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  1. Am I correct in thinking that hurricane MkI wheel wells are bare metal? If so will the inside of the landing gear covers be the same?
  2. Congratulations on a fantastic build. Very satisfying I am sure. Love it.
  3. She is finally finished. Happy to have such a large AT-At in the collection. She has a significant presence next to all her companions on the shelf.
  4. This is finally done. Here is a teaser shot, but the rest of the finished shots can be found in the Ready for Inspection forum. Thanks for following along.
  5. No worries. Will try and sort it out tomorrow for you. Stay posted.
  6. Hi Neo uk. I purchased them from an ebay sellers. I can track down all the details if you are interested, eg, size etc. Cheers
  7. Here is the battery terminal tucked away in it's new home... Once I test fitted the legs to the body, I noticed these connector stubs were far too prominent. So I decided to build some covers to hide them and add a little more detail. I used a punch and die set to make the plastic disks and plastic rod for the bolt heads. Not far to go now....once the oil weathering is dry, a final dull coat, addition of the legs and all is done.
  8. Magnificent Tony. I have never seen this scheme modelled before....truly stunning. I remember seeing photos of some of these newly delivered spitfires some years ago. It is great to see this subject come to life. Well done.
  9. Thanks for the images. You are right...definitely stunning. The images I have posted are slightly darker to try and highlight the tonal variation, but it isn't ivory white like the studio model.
  10. Hello Andre. Yes this is the newish snap tight kit with the sounds and lights.
  11. I have finally finished my Revell Star Destroyer. Filled, sanded, re-scribed all "landing gear panels". The subtle shifts of tone on the upper and lower hull are not discernible in the photos unfortunately, but they are there. It was fun to paint and weather and nice to have in the collection.
  12. Here is another quick update. The AT-AT has been painted. The details hex screws and grub screws finally arrived and were added to the legs. You can see them in the first photo. A gloss varnish was added using Tamiya Clear. This was used first to seal in the Mr Color greys, followed by a couple of coats of future. I then mixed up my own wash with Windsor and Newton designer's gouache with a drop of dish washing detergent. Once applied and wiped off, the detail really pops. You can take off or leave on as much as you want, as the wash is water based. This will be followed by another coat of future, some dry brushing and then weathering with oils for all the streaking.
  13. Great looking kit Ray. Really nice paint work. It's come up really well mate.
  14. Here's another update. I was looking at the body to try and find a panel I could remove to add a battery compartment. As I looked at likely panels, it was obvious from the internal framing, that this was not going to be an easy fix. I then began looking at the underside of the walker, where I had installed the switch and it became glaringly obvious. The cylindrical front area of the underbelly seemed to be the solution. I sawed away the front part and found that it will house the button battery with sufficient room to spare. Not only that, but there was a hole that went straight through from the internals into the nose area of the underbelly. I then used some plastic card to provide a positive contact point for the piece I removed. I fits like a charm and holds in place well. So when the battery needs changing I can just remove it and put it back in place hassle free. I have also increased the contrast of the pre-shading, which will be over coated with a light dusting of a neutral grey.