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  1. One Sunday teatime, Victoria (my wife) and I were walking the dog around Grasmere. You often get fast jets hurtling through the valley, as it’s part of the Mach Loop, so we weren’t over surprised to hear something noisy passing over us. This day, however, we looked up, and it was the Vulcan. I think it was the last year it operated, so it was at every airshow, but there hadn’t been one that day. It was clearly just out, returning home after whatever it had been doing. Flying in a leisurely way, not in a display, just doing what it was made to do. Then it passed over the hills and was gone, leaving only fading noise. For a few minutes we’d had it just for ourselves.
  2. The last time I went to RIAT was 2013 for the 70th anniversary of the Dambuster raid. After the Vulcan flight, they were doing guided tours on the apron around and underneath it. Our tour was just after the Lancaster and a 617sqn Tornado did a 70th anniversary flypast. While we were stood gazing at the Vulcan, the Tornado and Lancaster landed, taxied onto the apron and parked either side of us. Apart from the 10 or so of us under the Vulcan, nobody will have that experience.
  3. My mum had them designated as monuments in order to stop commercial salvage. It’s a ‘look but don’t touch’ thing. She wanted to preserve what was left of them after salvage companies had been using explosives to blast bits off the wrecks.
  4. Ah well... Brain beasties worked their usual magic. I’m off for another 4 weeks, and the Fokker got as far as Aviattic’d and decalled upper wing, assembled and yellow nosed, white tailed and yellow undercart before the demons arrived...
  5. Ah well... Brain beasties worked their usual magic. I’m off for another 4 weeks, and the Fokker got as far as Aviattic’d and decalled upper wing, assembled and yellow nosed, white tailed and yellow undercart before the demons arrived...
  6. That is my thinking. Options D, E and F will lead to option A, I fear...
  7. Blue Rider do a bewildering variety of decals for non German Fokkers. Hungarian MAG, Lithuanian, Ukraine, Finnish, Swedish.... If you choose the right bits from the box, the kit is basically a one-stop shop.
  8. Late (correct ones): Mid (wrong ones that I’ve used):
  9. Oh knickers! I’ve just realised I’ve used the wrong fuselage halves. There is a ‘mid’ and ‘late’ fuselage included, and I’ve used the ‘mid’ halves. The difference is in the louvres. So I have a quandary. Do I a) give up in despair; b) frantically search for a decal set for mid production DVII’s; or c) live with it and carry on? I’m choosing ‘c’...
  10. Ah, I must confess, the panel is part of the printed etch. The rest is mine, though.
  11. Looking closely at the sprues, assuming it was an OAW built airframe, you can do the MAG one at pretty much any point in its career. There are guns and ammo boxes for both the Schwartlose and Vickers armament (the sheer daftness of a Fokker fitted with Vickers guns really appeals). The MAG engine and two types of exhausts are there. The only thing I can’t find is the blanking piece for an unarmed aircraft. It’s probably there but I just haven’t found it.
  12. So... Cockpit is done. I didn’t bother with any framing, as it’s not really visible, and I didn’t want to crowd things. Fuselage halves together. It’s not the best pic, but it does illustrate the pointlessness of painting any engine detail. When I do the next one, I think I might paint the inlet pipes pale cream to represent lagging, just to break the monotony of the black, as they are just visible. The lower wing is on now, and I’m sorting out the seams. Only the top ones need close attention, along with the lower cowl, because there is a lovely stitching strip along the belly joint that hides the belly join.
  13. Harrumph! Progress has stalled a little. Eduard’s rib tapes didn’t quite fit, being a little short. After some language that turned the air blue, made the vicar faint, scared the horses in the field and woke the neighbour’s baby, the whole lot came off. I’ve had to wait til pay day, but now I’ve ordered some new lozenge from Aviattic. The seat is fitted to the rear bulkhead, some oil paint is on the floor and the engine has been painted. It’s all over black, there really isn’t any point in painting any other parts of it because all you can see is one side of the upper cylinders and the rocker arms. The concrete cap has now been removed from the safety pit I put it in and work will now continue. Pics to follow...
  14. Those colours look absolutely right, compared to Dan- San Abbott’s research- the colour pigments are still made in Germany. What paints did you use for the upper colours? Andy
  15. The problem with getting the fuselage to close is the undercarriage bulkhead with the spars on. If you poke at the projecting parts that connect the spars, they’ve got quite a deep draw angle, and it’s this bit that ales everything too wide. The fix is to take a really sharp blade and carefully carve the slope away until the spar is at 90 degrees to the connector. It will weaken the join, but that doesn’t matter because the spar sets the wing in place, it’s not structural. Anyway, once the halves are together it all fits really well and is quite strong (second moment of area and all that).
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