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  1. New kits arrive on the bench...

    All joking aside, wouldn’t the Argosy have been fantastic? Tony’s got that box to an absolute ‘t’. It just screams ‘buy me!’ How many kids in Woolies would there be begging their parents for one in lieu of a month’s pocket money?
  2. New kits arrive on the bench...

    Signal toothpaste works better, and you can thin it with Gunze thinner.
  3. New kits arrive on the bench...

    I remember that one! Dad built it for me. I must have been 6 or 7. Sadly the moulds were wrecked when Airfix tried one of their daft ‘make it easy so kids buy kits again’ ideas in the 80’s. Remember Snap, Glue’n’ Velcro?
  4. New kits arrive on the bench...

    The true Holy Grail of many model collectors is the Kitmaster TSR2. I can remember Dad building the Airfix reissue when I was little, but neither of them come up on eBay very often, if at all.
  5. New kits arrive on the bench...

    Airfix never corrected the Hustler’s title, I think it’s because the moulds were based on the early prototype. Despite what you see on the box, the mouldings have the bulged observer’s window, fabric covered control surfaces and the Cheyenne turret. A bit like the NA39 becoming the Buccaneer. I’ve got one of the original YB-58 kits in the red/yellow box, as well as the Ferguson tractor in the RAF airfield boxing. And no, I’m NOT selling either of them!
  6. New kits arrive on the bench...

    I’ve got no red/ white striped paint, sadly, but I’ve had good results using red/white chequer paint in short vertical strokes. I can swap a tin of it for some 5-colour lozenge paint. My local shop only has the 4 colour and I need some for my SSW. I’ve got an old tin of Compucolour lozenge, but the colours are way off.
  7. New 1/72 Airfix Phantom FG1

    Looks really nice. If you look at photos they were pretty monotone. I remember when they were still in service. We occasionally saw them over the Solent. In my mind, they were always glossy. I can vividly remember being 4 or 5 years old and seeing one of them brand new at the HMS Daedalus air show. It was the biggest noise I’d ever heard. I hid in my dad’s legs when it flew over.
  8. Victorian submarines Resurgam 1/144

    She was Receiver of Wreck when it was found. She put the Protection Order on it and aggressively enforced it.
  9. Victorian submarines Resurgam 1/144

    Lovely Resurgam! My mum is one of very few people who know where the real one is....
  10. I’ve got a Sealand that I tracked down last year, having wanted one for many years. It really is a nice kit, though very much ‘of its time’. The Rapide is really nice too, really petite detailing. I’ll post pics when I can.
  11. Biplane Wing Assembly jig

    I’ve got one of the wooden ones. They work really well.
  12. Can’t help thinking...

    I’ve got the new Airfix mag, with the calendar. Now, all the pictures are of existing or forthcoming box art, apart from one: a Camel. Given that in last year’s calendar, the pretty chequered BE2 was later released as a kit, could this picture be a clue? When you consider that next year is the 100th aniversary of both the Armistice and the RAF, a Camel would be a pretty iconic choice. The only blot on the horizon is that the lovely picture is of a 2F1, which Airfix first released during the reign of the pharaohs, so they might be reissuing that (I do hope not though). Having said that, next year is the 60th anniversary of that kit’s release, so they might be going for a triple celebration. But wouldn’t a Camel (and SE5a) to the standard of the BE2 and Eindecker be nice?
  13. My grandad built them at Cowes during the war. He told me once they had 3 in the hangar ready for collection when the factory was bombed. The next day they found in the debris 3 puddles of melted aluminium each with an engine sat in the middle.
  14. Are you serious, Hasegawa?

    That’s the point. The Tomcat came out in 1989. I remember going to Hastings to buy one from Maintrack. It’s an amazing kit, but should it really be selling for £60?
  15. New Me-262 Airfix 1/72

    MR Paint is the one I use- I’ve got the gloss, satin and matt. They are as thin as water and spray really well. I’ve not had any pebbling or anything horrible. I used to use the Tamiya ones, but their matt varnish always pebbled to a degree, and then one day wrecked an Eduard EV that I’d lovingly lozenged. I tried the Alclad ones, but I had some that never dried and stayed sticky. MR varnishes are acrylic lacquers but haven’t destroyed any base coats so far. They’re pretty bombproof once dry, as well. They aren’t kind to your lungs, mind.