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  1. I would settle for a muffled ding!!
  2. I would describe it as and then I get like
  3. Hi Roger, I'm hoping to get some paint on this weekend (if not before) Thanks Stix - I have to admit that there was less filler required than I thought there would have to be. It's quite a nice little kit to work on
  4. That's the noise!!
  5. I'm only aware on of one notification sound! Turned off for now until someone is able to shed some light
  6. Hi, Does anyone have any issues with the notification sound on their iMac? Mine is like something being electrocuted and makes me jump nearly overtime!! Speakers are OK with everything else so I can't work out what's going on P.S. Only been happening since site upgrade.
  7. Looking like a Tomahawk now After some sanding and a little filler, she's not far off a primer coat (prop is dry fitted for effect)
  8. Wing parts setting. Should be ready for joining to fuz later today
  9. Top Man Caerbannog !! That's two I'm 'borrowing' now
  10. Fuz halves together The two sections are quite a good fit but I have a feeling the wings will require some filling
  11. Thanks Roger I'm going with the box scheme: 112 Squadron, Fort Maddalena, Libya, 1941 Which translates to Middle Stone, Dark Earth & Azure
  12. Hi Chris, Apologies for the very late reply - I didn't receive a notification of your post for some reason. Thank you for the kind words and thank you for the sale of the kit. I'm now awaiting my nephew's next order!! Cheers Nigel
  13. Decided to make a start before the weekend finished. 'Office' now painted, grimed and dry brushed with a little aluminium Oh yeah, I also built the prop (in the background)
  14. Hi Roger - thanks for the kind words I realised when adding it to the RFI that it's in the wrong WIP section (it's not so shiny as it's neighbours)!
  15. Thank you chrish, kind of you to say It's now hanging from my nephew's ceiling!!