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  1. BluesModeller

    Revell 1/400 Queen Mary 2

    Looks great chaps!
  2. BluesModeller

    Revell Airbus A319 British Airways A319 1/144

    Starting work on my second attempt. the lines on the front of the nose cone are poorly moulded, resulting in some of them being barely visible. I managed to sand them off on the first one and tried to scribe them back in. The results weren’t great. so... Should I leave them as is, sand them away or try to repair them, and if so, how? Your thoughts are greatly appreciated!
  3. BluesModeller

    26decals review?

    Ordered two sets of decals over Christmas / New Year. Delivery took a few days but what do you expect at that time of year. Not applied them yet but they seem like excellent quality. Will be ordering from them again.
  4. BluesModeller

    Dunkirk movie

    Just watched it. I thought it was OK but not great. Beautifully shot but let down by the disjointed storyline. I thought the actors had surprisingly limited dialogue but did brilliantly with what they had. The score was at times stunning and yet other times overpowering and distracting. It feels like a missed opportunity in many respects but i’m still glad I watched it.
  5. BluesModeller

    Revell Airbus A319 British Airways A319 1/144

    I’m still confused as to why my girlfriend didn’t tut, raise her eyebrows and complain about money down the drain when I told her i’m ordering a new kit... She must be getting used to it! After a lot of reading it looks like I didn’t leave the paint to cure long enough. Next time i’ll do the white and leave it fo at least a week.
  6. BluesModeller

    Revell Airbus A319 British Airways A319 1/144

    Well this went to sh.....! Had the fuselage painted and the blue bottom looking pretty good. Pleased as punch. Tiny bit of blue seeped under the tape at the front so I decided to carefully scrape it off. Not carefully enough as it happens and I took some white with it exposing the grey primer. What followed was a comedy of errors leading from a tiny spot no one would notice to a ruined kit. biggest issue was when re spraying I masked off the now resprayed Halfords Appliance White for the blue. When I peeled the tape away the tape had reacted with the white paint destroying the finish! Why, why, why!!?!?! the paint had days to dry and it didn’t do it first time around so what changed? Had it soak in various solutions for a while but the paint is bomb proof. I have another one on order from Amazon. Thankfully it’s cheap! Think i’ll turn this into a freight carrier or something. Or bin it! So much for a stress free hobby... I can’t seem to get anything done right since completing the Titanic. Sorry for the rant... I know it’s all part of the learning curve...
  7. Absolutely fantastic! The attention to detail and quality of the finish is inspiring to say the least!
  8. BluesModeller

    Italeri Jaguar GR1 - My first attempt with an airbrush

    Looking good! newbie to airbrushing too. I seem to flick between stunning success and complete disaster with it but I guess that’s part of the learning curve!
  9. BluesModeller

    WIP: Airbus A300-600ST BELUGA Revell 1/144

    Outstanding work so far! Funnily enough, I spotted this plane from my back door this morning!
  10. BluesModeller

    Revell Airbus A319 British Airways A319 1/144

    Haven’t given up on this.... Christmas and waiting for decals have meant this bird has sat on the production line for a couple of weeks. Last night I did some more sanding and making sure everything looks right. I’ll give it a final coat of primer later and am hoping it doesn’t show up any other flaws that can’t be hidden by a coat of paint. The decals have arrived today for this and my A380. They look great, so big thanks to 26 Decals! Going to fashion the winglets myself. While away from that stage though.
  11. BluesModeller

    What music are you playing? Pt III

    Currently got an Alan Parsons Project obsession, although ABBA’s Eagle from the Wembley 79 gig is the last song I listened too. Wish they’d done more songs like that!
  12. BluesModeller

    Any other electric guitarists on here?

    Been playing for over 20 years now. Was semi pro for a while teaching and playing in various bands but an energy filled two year old and everything else means I struggle for time to play. Hoping I can carve out some more time in 2018 otherwise modelling and playing guitar are going to have a bit of a fight! Current gear is: Fender American Professional Strat (Currently in the wardrobe until my Birthday next week) Fender Mexican Standard Strat (Upgraded with Seymour Duncan SSL-1 and SSL-5 pickups) PRS SE Bernie Marsden (Upgraded with Bare Knuckle Mule and Suhr Doug Aldrich pickups and John Mann bridge) Yamaha Pacifica, Squier Strat and a Dean Edge bass. Fender, Washburn and Yamaha acoustics. Laney Lionheart and Fender Mustang amps. Various pedals from Line 6, Boss, GFS, Korg, Marshall and others. Stupid amount of other gear that’s come and gone over the years. The cheaper stuff will go to my son if he decides to play but the US Strat, PRS and Laney amp are keepers. The American Pro Strat is the biggest surprise. Was after the more expensive Elite Strat but the Pro (Which replaced the American Standard last year) just smoked it. Great sounding V.Mod pickups and an incredible feeling neck meant it was coming home with me and not the Elite. With the few hundred saved I picked up the Washburn acoustic which is a nice, well built little acoustic. Hoping to get a PRS Custom 22 one day. Given it’s taken me 20+ years to afford an American built guitar I may be in for a wait! Fender American Pro In Candy Apple Red RW board: American Pro and PRS SE Bernie Marsden: PRS SE Bernie Marsden: American Strat (R) and Mexican (L):
  13. BluesModeller

    Revell 1/400 Queen Mary 2

    Is the upper superstructure just the original white plastic or painted? Looks super sharp either way and is going to look fantastic when completed.
  14. BluesModeller

    Revell Airbus A319 British Airways A319 1/144

    Filling areas with Tipp-Ex worked ok but it’s not great to scribe into. Also tried rebuilding the raised lines on the nose cone but proved too much of a challenge on that shape. Scribed them instead. Halfords Appliance White seems quite thick so the grooves shouldn’t stand out too much. So lots of sanding, shaping, filling, micro-meshing, scribing... I can still see some tiny errors but once the paint and decals are on they shouldn’t stand out too much. Hopefully! The rear exhaust has been rebuilt by showing a small piece of sprue into the rear and then drilling it out. Not perfect but better than the weird mess that existed there before.
  15. BluesModeller

    DACO 737-300 1:144 Jet2

    Welcome, looking forward to more updates.