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  1. HI Steve. This is the earlier version. I looked at the latest version, but couldn't justify the added price for the modifications. The wing would definately look better, but other stuff wasn't a concern for me. I think a either will produce a great build.
  2. Moebius 1/32 Raptor Gunship

    Not too bad. It certainly isn't a Tamiya engineered kit. Some clamping, clean up of some joints and a little filler is necessary. If you take your time and do some test fitting it isn't a problem.
  3. Here is my Moebius Space Clipper finished. Unfortunately something went astray with my LED strip wiring inside the fuselage and only half of them are lit. You cannot tell that the interior is lit unless it is in complete darkness. Oh well, not much I can do now. I decided to finish her like a modern airliner all clean ans sparkly in pristine condition.
  4. 2001 A Space Odyssey Orion

    Hi ScanmanDan. I just found out about the Discovery too and cannot justify the price unfortunately.....too many other projects to do first. Yes I did the lighting myself. It is not difficult, just fiddly. It might be worth giving it a go. I have just jammed mine on a stick, with a Polar Lights base with a switch....finished images are coming soon. I think the TSDS is worth it. The alternative, as you have mentioned, is far more expensive and will take some skills to complete. The interior will definitely need lighting to show it off. Mine hasn't come out as I had hoped and is a little too dim for my liking. I think lit directly from behind would have worked better than lights shining down from the roof. Anyway, you live and learn. All the best with your new Christmas present....enjoy.
  5. 2001 A Space Odyssey Orion

    Have got the kit together now....I had some problems with the wiring that held me up a tad. Here she is primed, painted and with decals going on. The decals....hmmmm. The kit decals were very finely printed with some nice detail. They went on OK, but tended to suck straight onto the white surface and were tricky to manoeuvre and tore easily. Generally they were OK. The TSDS decals were slightly thicker which was good. There are also a number of nice options on the sheet....Pan America (as seen in the movie), TWA, NASA, and a Presidential option. I needed to only use four decals from the sheet, which made all the other PANAM options defunct. They are printed on a continuous carrier film and were printed very closely together which made trimming them difficult. I would like to have seen less smaller decals and multiples of the sizes that were usable, with more space in between. They are not as sharp as the kit decals, but from a distance they look OK. They did the job, but were not overly user friendly. Take a look for yourselves and see what you think.
  6. 2001 A Space Odyssey Orion

    A few update photos before the Christmas celebrations begin. I have added the TSDS interior details. They consist of a thin plastic/paper like material with printed images on them. Once folded and glued in place they don't look like much, but once closed up and the lighting is going...it should look convincing. I have also enclosed the tail section with all the wiring in place. Have a wonderful Christmas everyone.
  7. 1/32 Revell F4-F Wildcat

    I really like it. The last time I built this kit it was when I was about 11. I remember sitting on the lounge room floor with all the parts scattered about....that was 41 years ago. You have done a fabulous job.
  8. 2001 A Space Odyssey Orion

    Hahah...haven't we all got big plans for many of our kits????
  9. 2001 A Space Odyssey Orion

    G'day Steve. I saw the kit at Wasmex about 4 years ago and it was on Stanbridges table...I also missed out on a Moebius Cylon Centurion for $30. Darn. Pleased you picked up a bargain though.
  10. 2001 A Space Odyssey Orion

    G'day Ray. It was at Wasmex about 4 years ago and was on a Hobby Store table...I also missed out on a Moebius Cylon Centurion for $30. Pleased you picked up a bargain though. Hope my lighting helps you to work something out for yours. I keep having to problem solve at each stage to get the lights in place......fun!!!!
  11. I remember building the Airfix Orion kit as a kid and really wanted to do one as an adult. I saw the Moebius (MkI) version at a Model Expo a couple of years back for $20 Australian. I thought I would have a look around and come back and pick it up.....big mistake. It was like a hot chip to a bunch of seagulls. I have never found one as cheap, but stumbled across this one which was a little more costly, but nothing compared to going prices. As soon as I got it in the mail, I opened it up and started gluing parts. It only has 15 pieces, so would take no time to build, but I decided to light it. This has increased build time significantly, but it is a lot of fun. I will power 3 leds (including some optic fibre) and an smd strip with a 9v battery housed in a Polar Lights stand. Here we go..... the obligatory box shot, plus the TSDS interior and decal set. The interior is printed paper, that once lit gives the impression of a fully loaded interior. The windows are small, so I think it will work fine. I also wanted to model mine as a PAN AM ship like in the movie, but these decals don't come in the kit. I filled the stand whole with thick plastic card, and drilled a new hole for the new stand. The interior was blacked out and coated in Alclad chrome to allow for light bounce. The SMD strip is 12v, but looks just right lit with 9v. The rear bulkhead was drilled open for the engine wiring and fibre optics. The fibre optics glued in place for the tail lights. The engines will be 5mm Leds coated in clear orange to give a different tone to the rest of the lighting. Here they are wired up. They have since been totally blacked out on the inside. Finally some small masks were made for the windows in the fuselage.
  12. This is one of Moebius' latest kits...the Battlestar Galactica Raptor with Armament Set to convert it into a gunship. A nice chunky kit of one of the fleet's workhorses. Loved every minute of this build.
  13. Moebius Raptor and Armament Set

    I know what you mean. I am in OZ too. We have to resort to buying them online. I managed to get this from NZ. It was only 2/3 the price of everything else I could find, which meant I could afford the armament set to.
  14. Moebius Raptor and Armament Set

    An underneath shot with final weathering...and the weapons in situ. The kit is finished, except the radar probe.....completed photos to come in the next couple of days on the "Ready for Inspection" forum.