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  1. Night working

    I did 8 years of nights, in the late 90's, and the worst part of it for me was the boredom. I have a low threshold of interest, and used to spend a lot of time goofing off. Thought I had it all behind me, but did another 18 month stint of night in 2010. Mind you, that time I was under the watchful eyes of a foreman, so lots of work done. Running cnc machines is soon boring. I'm sat here now, watching 3 cnc bar fed lathes going round and round. Matt
  2. Can't beat a bit of Pratchett! I've lost count of the times of read, and re-read, the Discworld novels. Now if only I could get my windows 10 laptop to play the Discworld game I still have hanging around, I'd be a happy bunny.
  3. Just had a look on scalemates, and found a list of kits, but non look like that one.... https://www.scalemates.com/search.php?q="fokker+f-27+friendship" Have you tried running the text through Google translate? Just looked and Google translate has the kit manufacturer as dubena. A bit more info here... http://www.avkits.net/kit50/dubena/dubena.html Plus a list of kits here... http://www.avkits.net/kit50/dubena/z_list/list_dubena.html Hope that helps you out. Matt
  4. Well, it's been a while since I looked at this build. Partly due to the paint disaster. I took @Rob G's advice and broke out my ipa. After an hour, plenty of paper towels and cotton buds, I ended up with this... Most of the paint removed. You might notice the absence of landing gear. I fully intended to reinstate the gear, but sadly one got lost, so wheels up it's going to be. Just need to fit the closed gear doors, but will need to sand them off of the nose wheel bay, as this had the gear molded in place and the closed doors are a separate insert. I'm going to use this wide brush, in the hope that it will leave a smooth surface when brush painting. Might need to invest in a new tin of humbrol no. 19, as mine has seen better days. Onwards and upwards. Matt
  5. UH-1C Monogram 1/48

    Well, to get you out of a hole, couldn't you glue the screen back together, then use it as a pattern to plunge mold a new one? You could also appeal the the masses, and post in the wanted section, someone might have a spare. Matt
  6. I've not read all the dresden books, but I've read a majority of them, and I saw the series when it originally aired in 2007. Watched the first 4 episodes Friday night, and so far I can't tie any of them down to a specific book. The show is good though, although there seems to be less use of magic than in the books, he is more psychic in the show, than a magician.
  7. Got these for my birthday, on the 5th. Box set of the dresden files. Been asking for it for years. Also one of these cracking little Discworld figures. Matt
  8. 1/48 South Korean KF-16C

    Nice work there, Mick. I like the jig thingie you made. Matt
  9. New SW8 Resistance A-wing

    If you look at the latest trailer for the last jedi, you will indeed see some b-wings in there. About 1:30 in. Look likes a redesign of the b-wings to me. Matt
  10. The Happy Birthday thread

    Yippee! I'm another year older today. Matt
  11. Very nice work there.
  12. Messy modeling area cleaned

    Fancy coming round and tidying mine up?
  13. I'm going to attempt to paint humbrol enamel straight over the mess, see how that works. If need be I'll strip it back after if it doesn't work.
  14. Evening chaps. Got all the seams sanded and polished the best I could. Ready for a coat of red. Things have now gone a bit pear shaped. I opened the little pot of red number 19,gave it a good stir. I added a few drops of washing up liquid, as I find it works as a great flow improver, and proceeded to start painting. This is where it all went a bit Pete tong. The paint didn't want to cover the plastic. It started to pool together as if the surface tension couldn't be broken. Tried my best to spread it around. After a few hours drying time, I tried a second coat. This is how it looks now. After 12 hours drying the paint is still taky. Don't know if I can save it now. I'm back at home now, and think I might try over painting it with humbrol enamel red, see how that goes. Can't see it making it any worse.
  15. Special Hobby AH-1G Cobra

    She's a beauty shellie. Very nice work. Matt