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  1. Thanks for that kp. To be honest, I think I'll pass on it,as the shop wanted a fair bit more than 30 quid for it.
  2. It looks good to me kp. I've been tempted by this kit, as my local model shop has 1 in. Would you recommend buying it? Matt
  3. Thanks for the info Mike, I'll keep it in mind. Matt
  4. Never realised how much the cars have swollen in dimensions from last year, only became apparent, to me, when they showed it with graphics onscreen before q1. Matt
  5. A tamiya painting station, as I'm painting a car bodyshell soon, and want the springy clippy things. Zero paints tour de france blue, for my revell enzo. A new, cheapish, double action, gravity feed airbrush. Matt
  6. That sure is a beautiful blue. Do you mind if I ask you a question? I'm soon going to tackle the bodywork on my current enzo build, and I'm using zero paints tour de france blue, which looks a similar colour to yours. Did you use the silver base coat to highlight any defects? Or was it required to achieve the finished colour? I only ask, as there is no mention of requiring a silver base for my blue on the hiroboy website. Keep up the good work. Matt
  7. Sorry Rick. It's still in the box. A bit nerve wracking with all those carbon decals, they look scary. Matt
  8. I can't muster up the courage to start the amk mig-31 I purchased last year. I know it's not an expensive kit, compared to some, but the excellent builds I've seen on here put me off. I know I can't achieve that level of finish. Same for the tamiya mosquito that everyone just had to have. It's by far the most expensive kit in my stash, if you don't count the silly money airfix valiants are fetching on ebay, but I'm scared to put scalpel to plastic in case I screw it up. I find it daunting enough to start an airfix series 1 kit. Matt
  9. Hello again. Bit more progress to report. I've started assembling and decalling the wheels. The Ferrari logo on the caliper was a pain, the first one curled up around the paintbrush I use. Right pain trying to unwrap it. The yellow wheel centre logo was easier, although it's only about 1mm. Decided what colour I'm going for on the main bodywork. Going to break from tradition and not use red. Going for tour de france blue. It's a beautiful shade of blue, and is quite unusual. As far as I can find on t'internet there are only 4 enzo's painted this colour. Not sure what colour the seats could be to match the paintwork though. Thinking of maybe a nice, warm, beige colour. Matt
  10. Airfix are trying to recruit a younger audience with their quick build kits. They may only be tricked up lego, with a fancy dress on the top, but I think they work. Last year I got the vw beetle for my 5 year old nephew, and he loved it. Not only is it a good introduction to modelling, using a basic version of standard kit instructions, but it also teaches progressive construction techniques and sub assemblies. Don't know if my nephew will continue to want to build, but at least I've tried to introduce him to the joys of our hobby. I also got his 21 year old mom interested. She is pirates of the carribian mad, so I got her the revell glow in the dark pirate ship. She loved it too. I don't think all is lost just yet, but like most things it trends. I bet if you could chart sales and such, since the inception of model kits, that there would be periods of ebb and flow in the hobby. Matt
  11. Ahh, see what you mean Mike. Those parts are indeed attached, and need painting. They're the inlet vents over the air intakes. I've not painted them yet, as the entire engine bay, including those intakes, needs painting black. Not got round to it yet. Matt
  12. Thanks for the info, I'll get one payday.
  13. Which parts? As far as I know all the parts are fitted. The only part I haven't fitted yet is the rear spoiler. I've only test fitted the bodywork,so far, it's not glued on yet.
  14. My thoughts exactly Mike. Do you think it would be best to glue the engine cover shut now? Certainly make painting easier if I did. Matt
  15. Hi chaps. Sorry I've not updated this build for a bit, but work has been continuing. The engine area is pretty much complete. Just need to attach the prancing horse decal to the air box. Front suspension area is also complete. The painting of the cooling fan blades is a bit rough, but test fitting the bodywork shows much won't be seen. Attached the separate nose cone to the bodyshell, no major fit issues. Gave it a first coat of primer to see how it looks. Fitted the radiators and inlet cowelings over them, plus the door pulls. I'm a bit worried about this gap I've marked. I'm not sure it's supposed to be there, but it sticks out like a sore thumb. I hoped the rear clam shell bodywork might hide them. But alas, it doesn't. Are they supposed to be there, or should I fill them? A test fit of the bodywork shows the engine bulkhead is a pretty good fit to the bodyshell. I had to sand the sides of the airboxes to allow them to clear the rear wheel arches on assebly. More gaps are apparent when you fit the engine clam shell. Another gap here, where the doir handle recess is. It's the unpainted part at the rear of the door. A bit of pressure on the rear deck helps the fit around the rear arches. I'm tempted to do away with the hinge feature, and permanently fix the engine bay shut. As an asside, I built up a front wheel, for a test fit. Looks ok to me, although the bodywork is only dry fit. List of things left to do:- Re prime the bodywork and wet sand again. Paint inside of bodyshell and engine bay black. Paint exterior colour. Finish painting the seats and dashboard. Fit seats and dashboard. Fit all that horrible mesh. Finish wheels Apply decals. Final assembly. That's not much, if you say it quickly. Matt