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  1. It’s definitely a little OTT but in many respects this was about learning different techniques on a cheap kit so was always going to look a little ‘overcooked’ I’m happy with other aspects of weathering but the chipping is overdone. Less is more is something I will take from this.
  2. Thanks for the comments and advice chaps. Much appreciated!
  3. Thanks for the tip Noelh! Wooden props, would never have suspected that. I still have a lot to learn about Spitfires and the changes between various types. The only thing I knew for sure was Revell had completely failed to do the gullwing. Such a beautiful piece of engineering and design and they didn’t even try to capture it. I have a couple of 1/72 Airfix kits. Hopefully they are more accurate regarding gullwing, etc as I will be doing at least one ‘in flight’.
  4. Thanks Vince! It’s given me some good practice for the other two in my stash! I made a little display stand from a deep box photo frame and some fake grass. Do you guys glue your models to it or just leave them resting on it?
  5. Thanks Natter! Just held the model up to some royalty free drone footage of fields on YouTube. Took me a while to figure out how to get some blur effects to make it look like the props are spinning.
  6. After completing my first model, The Revell 1/400 Titanic back in 2017, everything went downhill a bit. I goofed a model I was working on and lost my mojo. As ever, life got in the way before I could get it back. Finally decided I need to use all this equipment I bought and crack on with the ever increasing number of kits in my stash! This is the Revell 1/72 Spitfire Mk Vb. Got it super cheap as part of a set with the paints and brushes. Can't remember where from but I do remember thinking I need at least one Spitfire in my collection! Choice of two builds, the clipped wing spitfire as shown on the box artwork or with the elliptical wings. This is Spitfire AZ-G BL924 'Valdemar Atterdag' as flown by P/O Axel Svendsen. Svendsen was shot down and killed by a Focke Wulf 190 over Berck-sur-Mer on the Channel Coast. He had logged 30 operational sorties and 26 hours on the Spitfire before his death. The Spitfire and the pilot where gone forever but a full size replica does exist. The kit itself is a mixed bag as many of you will know. This is the 90's (I think?)version with no gullwing and a number of other errors. Fit is poor in some places, not least where the gullwing should be but it does have a nice amount of detail. Decals where fine and behaved for the most part. And the canopy seemed to fit just fine. It's an OOB build using Revell's recommended colours. All airbrushed except the yellow strips on the wings and the stripe on the rear of the fuselage. That decal was a nightmare! So, a number of firsts for this model. First time with an airbrush. First time trying to do cammo with blu tack. First attempt at weathering.... Not the best looking of Spitfire's on display as I made many a schoolboy error, but i'm happy with how many of the things have turned out and I have developed some new skills to bring to my next models. Hope you enjoy! 20190624_111651 Spitfire Build June 2019 Spitfire Build June 2019 Spitfire Build June 2019 Spitfire Build June 2019 Spitfire Build June 2019 Spitfire Build June 2019 Spitfire Build June 2019 Spitfire Build June 2019 Spitfire Build June 2019
  7. Great job on this kit Stelangton! Love the realistic look of the deck and the photo etched railings. I ditched the masts on mine and made some brass ones but yours look straight and your rigging is spot on. The fit on some parts of this kit is terrible and gave me no end of nightmares but as you’ve proved, with skill, care and attention to detail, it does build up into a great looking model.
  8. Decided to brave it yesterday. Seems to have dried pretty quick in this heat. Need to decant a little for touch ups. Was a bit vigorous micromeshing the underbelly but that will have blue paint on it so I got away with that. May do the wings today and post a pic...
  9. Good timing...! Haven’t had much time for model making or anything else for a while but i’m finally getting back into it. The A319 is at the stage where I have done the white on the fuselage. Halfords gloss appliance and I made sure to be patient and build it up with thin coats rather than blast it. It’s been three days since I sprayed it but the paint still feels slightly tacky. Going to micromesh it when it’s cured. The question is how long to leave it? Can says upto 2 weeks before rubbing it down but I don’t want to wait that long. Hoping to do it Friday or Saturday so I can get on with airbrushing the wings and underbelly. Not looking forward to masking for the blue again. That is as far as I got last time. Meanwhile, whilst waiting for the paint to cure i’ve started a 1/700 Bismarck I got for Fathers Day and am making progress on a Spitfire. Plenty to do... So little time...
  10. Starting work on my second attempt. the lines on the front of the nose cone are poorly moulded, resulting in some of them being barely visible. I managed to sand them off on the first one and tried to scribe them back in. The results weren’t great. so... Should I leave them as is, sand them away or try to repair them, and if so, how? Your thoughts are greatly appreciated!
  11. Ordered two sets of decals over Christmas / New Year. Delivery took a few days but what do you expect at that time of year. Not applied them yet but they seem like excellent quality. Will be ordering from them again.
  12. Just watched it. I thought it was OK but not great. Beautifully shot but let down by the disjointed storyline. I thought the actors had surprisingly limited dialogue but did brilliantly with what they had. The score was at times stunning and yet other times overpowering and distracting. It feels like a missed opportunity in many respects but i’m still glad I watched it.
  13. I’m still confused as to why my girlfriend didn’t tut, raise her eyebrows and complain about money down the drain when I told her i’m ordering a new kit... She must be getting used to it! After a lot of reading it looks like I didn’t leave the paint to cure long enough. Next time i’ll do the white and leave it fo at least a week.
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