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  1. Great looking kit Ray. Really nice paint work. It's come up really well mate.
  2. Here's another update. I was looking at the body to try and find a panel I could remove to add a battery compartment. As I looked at likely panels, it was obvious from the internal framing, that this was not going to be an easy fix. I then began looking at the underside of the walker, where I had installed the switch and it became glaringly obvious. The cylindrical front area of the underbelly seemed to be the solution. I sawed away the front part and found that it will house the button battery with sufficient room to spare. Not only that, but there was a hole that went straight through from the internals into the nose area of the underbelly. I then used some plastic card to provide a positive contact point for the piece I removed. I fits like a charm and holds in place well. So when the battery needs changing I can just remove it and put it back in place hassle free. I have also increased the contrast of the pre-shading, which will be over coated with a light dusting of a neutral grey.
  3. Hi Pete in Lincs. Yeah...a bit late for the leg Idea....wished I had thought of that earlier. I am currently thinking of removing a panel from the side of the body and building in a box to hold the battery connectors. Will post updates soon.
  4. Hi Air to Air. I am pleased my build is helpful to you. These forums are a great source of ideas and tips as we watch others enjoy the hobby. I have often been inspired to purchase a kit and achieve results I am happy with because of others. Hopefully you will post your build too. Cheers.
  5. Excellent. Love all your wiring and the way you have hidden the switch. Top notch.
  6. Hi Madmonk. I wondered about removing a panel. I will have to have another look...I do have some small magnets so I might have to get creative.
  7. I have made a little progress on the walker. I have added a slide switch to the underbelly for the lighting. I have decided to use a 3V button battery to light the single LED, but am still tossing up where to put it? I might just close it in and when the battery runs flat, so be it. Any suggestions? I also posed the legs on the belly of the beast. Once I was happy with the position, I ran Tamiya Thin Cement around all the joints and then let it set. This will give me a more solid assembly once the legs are added. I have commenced the under painting. Black humbrol enamel with downward streaking. I plan to add multiple being white, followed by a mid grey....
  8. I built this last year...the Tamiya F-16 is a magnificent kit. I love what you are doing here. The paint scheme is excellent. Look forward to seeing her complete.
  9. Ooops forgot the they are.
  10. Here are a couple of shots for size comparison. The plastic in this kit isn't that far from the real thing, although, there is scope for more detail. As I mentioned it looks great at such a large scale. I couldn't find my old AMT kit (in storage) to show the difference. Here is it with a 1/35 figure and a Bandai 1/12 storm trooper. The other walker is Revell's new AT-ACT kit. You can see a noticeable difference. Hope that helps.
  11. Thanks oldmodeler. I did see your build. I really like the weathering you have done on yours. Mine is more subtle. Unfortunately the camera didn't pick it up very well. Cheers.
  12. I loved building this kit. It is very simple and straight forward. It is not entirely film accurate, but once painted it is a great looking model. The NASA styling gives it a very authentic space program look. .
  13. Saw Phil Flory do this, Revell AT-AT, on his youtube channel and decided I had to have one. It is a great size and will have incredible impact once completed. In fact I purchased most of the Star Wars kits he built....budget is still recovering. I thought I would just re-scribe the panel lines and add a little more hull detail. As I started to build, I realised there was some details missing, and that some of the head dimensions were off. So, I added more details, some to make it more accurate and some just for details sake. I am awaiting some mini screw drivers to add the smaller screws to the legs, and a slide switch for the lighting, so it has been great just tinkering away with some plastic card and glue. I manages to melt some of the black interior paint onto the inside of the cockpit window. Bummer. Oh well. Lesson learned. Can't wait to put it all together and weather the heck out of it.
  14. Great little kit. Lots of fun. The last photo shows this kit alongside a Fine Molds falcon to give an idea of scale.
  15. Fantastic paint job. Best I've seen on this kit.