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  1. Tamiya 1/72 SU-34 OOTB build

    Hmmm, not the best fitting kit, certainly not tamiya standards. I noticed it's from the warbird series, I think you'll find if you check the box carefully, you will see it states somewhere on it " box and instructions printed in japan, plastic produced in italy" These are usually just reboxings of italleri kits. I have a few in the stash. I felt slightly cheated when I found out about mine, thought I was getting tamiya quality. Looks like you've got your work cut out for you. Matt
  2. Revell 1/144 Apache 64-D double build

    Stone the crow's, how do you work on stuff that small? I find 72nd a push for my fat digits and failing eyes. I salute you sir! Matt
  3. Barrels look a lot better now Ced. They don't look like they are glued up with peanut butter any more. We're on page 4 now, so where's our promised spitfire? Only joking mate, take your time. I hope you watched the health and safety ad about scaffolding before you climbed out. Can just imagine you doing this.
  4. Splendiferus result there Ced. Makes a mighty addition to your ceiling arsenal. Can someone please tell me how it's possible for masking tape to lift decals like that? It defies the laws of physics, and common sense, as they were below two layers of varnish.
  5. Off again Ced? Thought I might be first through the doors on this one, old chap, but I've been beaten to the punch. Must get my fingers typing faster. Nice, interesting build heard about thrse beer runs before, good to see one being built. Now to find a comfy chair, and draw the publicans attention.
  6. 1-72 Heinkel He-280 V2

    Nice neat filling Nigel. Starting to take shape nicely now. Don't you just hate vague instructions and ambiguous parts labeling. Looking forward to the next update. Matt
  7. Dragon 1:9 war machine

    Thanks chief. You were right about the primer. I hope the other colours perform as well, as I might get more! Thanks also for the top tip on cleaning fluids, think ump cleaner must be my next purchase. The compressor is ace,isn't it. So retro and art deco. Must have cost a fortune new it weighs a ton! I've seen them changing hands for over a hundred quid on ebay. I too shave, when I can be bothered, with a Gillette safety razor, using Wilkinson sword blades. Also use shaving soap, jack black brand, and a badger bristle brush. Fancy trying tabac soap, as I've heard it's good. One day I'm going to build up the courage to try a cut throat razor.
  8. Dragon 1:9 war machine

    Afternoon chaps. Cor it aint alf been a while. Finally got to test the ultimate primer! More on that later, firstly I would like to share my hillbilly airbrush setup with you. Firstly, my rather weird compressor. It's a rather ancient, but achingly beautiful, piece if kit. Gifted to me by an old gent, sadly deceased now, it blows a maximum of 40 psi, and works on a vane system. Safe to say it's nearly silent when running. Only downside to it, is no tank. It gets a bit warm with constant use, so have to shut it down periodically during spray sessions. This is connected to my braided airbrush hose by a system of push connectors, and poly pipe. This simple valve is currently my only way of adjusting the air pressure. It's not awfully accurate, but it works. There is a large moisture trap fitted before this, but forgot to photograph it. On the other end of my braided hose, there is a simple pressure gauge, on a tee piece, that I use to guesstimate, my air pressure. On the third leg of the tee, the only part I actually purchased for this cockamame setup, is a 99p secondary air trap. This then screws to the base of my airbrush. It's a cheap Chinese copy of something more expensive, but all I can afford. It's a dual action, gravity fed, £25 nasty. It's currently running a 0.2 needle. Just to let you know, no actual hillbillies were hurt in the production of this mish mash of a setup. Saying that, it has served me well, so far. The wife would pitch a fit if I asked for a decent airbrush. Really I'm only making my excuses early for when you see the results.... Given all my ham-fisted attempts to stuff it up, I think it came out ok. I can't sing the praises high enough of this ultimate primer. It went on lovely, given it reccomends a 0.4 or bigger needle. I just think it took longer to apply with my 0.2 needle, at roughly 20 ish psi. I got some runs, where I went too mad, and towards the end of the session, the airbrush was spitting and splattering. It has levelled out beautifully, and non of the runs, or spatters are evident. I gave up after this, as I had a bad case of airbrush trigger finger, and I needed to clean the brush out. Can anyone recommend a good cleaner to use? I've been running neat cellulose thinners, and alclad airbrush cleaner through it. It cleaned most of the primer out, eventually, but inside the needle cap it has turned into a rubbery gooey mess. Please let me know. As usual, all comments and criticisms, are greatly received. Matt
  9. The shading you've added, Hunter, looks brilliant. The base shape is great too, certainly fits with the dynamic pose of the figure. Nice work on the chest logo, worked out exceptionally well, I think. Matt
  10. Zvezda 1/144 a-90 orlyonok ekranoplan

    Hello again. As promised, I have another update for you. I have both intake nostrils fitted. Here's how they look with the upper trim panel fitted. These parts are only placed together, but you can see there is going to be some filling required to blend it all in. I've also fitted the exhaust shrouds in. These will receive a bit of fettling too, when the glue has dried. This fuselage insert, with the retracted wheels, has been glued into one half of the fuselage. I'm not far off closing the fuselage up now. I must admit this kit is flying together. I don't think I've mentioned it yet, but the entire surface of the kit has a slightly rough texture to the surface. The entire kit might need the surface polishing before paint. Will have to see how it looks under a coat of primer. That's all for now. Matt
  11. Zvezda 1/144 a-90 orlyonok ekranoplan

    Thanks guys for the warm welcome. The kit does look good, all work so far shows minimal flash, and dry fitting looks promising too. The contra prop has been assembled on it's shaft, and is still free spinning. These are the nose intakes assembled. The rear has a fine mesh moulded into it. Each has a seam line in, which needs a bit of filling. The stubby wings have been assembled, and the end floats/ski's hace been attached. As you can see the fit is excellent. That's all the progress I've made so far, but I'm hoping to get some more work done soon. Matt
  12. Hi there. Here is my, late, entry to this group build. The zvezda ekranoplan. looks like it's going to be a fairly quick build, as there isn't a lot of plastic in the box. For instance there is no cockpit, or any other interior detail whatsoever. Here's what's in the box.. Two fuselage halves. Some nice engraved details on it. A pair of stub wings. Two rather wide tail sections. This sprue contains the rest of the kit plastic. One rather small transparency. The decal sheet. Gives two options for operational craft. I'm not sure if the decals have yellowed, or not, or if they should be that colour. The kit has a tooling date of 2013 cast inside the fuselage, so doubt they've had chance to yellow. Construction has started, and will post some progress later. Matt
  13. Small Scale Group Build 2018

    Count me in. I've a1:144 f-15 eagle to build. Purchase was a rash decision, don't know why I picked it up, but this will give me the excuse to build it.
  14. When Monday and Murphy's law are rolled into one

    Sorry to hear about your woes hacker. It never rains, but it pours. Hopefully today will be a better day. Matt
  15. Dragon 1:9 war machine

    Evening chaps. Just thought I'd pop by, just to let you know this build is still ongoing, albeit at a slow pace. Found out my bottle of vallejo liquid mask. Applied a blob, using a cocktail stick, to the arc reactor. His eyes got the same treatment. He's now ready for a splash of primer. Quite looking forward to seeing how the ultimate black primer works. Hope to break out the airbrush soon. On a side note, I can't decide what colour to use. I have a choice of, in no particular order, alclad polished aluminium, alclad titanium, tamiya titanium silver, tamiya standard silver and tamiya aluminium. Not sure which will work best. I think the alclad, on a shiny black base, might be too bright and glossy. The tamiya titanium silver, or aluminium might be a better bet. Too shiny a finish might make him look too "toy" like. Mind you, I'll probably use a final matt coat, so it might not be too bad. The film suit isn't too shiny, but I still want to try and capture the metallic look of it. I can see a bit of experimentation might be in order. I'm open to any suggestions you might have, dear readers, so feel free to let me know what you think. Matt