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  1. Watching with interest! Nearly picked up the Revell Mayflower kit when it was on offer in Aldi (Or Lidl) last year but got the Victory kit instead. will get hold of it one day, so good to see the Revell kit seems good so far.
  2. No WIP I’m afraid. I have a few ideas for another build of this kit so will do one then.
  3. Great work on this kit so far! Nearing the end of my British Gas build and whilst the kit isn’t perfect - though generally fairly good - it’s a great base for all sorts of wonderful and imaginative builds, as you are proving. I’ll be getting another kit to do something with when I find one going cheap. Anyways, looking forward to seeing how this turns out.
  4. I don’t believe that was a real Mike, Mike. Mike
  5. You’re turning it into a little gem Mike!
  6. Just finishing the Airfix 1/32 mini and the wheels are similar to the DBR9 (which I’ll probably start sometime this year). Nice kits overall but the wheels are a major letdown and a pain to make look decent. Nice to see 3D printing opening up a new world of possibilities for accuracy and quality.
  7. This is a great looking model! May I suggest you change the thread title to reflect the name of the model in question. I think you will get more views and it deserves more views!
  8. Looks great Andy! Looks a great little kit and you’ve done it justice
  9. Same, although I’d like to scale it up to 1/144. Already wondering how hard it would be to convert the 747-8 I have in my stash! Ah, @Turbofan has done a fine job of converting one. Something to look into down the line.
  10. Excellent result! Chrome looks good, especially on the wheels. Lovely shine to it too. Will have to get some of that Tamiya compound!
  11. Thanks Alex! There’s a few on eBay right now. They’re asking £60 to £70 which is just insane! Occasionally these kits start at a low price and rarely make more than £10 which still feels overpriced considering how bad the decal sheet is (regardless of age). the Revell Air Canada kit is good value and has a really nice decal sheet. I’ll build that one again one day. Shame there no other options as far as decals go.
  12. Just used the Tamiya French Blue on a recent project. Lovely paint. Dries very quick and smooth.
  13. Really starting to take shape now Mike. I’ll get started on mine one of these days but I really need to finish all the other kits I’ve started with good intentions! What colour will you be using for the main body? I’ve found the Mr Color metallics - at least the chrome silver - needs thinning about 50/50 with their levelling thinner and a few drops of flow improver before brushing. It does brush pretty well when thinned though. I still struggle to get decent results brush painting with a lot of the Tamiya paints. Doesn’t seem to matter what thinner and what ratio. Others have had better luck so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong. Both brands spray wonderfully though, and are very forgiving, thankfully, as I need a lot of forgiveness! Looking forward to seeing this completed. It’ll be a little cracker!
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