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  1. Have been doing a bit of research on this 747 after having a good look at the instruction / decal placement sheet. This is a 747 - 100 series unlike the Revell boxing which is a 747 - 200. The name of the aircraft is “Coniston Water” but no reg decals are given on the decal sheet. A quick search of Google doesn’t throw much up, but this could be G-AWND which had been called Christopher Marlowe and City Of Leeds. It was destroyed at Kuwait International Airport during the first Gulf War in 1990. Wiki refers to it as being the City Of Leeds but I have seen a couple of people reference it as being Coniston Water. Seems to be quite a story to this particular 747…. Or it never existed at all with that name. Love to know the history of anyone knows more. My other question is on wing colours. The sheet calls out a silver colour for the wings except for the centre which should be a light greyish colour. Top and bottom of wings. The same as I did for my Air Canada 747 above. Would this be correct for this type of 747 model / age?
  2. It wasn’t the blue and white KLM 747 was it? That model has been my paint mule for the past few years. All was going well until I tried to get the decals to conform to the shape of the nose!
  3. Been looking at the other three in the series. The prices being asked on eBay for these are silly! Got lucky with what I paid for this little 747. Can only guess it’s the decals and box that are made of gold!
  4. That’s unfortunately the problem… Can’t justify spending the money on flights just to get on a certain aircraft. But one fully they’ll both be around for a few more years so I’m optimistic the chance may come along.
  5. If I remember correctly, the two engine halves didn’t quite line up when I did the Revell kit. The two fuselage halves went together fine but I’ll need to manipulate this one as I zip it up. Nothing to severe thankfully. The panel lines are extremely fine on this kit and I’ll be surprised if they’re still visible after priming and painting. At this scale it’s not a big deal except for the wings. I’m sure I did a bit of rescribing when I did the Revell one.
  6. Always hoped to fly on a 747 and never got the chance. Maybe I’ll get to fly on a A380 before they disappear. Not quite as attractive as the Queens but quite an experience I’m sure! Started on this little project yesterday. Ordered some little neodymium magnets to attach it to the makeshift acrylic rod stand. Was dubious they’d be strong enough given their tiny size but they will be, even with the plastic between them. So far, so good!
  7. This is the Matchbox 747 kit in 1/390 scale. I’ve built this kit in the Revell boxing / Air Canada scene in the past and it makes for a surprisingly good looking model despite the small scale. The only thing that lets it down is the undercarriage. So, this one will be ‘in flight’ on a makeshift stand made from an acrylic rod and one of the always useful and cheap shadow box frames from Jobbycraft. Going for the BA livery of course although I’ll pick up one of the Revell kits and do the Air Canada version in the future… … Providing the decals hold up! I think they will. Yellowing a bit but otherwise seem ok. And this is the Revell version I did and sadly destroyed moving it upstairs. Hopefully this one avoids such an unfortunate demise. Good luck with your builds everyone!
  8. I think we’ve got 3/4 airliner kits now…? Hope we can go for a full house. Both decal options look nice. Look forward to seeing your build progress!
  9. Nice to see another Neo. You’ve done a fine job on this!
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