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  1. Beautiful Wally. Love it.
  2. Hi Thud4444. I repainted the U-Wing completely, but it is in the livery of what is on the box...mostly. There are two different versions in the as depicted here, used by Cassian, the other is from Blue Squadron in the battle on Scariff. The blue squadron version is mostly blue. Would love to do one up in that scheme. Cheers.
  3. My last build for the year is Revell's Rogue One U-Wing snap and play kit. Nice little kit....completely repainted, and weathered. Lighting and sound comes with the kit. Hope you like it.
  4. G'day Hockeyboy. No I haven't lit it. The kit comes with a sound and light module that goes in the head. I pressed the button to activate it and then took the photo to give the lit impression.
  5. You wont regret it.
  6. Loved the Movie and loved building this Revell AT-ACT. It really is a click together toy for the kids, but with a bit of a repaint and weathering it doesn't look too shabby....well actually the shabbier the better. Repaint in Tamiya Acrylics, coated in future, with an oil wash of Lamp Black and Burnt Umber, then weathered in oil paint. Still needs a matt coat and a little pastel here and there, but happy with the outcome. Now onto the U-Wing.
  7. Finally finished my angel and UFO interceptors. Great kits, but do take some work to make them shine. Additions to the Airfix Angel Interceptor (1/72) - re-scribing panel lines, resin cockpit detail from Retrokitsonline, nose fins removed, nose canon added and nose cone sanded and contoured to thin it out. Additions to the Bandai UFO Interceptor (1/48) - re-scribing panel lines, scratch built cockpit and pilot, engine details added and nose guns added. Hope you like them. My Gerry Anderson Collection...Airfix Angel Interceptor, Bandai UFO Interceptor and MPC's Round 2 Eagle
  8. Another update. The Angel Interceptor is nearly done, but will hold off on showing it. The UFO Interceptor is coming along nicely. Here it is in it's raw paint Scheme. The White is Tamiya matt white coated in future, while the metallics are Alclad Aluminium and Magnesium. Next up are the decals.
  9. Andy you are a master craftsman my friend. I saw your build and bought one of these straight away...Hope I can do it justice like you have done. Great work.
  10. The UFO interceptor has now got it first coat of white paint on. I have still to fill and sand some areas....seems to be all I am doing at the moment. Almost ready for a gloss coat and then some metaliser paint for the engine areas. The Angel interceptor has taken a while to clean up. Parts fit is ordinary. The highlight so far has been the "Retrofitonline" cockpit and pilot resin set. The cockpit tub fits like a glove and there is no sanding and re-sanding to get ever thing lined up, it just drops right on in. The figure looks great too.....a little male looking but definitely has the "correct" female features...if you know what I mean. Just have to add the canopy, then prime and put down my first layer of white paint. Coming along nicely.
  11. Well done. I love it. It definitely taps into the MB memories from childhood.
  12. Magnificent.
  13. Hi Kallisti. I have seen your build thread. I even used it to reference some of the cockpit detail. I also tracked down the same pilot that you used and was going to do it up as you did. I managed to find some stuff in my spares box. I really like you base and am thinking of doing mine standing on the platform in the crater ready for take off. Thanks for your encouragement. I have added the white to the the body, and am tweaking some joins, and then it is down to business. I think I may end up having to make my own decals based on the sheet in the box. Cheers.
  14. Not strictly accurate but I have added some more detail to an otherwise void area. You could see right into the fuselage so I blanked off the tail pipe and added some exhaust wholes. The cockpit is now painted and added. Very pleased with the result. Next is the canopy. It isn't a very good fit and looks a little small. If I could vac form I would do a new one. Alas, existing canopy will have to do.