in the Bilston area and would like to know where these model shops can be found.
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