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  1. Nice work. Where in Sheffield are you working? There is marcways models in attercliffe not far from meadowhall. Matt
  2. Evening chaps. I'm stuck at work at the moment, but managed to find time in my dinnertime to get access to this..... A nice bridgeport miller. Wish I had this in my man cave! Using this nice setup I've managed to mill my 4 blocks square and true. Also milled them all to the same length. A right time saving bit of kit. Got enough styrene now to start rebuilding the first upper leg. Just need to work out how to put the slots in them now.
  3. Thanks Hunter. Means a lot coming from a man of your skill level. The humbrol is from a rattle can, not sure if it's an old formula or not. I do know it has a lovely shine to it. I'm torn between the two colours. To be honest, I'm leaning towards the humbrol for all the metallic areas. Trouble is I don't want to make it too "toy" like when I'm finished. Maybe a black wash would help out. If only I knew how to do it. Any advice? I'm still wrestling with the rails for the upper legs. Can't seem to get all the blocks the same size. If only I had a miller at home.
  4. Hello again. Can't belive it's been nearly two weeks since I posted. I've been beavering away behind the scenes, trying to get stuff done. I've laminated up 4 blocks now, but I'm struggling to get them square. I would have thought my jigging arrangement would help. Not sure how to go about them now. I've done a couple of colour tests, to see what I prefer. This is hycote aluminium over the primer. This is humbrol metallic silver. Not sure which I prefer. The aluminium looks more natural, but the humbrol metallic silver has a nice shine to it. Might use both, for a bit of variation.
  5. No problem up north. My local model shop has a veritable Smörgåsbord of red boxes. Matt
  6. Lovely start there, this is going to turn out nice I think. Just a quick word of warning though, there is a ban on posting images from Just thought I would mention it, as I don't want to see you get in trouble with the moderators. The relevant info can be found here..... Matt
  7. Stunning work sir. Matt
  8. That overall shot looks good, turning into a stunning sculpt. I bet he's a bit in the heavy side now. Will you be baking him soon?
  9. No problem. You will need to use the correct site, I think it's the one in the link, as the other site is wholesale only. Their selection is very good, and they have attractive prices. I presume it's because they are the manufacturer, and there is no middle man to bump up the prices.
  10. Nice work hunter. This just keeps getting better and better! My favourite build on here at the moment. Matt
  11. Hi rené I got mine off ebay, but it came direct from the manufacturer. It's the same price on their website £10.50. Matt
  12. Hi chaps. Sorry for the lack of updates, but I've been rather busy. Had to wait for my new toy to be delivered!  A guillotine! Not a bad bit of kit, for the £12.20 I paid for it, with spare blades. Needed a couple of modifications though to get it working right. Used my trusty tamiya scriber to cut a groove for the blade to go into, as before, the blade just came down flat onto the base and wouldn't cut through the material. Also the cutting guide, the red quadrant, had some lumps along the face you butt the material against. Looked like it might have been left from the removal if spare material, from the moulding process. Another little niggle is that there is no side to side movement in the guide. It's great if you only want to cut angles, or strips of one width, but not much else. I had to make a packing piece to get the strip width I wanted. Think I will make a new, adjustable guide in the future. It produced a nice clean cut with minimal clean up required. A bit of forces is needed to cut through, and the base tends to flex a bit. I think it needs screwing down to a solid surface, and handily,there are two screw holes provided at the front of the base, by the handle hinge. Overall a good piece of kit. Right, after all that I can now get on with the build. I'm using my new toy to cut 8mm wide strips. I want to use these to replace the twisted and distorted rail sections in the upper rear leg sections. Here's the setup for cutting the strips. I'm laminating 13 strips into a block, to get the required thickness. This is what I've ended up with, a block of 13 strips, equalling 6.5mm, as I used 20 thou card stock. here you can see what I'm hoping to achieve. I've got 2 done, only another 6 to do. Sorry for droning on, hopefully the next update will be shorter, and sooner. Ta ta for now. Matt
  13. I'm not particularly interested in most prop powered planes, boats and armour. They don't really do anything for me. I think most of the ww2 fighters all look the same to me, I couldn't seperate a spitfire from a hurricane. I tend to gravitate towards sci-fi, or anything I find weird or esoteric. Matt
  14. Really enjoying your build Borez. The attention to detail you're displaying is staggering. Following with interest, as this kit is well beyond my price range and skill level, and it's good to see you doing it justice. Looking forward to more updates. Matt