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  1. 1/35 M4A2 76mm "Wet" Sherman

    You must have the patience of a Saint!! Amazing.
  2. M4A3, CALLIOPE, 1/35

    This is looking lovely Glynn. The launcher is great and I love the bike. The extra detail is brilliant!!
  3. Thanks for the info Craig. Can I buy this in a local hardware store? Jesting aside, I see a small sideline here
  4. M31 Recovery Vehicle

    Looks rather good from where I’m sitting!!
  5. US Marines Sherman M4 (Italeri 1:35)

    Thank you both. Kind of you to say
  6. 'FACE OFF' More Top Tips p12

    She looks superb Badder. The finished effect is wonderful

    Hi Ozzy, Those figures will look great when painted up. Loving the head poking out from the hull
  8. Tamiya M4 in 1/35 scale.xxxxfinishedxxxxxx

    Brilliant!! Nice job Steve
  9. She is looking outstanding Stix!! The rope looks to be picture hanging wire and is really effective. Can’t wait to see this complete
  10. 1/35 M4A2 76mm "Wet" Sherman

    Wow, that brass work is something else!!
  11. US Marines Sherman M4 (Italeri 1:35)

    Thanks Stix!! The PE was rather testing so I’m glad you like it!! Thanks Badder. I agree re. the sand; it looks more like mud I see what you mean about the wood. It’s looks OK to the naked eye but the lens must have picked up the shine !! Hi Etiene and thank you. You may have read in the build notes that my subject knowledge is abysmal so thank you for the info re. the .50; I will know for next time
  12. US Marines Sherman M4 (Italeri 1:35)

    Thank you Sarge - Glad you like her. Thanks also for being such a great host!! Cheers Thank you Stix, it was an enjoyable build and looks OK on the shelf! Thank you Ozzy, kind of you to say. Thank you too for the fine co-hosting!!
  13. I-16 Type 10 (Eduard 1:48)

    Haha, The part is missing from the right hand sprue; it's one of the pipes. The windscreen is in the bag on the right (lower picture) It's all so small!!!