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  1. Too right mate, I must admit to suffering from a very short attention span. Nowt really keeps me occupied for too long.
  2. Nice replies guts, didn't realise there was so much modelling on the tv. Matt
  3. Hi chaps. Was up late last night modelling and had the goggle box on in the background. An episode of two and a half men came on, and low and behold, Allan harper was building a revell firebird! This must be one of the only instances of me seeing any model making on a mainstream tv programme. The only other time I've seen mention is in the film super 8, where the young star built trains. And some horror figures. Anyone else seen anything of our hobby on the small, or large screen? Matt
  4. Thanks Andy. I'm trying to keep going with this. Trouble is, as I start to encounter a problem area, I tend to drop that part and swap over to another piece. All the bouncing around makes it look like I'm not making much progress. Matt
  5. Thanks for the suggestions guys, I'll be certain to look into them. Can't believe it's been a week, and I haven't posted any more updates! I've not been idle though, I've been tackling the lower legs/feet. As you can see, a wee bit of filler was required. Plenty of odd sink marks here and there, plus plenty of air bubbles. The surface of the legs was rather rough, so I started sanding it smooth, but this just opened up more pin holes. Think I've got most of them now. The other leg wasn't much better. I've done most of the major filling with Squadron green stuff, and have started going over it with perfect plastic putty. Hope to get a better surface finish with this, as it tends to sand to a better finish. There's a major sink mark on the side of his toe, still needs more filler. The two square patches at the top are supposed to be flat plates, but as with a lot of these parts, they needed some major reworking. I've also decided to plate the top of the leg holes with sheet stock. I hope this is going to give me a bigger surface area to bond the mid leg sections to. Well that's it for now, back to sanding. Getting a nice pile of green dust on my bench, and that filler won't sand itself. Matt
  6. Currently I'm sitting at the bench, sanding off green stuff, to the classic tunes from bomb the bass. Into the dragon, a classic album from my youth. Used to play the cassette to death in my first car. What you mean you don't remember cassettes? Matt
  7. Crispy pancakes and onion rings for my tea tonight. Matt
  8. There's the 1/48 b-1b bone to throw in the mix. The box for mine is a monster. Matt
  9. Thanks chaps. Glad you like my work so far. Plenty more to do yet. Mike, I need to do something about the mesh "face". If you look at this picture, an over the shoulder shot, of mister kinney about get " both barrels ", you can see the mesh is very pronounced. It is visibly raised up. Now, if you compare it to a shot roughly from the same angle, you can see my kit face is visibly lower than the rest of the head, even to a point of there being a raised ridge around it. My thoughts, and please feel free to add any you have, is to crash mould a piece of plasticard over the head to raise the meshed section level with the ridge, then stretch some suitable fabric over it. Thinking maybe some speaker cloth. Also need to ask if anyone has any input of what colour to use for ed? Thanks for looking in. Matt
  10. Nice, neat work. Well done. Matt
  11. Try washing the parts in warm soapy water before priming. That will help the primer adhere better. Mould release agent can be left on the kit parts when you get them, and needs cleaning off. A gentle sanding of the parts before paint will help key the surface, and give something for the primer to grip onto. Brush painting is a bit of a dark art. Thinning the paint well, and using multiple thin coats will give a better finish than one thick coat. Hope that helps you out. Matt
  12. Thanks. That helps a lot. Think I'll purchase some on payday. Matt
  13. I think the main draw, in my mind, is the sheer size of kits you get in vinyl. Don't think injection moulding would lend itself to large kits like this. Also the diverse range of subjects you can get in vinyl just can't be beat by other media, except maybe resin. As promised, I threw a quick coat of primer on his head... All in all I'm pretty happy with the results. Although the last 2 pics do show up a couple of areas that need a bit more attention.
  14. Thanks for the heads up on this. I've just purchased a hasegawa f-14, and it has a seam line down the centre of the canopy. Sounds like the ideal solution. Matt
  15. Hi Tony. I have an ice cream container I use. It holds my side cutters, scalpel, needle files, roll of masking tape and assorted bits of sand paper. I pack it when I go on holiday and take a 72nd starter set with me. I comfortably holds all I need, and doesn't take up much room. I'm not talking about a large ice cream tub, but the smaller, oval ended carte d'or type. Matt