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  1. Good to see someone taking on this mighty beast. And a grand job you’re doing too!!!
  2. Thank you Luis! I can’t believe I haven’t updated this in over 6 months.... Well, 2020 was a funny old year wasn’t it?! I did get a coat of white on it. It sat for a few weeks and even then the Tamiya tape etched itself into the paint. I have rescued it without having to strip it but it could be neater. Time to crack on with this build methinks.
  3. Not convinced about the big red lips on the Aida but otherwise a stunning ship. The kit looks great and looks amazing lit up as you have shown. Your QM2 will look fantastic! wouldn’t mind lighting up a model but I’ll experiment on a cheaper / smaller kit first as I’m likely to mess it up. that wood deck is surprisingly thin. Glad to hear it’s easy to workout with.
  4. Not a hint of rust in sight! looking lovely indeed soaring above the clouds.
  5. Lovely, lovely Dominic! I now have two of these in the stash including the Platinum Edition. How did you find the wood deck? Did you fit it straight onto the plastic? Probably start one in the New Year but I’m still tempted to start my 1/400 Aida first. Watching with interest!
  6. Oh, this is fantastic! I have a real soft spot for the Pan Am livery, particularly on a 747. Lovely model!
  7. It does. I have the original Matchbox version to build but the stand is a nice inclusion with the Revell version.
  8. Absolutely! I’m still at the beginner stage when it comes to modelling but I’m always going to keep the models I do as a visual history.
  9. Moa, you build kits faster than it takes me to open the box, and always to the highest of standards!!! Cracking build and, as always, well photographed.
  10. Lot of work and time went into this and it has paid off. Stunning model!
  11. Very nicely done! I have this in my stash. I’ll look into the aftermarket parts you mentioned when I come to do it.
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