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  1. OK - So the carbon decals are on (I'll try for a clearer picture once assembled) and the underside is painted
  2. Good job I don't mind decals!
  3. That cockpit is looking wonderful Fully agree re. the wiring - so effective!
  4. Wow, Looking better with every update I tend to soak a few stencils at a time - Makes for quicker job
  5. Thanks Stix - One of those things sent to try us but onwards and upwards
  6. Thanks Arniec. I was initally looking at a car build (hence the AMT question). However, I've wanted to build a Lightning for long time and as I've now found a Matchbox 1:72 BAC Lightning, this will be my entry Enjoy the show!!!
  7. Thanks for the reply but I have to be honest and say I'm not sure what that means. I'll keep my hunt to 'Matchbox' only just to be sure
  8. Not looked through all the pages so apologies if this has been asked previously. Are AMT kits OK if they have 'Matchbox' on the box? I'd like to join the GB and will find something to build but just want to know what I can look to purchase
  9. Oooh - Missed the start of this one. Never mind - On board now Nice start Stix - Good luck with the props and motors!!
  10. Time to revive this one - planning to get some done over the next few weeks between GB's
  11. Haha - Love the passion!! Maybe one for the KUTA at the end of the year - Maybe!!
  12. OK, So I've decided to bow out gracefully. I was rather annoyed yesterday (to put it politely) but I've reminded myself that this is a hobby and it should be enjoyable. It's only the second build that has gone awry since I started building again a couple of years ago so all told it's not a bad percentage. I had considered the F-14 but I have another GB starting in a few weeks then another GB a few weeks after that. Hence, I'm going to focus on my F2007 in the interim and chillax (as my kids would say). This was always an unplanned entry but it's been fun building something new and taking away a lot of lessons. I can't sign off without thanking the hosts for all their support and efforts, along with everyone who has taken time to assist and comment. Cheers Nigel
  13. You'd never know you had an issue earlier on in the build - Looks great
  14. Hiya, They are beyond that I fear. I will give it a go but my money is on them looking worse
  15. Haha - I feel the same Giemme but the decals are really bad. Rather than trying to rectify this, I'm considering ploughing the lessons learned into an Italeri (1156) F-14A Tomcat