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  1. superb work, looks great ...very nice job indeed...
  2. stunning looking Cat. superb job on the scheme and finish...
  3. nice work, great job on the scheme and finish....
  4. superb looking 109 and what a fantastic scheme and admit not seen that one before.... very nicely done on the paint and finish looks great...
  5. congratulations and wish you all the best
  6. superb work . it looks fantastic...
  7. looks great, nice work....
  8. looks great, nice work and great scheme
  9. Hi all just managed to finish this one, and im very happy with it ..feel it is prob one my best builds in a while. was a few firsts on this one in the way of wanted the tank to look battered so went around and battered the sides and fuel tank. removed one just to try add more of a heavy use look as with the drums. then the screens on the turret were all scratch built first time pushed my self way out comfort zone for a while lol, but happy that i did.once built wanted give a dirty used look so faded the paint work etc, added few bullet marks, then added the leaves and mud and even some spent brass on the turret...really enjoyed this one and may do a base for it in time, only other thing is to find way of fixing the mud etc to stop keep falling off without damaging the look..
  10. looks great, very nice job on the finish and the water looks great, nice work all around....
  11. nice work, and a great looking scheme....
  12. great looking Falcon, very nice work on the scheme and finish....
  13. very nice looking build