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  1. Buying and Selling on Facebook

    As far as I know, you just go onto Facebook, click onto the selling group then just put up a post. Put in pictures of the item and a good description,how much you want for it, then post it. I've tried sales groups on Facebook before, but I never seem to sell anything that people want. Matt
  2. CD Query

    Second the above advice,. I use windows media player to burn cds. You just drag the files into the burn window, insert a blank cd and click burn disc. Simple. Matt
  3. Kamov 28 Helix, Hobby Boss 1/48

    Looking forward to this one Martian. If I remember correctly, our own Nigel heath did a build of one of these, might be worth checking out for points. Matt
  4. Days to go

    My local commercial radio station started playing Christmas songs this weekend!! Rather early me thinks!!!!! Bahh humbug. Matt
  5. So that's what a Growler does....

  6. Tips on fixing RAF camo 'accident'

    I don't use blue tack for my camp, I use cheap white tack from poundland, there's twice as much in each pack and it works just as well. When used it just gets really rolled and used again. Turns a dirty looking gray, but never leaves marks behind. I've heard blue tack can leave a greasy slug trail, especially on matt paint, when removed, but white tack doesn't. Matt
  7. Zvezda Clear Parts issues

    How old is the kit? I have a few zvezda kits in the stash, and the clear parts seem to be made of the normal plastic most companies use. I think I know the type of bendy plastic you mean, I've only encountered it once, and it was on a cheap copy of the chopper from blue thunder. Horrible stuff, flexible and floppy, less than clear, and doesn't polish up at all. Matt
  8. Scratched CD and future.

    Hi chaps. I've got an old CD which when played starts skipping. I've tried polishing the surface with toothpaste, which has helped a bit, but was wondering if a coat of future might help? Has anyone tried this before? I'm tempted to try it, but am a bit worried about trying to get an even coat on the surface. Is it worth a shot? The CD might have to be replaced otherwise, but not sure if another copy is available. Any advice would be very helpful. Thanks for looking. Matt
  9. Recommendation for needle sizes

    Thanks for the advice and guide, it certainly gives me food for thought. Looks like I need to move up a needle size. Matt
  10. Leo's second model - 1/72 Hawk T.Mk.1

    Lovely work so far. I must commend you, and Leo on your build. It's good to see some young blood getting into the hobby. Matt
  11. Recommendation for needle sizes

    Hi chaps. I recently tried spraying tamiya acrylic metallic silver through my airbrush and I'm having problems. It's only a cheap airbrush I'm using, but it's worked well with other colours/paints. I tried the tamiya silver through it, but got issues with clogging. On emptying the colours cup it looks like the metallic particles in the paint have fell out of suspension, and accumulated in the base of the cup. This in turn has blocked the way to the needle and nozzle. It was a rather large problem to clean it all out. I'm using a 0.2 needle/nozzle on it, could that be the issue? It almost seems like the fluid part of the paint has flowed through the airbrush fine, and it's done a good job of straining the metallic particles out of the paint. Would a larger needle and nozzle combination be a better bet? Looking forward to someone else input into this, as I'm scratching my head over it. Matt
  12. Woo-hoo car shopping, I love it. Have you checke out what Ford are offering? As for extras I'd definitely look for Sat nav and parking sensors. Wish my car had an integrated sat nav. On the wheel front, 16"vs 15" won't make much difference. You should check out the prices of the Tyrese in both sizes. Possibly expect more road noise from 16" wheels, especially if the Tyrese are a lower profile( shorter side wall). As for Honda VS Toyota, I would think there is not too much to worry about with either. Both have a good reputation for reliability, so not much in it. It might come down to the styling of the cars for me, and what perks the dealer might offer. I have a lifetimes experience driving manual cars, and only driven two automatics. The main problem with an automatic is the lack of a clutch pedal. Your left foot has a tendency to stomp down on the brake pedal thinking it's the clutch, it certainly shows up how good the brakes are, so be aware of that. Not much else I can offer up to help. Matt
  13. I think you've made the right decision Phil. It's got to be done.
  14. That's one dirty bird you're replicating there Dave. Good luck. Matt
  15. Nice saves there. To be brutally honest, for what little effort is required, I'd replace the blasters. The kit parts haven't aged too well, and if you don't do it you'll only regret it later. Just my mad ramblings, so feel free to ignore me. Matt