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  1. Revell's 1/32 Typhoon MkIb

    I enjoyed building mine too. I found the canopy a reasonable fit, but when I pulled off the masking I cracked it significantly. You can just see it in the photos on the starboard side. Thanks for your kind words.
  2. After the great Photobucket debarkle of 2017 which has left many posts void of images I have decided to upload a few of my old builds for you to enjoy. Starting with Revell's 1/32 Typoon MkIb. I re-scribed all of the panel lines, made my own wingtip lights and added HGW seatbelts and finished off with Montex paint masks. Hope you like it.
  3. Franco that is truly stunning. Your paint work is exceptional. Love your work.
  4. Colourful 1/32 P-26A Peashooter

    Hi Franco. I only painted the Blue and Yellow...all the rest of the markings are decals from Starfighter Decals. They were beautiful to work with.....
  5. Colourful 1/32 P-26A Peashooter

    Hi there. Thanks for your comment...I used a mix of Humbrol 69 and Model Master Cobalt Blue to get the colour I wanted.
  6. Here is Hasagawa's 1/32 P-26A Peashooter. A great kit even though it is over 40 yrs old. The markings are from Starfighter Decals. Nice to have a colourful bird in the collection.
  7. I have never been a fan of the F-100, but I have to say, that is outstanding. Love it.
  8. Hasagawa 1/32 P-26A Peashooter

    Hi Pete. No pilot this time.....although I do like the idea of a Kong dio.
  9. I will be turning this......... Into this.......... The build begins. I am sure some of you will be aware of this kit, but I will share the things I discover as I go along in case it may be helpful to others. The cockpit together.....which now needs some paint and decals. The pilot will be painted up as Blue Leader in blue and cream instead of the usual orange and white. I didn't realise that this was a push fit kit. It is not as refined as the Bandai offerings, so I have added glue for a more solid construction. However...the detail is very nice. Albeit with some minor gaps that will be filled with Perfect Plastic Putty and wiped clean with a wet cotton bud.
  10. Hasagawa 1/32 P-26A Peashooter

    The latest update. There have been a few glitches along the way, but it is coming together. Decals a done, touch ups are also complete. Next will be another gloss coat and then the addition of all the smaller parts including more exhaust vents followed by rigging.
  11. Wow! That looks real. I love all the detail behind the windows....outstanding.
  12. Hasagawa 1/32 P-26A Peashooter

    Here is some of the decaling process. These decals are great to work with...thin, tough, opaque, movable and setting beautifully onto the suface of the kit. Micro Sol is necessary so the decals sit over all the raised detail, but it works a treat. I love the bright colours all working together....the interwar period was a colourful time in American Aviation indeed.
  13. I look forward to seeing this come together.
  14. Kinetic 1/32 RAAF Hawk

    Thanks Ray. Not sure why they did that, but it caught my attention and was keen to model it.