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  1. They look great!!
  2. Look what the postman just delivered (Seats and cockpit prepared in the background)
  3. That coin really puts things into perspective!! I'm amazed at how you paint the barrels Stix. I never would have thought the paint would have taken to the metal from the brush. That's my lesson for today
  4. Is this how you achieve the highlighting Stix? Works wonders if so
  5. Ouch!! Good to know you have a fix for it though
  6. The weathering is superb! Bravo!!
  7. I had toyed with using the figures in the cockpit and an OOB build but the interior etch and seat belts, as well as the Brassin wheels, have won me over! Here's the cockpit with the detail removed ready for the etch (hoping to receive it in the post in a couple of days). That pin mark on the sidewall should be covered by the etch but I think I'll have to do something for the LHS to remedy it. There are a number of pin marks on the kit in some rather surprising and inaccessible areas. It's a shame as I believe it mars what appears to be an otherwise superb kit The flight panels and seats are dry fitted for the photo. Though the seats are built, the 'cushioned' parts are currently removable for painting (to make life a tad easier).
  8. Haha - My PE is also ordered. I took the Brassin wheels too Looking forward to watching the enhancements doing their enhancing!!
  9. The finished article looks superb Steve. The 'tags' on the barrel and the aerials are so effective. Wonderful
  10. Coming along lovely Stix What's involved in painting the metal barrel with brushes? I'd imagine it's not the easiest part of the build!
  11. Thank you Cheezburger - Much appreciated
  12. Hi, I was looking at the interior PE and fabric belts last night. Might go for the resin wheels too
  13. Thanks Celt