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  1. Wow!.. This is one serious build. Amazing....
  2. Moebius Raptor and Armament Set

    Here she is with some of the first layers of paint. It took two attempts to stick the canopy on. I had to trim the tabs off and position it evenly.....there isn't a lot of tolerance on each side. I used Tamiya Thin, and puttied the tab holes. I will sand them back and then top up the gaps with Perfect Plastic Putty wiped away with a damp cotton bud. I used various shades of alclad metallics on the engines, but once I added the tan, I realised I had to respray. I ended up using Magic Colour acrylic inks to darken the engine areas and to create some post weathering. The various shades of tan were varying mixes of Tamiya Deck Tan, Yellow and Nato Brown. It is a little paler than I had hoped, but I can live with it. I need to do some detail brush work before a coat of future for some washes. Somebody asked about the size of the kit....it is 1:32 scale. You can get an idea of the size next to the cement bottles in the photos. It is a good size to work on and very chunky and industrial looking. It has been a very enjoyable build.
  3. Moebius Raptor and Armament Set

    G'day James. Yes the screens are all decals along with most of the consoles. My hand isn't as steady as it use to be....these were a Godsend.
  4. Moebius Raptor and Armament Set

    The Raptor looks beastly in Alclad's black primer. I have painted the pilots....I think the Moebius' Viper pilots look more convincing. Next layers will be browns of varying mixes.
  5. Hi. they are great. Very thin, flexible and good coverage. The det cord decals for the canopy were very fragile, I went through 3 to get one down. Everything else was fine.
  6. Hi Steven. I did a custom mix. It started as Tamiya's Sea Blue with some white and another purple blue I had in the stash. I am happy with it, as the blue in the reference shots never seemed overly bright. Cheers.
  7. Once this arrived in the post I couldn't help but make a start. I finished off the interior and took some shots before it is all closed up for good. The armament set requires the door to be closed so the rocket pods can be attached. I also decided to light the engines. It is a heavy bit of plastic and would benefit from some ballast in the nose so it can sit nicely on a stand. It is almost ready for some black primer...I will airbrush Tamiya acrylics over the top to create a weathered look.
  8. You have done a great job on refurbishing her......looks fantastic.
  9. After a long wait....some painting work has begun. I have decided to paint up as much as I can before assembling the major parts together. This will save a lot of masking up......
  10. Bandai's Executioner OOB

    G'day Andy. Yes they have retooled the helmet. You can make a standard helmet of the executioner helmet.
  11. Rogue One Wobani Storm Trooper

    Thanks guys. Yes it looks like he has white socks on....I will have a fiddle and see what I can do. Cheers.
  12. 1/6 Spiderman by Horizon

    Wow!!! That looks fantastic. The base really sets it all off beautifully.
  13. This is a nice kit, but is a little too clean. Once the movie comes out, I might see if it needs some weathering.
  14. I loved the dirty appearance of the Storm Troopers on the prison planet of Wobani in Rogue One. So, I did up a Bandai trooper to suit.
  15. This is Hobbyboss' 1/48 hawk 100 series converted to a 127 RAAF version. The decals are from Ronin Graphics and depict an aircraft from 79 Sqd in an experimental grey scheme.