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  1. As promised, better late than never Slow progress but better than no progress, As always thanks for looking
  2. Hey all, Just thought I’d pop on and give an update. Not a lot has changed, I’m made the second nacelle for the main hull and started to fix them to the upper hull. I’m adding some details to the nacelles as well as the surrounding area on the upper hull portion. I’ve added a bit of detailing to the front of the cockpit the ‘chin’ area under the front grill but mostly I’ve been sanding! Followed by more filling and more sanding… did I mention I’ve been sanding I’ve also made a start on the rear corners, I’ve been putting it off as it’s vexing me but I reall
  3. Amazing just amazing… love them all. Seriously jealous of your abilities
  4. Another quickie got a 4am start tomorrow... Just finished the underside of the hull, almost... (Landing gear doors and hole for flight stand to do) Pretty pleased with myself really; I managed to get that done in about 4 hrs... still loads to do but it's feeling more real as the tasks are checked off As always, thanks for looking
  5. Thanks Hunter & Moggy… truly humbled by those comments It is a beast even though I say so myself, definitely not a ‘Scale Model’ in the sense of what everyone else does. A lot of poetic license taken on this build which for all intents & purposes is actually just scenery for my wargames antics. Always loved the Lambda Shuttle so I’m basically fulfilling a childhood dream as a side line to the scenery. Just wish I had a few more of the right tools, I’m making do with what I have atm but I’m satisfied it’s coming together nicely. As always, thanks for lo
  6. It sure is… the Nav lights on the fins blink too just can’t show that here I’m quite chuffed with it now… the lights make all the difference.
  7. Hey all, Just a quickie... I've dry fitted the fins and tested the lights... Fin/Nav lights Landing lights Engines Thanks for looking, hope y'all like it
  8. Been a while, sorry for the slow progress but real life seems to have a way of coming up with situations that take up more of my free time than I like. So heres what's been happening in the Lambda build world... Been adding details for the fin joints and gluing the upper and lower sections of the Port and Starboard fins together. Mostly the I've added the castlations on the fin root joints where the fins move up and down, adding the details for the upper and lower surfaces at the root area and making prepartions for the fin mounted weapons:
  9. Stop posting I’m trying so hard to resist my Xenomorphs and Badasses, need to concentrate on the Lambda Looking good buddy… can’t wait to have a game or two myself.
  10. Have you seen these would they be suitable? http://jt-graphics.com/D_1400.html I take it it’s the Galaxy Class Ent D second one down at $26
  11. Sad times but real life first buddy… it’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready to give it your best effort and bring it to life
  12. Looking good buddy… makes me want to paint mine now but Lambda first!!! Must resist urge to paint Aliens
  13. Thanks Carts and Mike… on lates this week so progress will be slowed.
  14. First build and not overly confident but thanks… dreading the paint job
  15. Cheers Steve… I was lurking for a long time. Not sure about putting my project out there but appreciate the comment
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