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  1. Andy this is just amazing, loved seeing this come together so far buddy. Loving the explanations of how you achieved the results
  2. Love seeing how a someone who knows what they are doing actually doing it and telling us how. Very inspirational Andy
  3. Hey all... So it's been a while, had a bit of a rubbish time with rl recently; upside is I have managed to get some of the Lambda done. Finished the cockpit underside and neck portion now... Made a start on the engine vanes and finished them, also started on the landing gear doors... I've completed the the hull mounted lasers, they will cover the insertion points for the brass rods that will hold the port & starboard fins to the hull. This is a dry fit so please ignore the cables...
  4. Thanks Andy, I’ll have a look at these colours. I’m trying to stick to acrylics as much as possible due to it being my first venture with airbrushing.
  5. Evening all... Been another slow week but made some progress on the underside of the cockpit and 'neck' area for the little beastie. I did bite the bullet last week and ordered a set of modelling sanding sticks... I'm so pleased with them. Wish I'd got them sooner but they are helping me get a better finish still even at this late stage in the build. Not a lot of information out there that I can see regarding this area of the Lambda and what is out there seems to differ greatly. So I've decided to combine some elements I liked form different sources and add a few of my
  6. Thanks appreciate the moral support It’s coming along nicely, still got some greeblies to do on the underside of the cockpit and the two vanes on the underside. Going to do a bit on the ramp underside too. Still got to figure out the landing gear doors, taking inspiration from real world on that one… The only real challenge left, besides the painting of it, is I want to add some vertical vanes to the engine area. I should have probably thought about it whilst building that area but I guess it’s all a learning curve I need to get may Legion Emperor &
  7. Thanks Matt… I’ll have a goosey at that once this craziness stops I’ll look at that. It is definitely obvious for sure but still want it to look closer to it… it’s my first attempt so I’m giving myself some leeway
  8. Hey All, So been chipping away at the Lambda adding extra panel details, some gribblies here and there and trying to correct the shoddy workmanship of yours truly As you can see I've completed the panels on the upper hull just after the nascels and tidied up the edges as best I could on the rear fairings. The more eagleeyed will notice that I've attempted the dreaded corners... now I know its not as per the actual model but it was just beyond my abilites to get it like the real thing so I compromised... I hope the pureists forgive my poe
  9. Stop your grinning and drop your linen… I see Hicks like to keep that shotgun handy for close encounters… Hey Frost… wouldn't mind getting some more of that Arcturian poontang, though yours was male! Love this film soo much… the directors cut is on Sky atm
  10. I have the Prodos Games version of the Cheyenne with lightning… not sure what scale it is but I could put some unpainted Marines and Xenomorphs next to it if you’d like?
  11. I hear Ripley has a Class 2 rating on that thing… Gorman’s still an ‘A’hole?… do you think Vasquez was ever mistaken for a man?… and no one said anything about there being a synthetic onboard Nice work, love the addition of the hydraulic tubing. I’m still resisting the draw of Aliens… Project Lambda is an all consuming mistress
  12. All I can say is ‘Wow!’ Can I please borrow just a 1/10th of that talent
  13. As promised, better late than never Slow progress but better than no progress, As always thanks for looking
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