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  1. 1/72 Revell B-17 F

    Thanks so much..you are correct...not overly distressed. The actual plane only lasted about 6 months or so based on the history I found so I tried to keep with that thought. As far as the rest of the weathering there actually is quite a bit of fading of the paint and control surfaces that has not translated well in the pics. I learned quite a bit about weathering OD on this project....yellow is the key not white or grey. Thanks so much for the very kind comments and keen observation. All the Best! Don
  2. Wow this is fantastic modeling. Thanks for sharing. All the Best! Don
  3. Good Day All, Here's my rendition of Revell's 1/72 B-17 F. All in all it's a good model but there are a few challenges. The ball turret has several frame lines missing which were added. Also the fit of the two clear parts is not the best. The engine push rods were way out of scale and were replaces as well as adding ignition wiring. The blanking plate for the chin turret for the G model doesn't fit well at all. Quite a bit of time was expended to get it blended. You have to modify the tail guns to fit in the tail interior. The tail clear part was marred with interior tool scratches and had to be polished out. I did OK with it but next time we'll look to use the Pavla alternate though it wasn't great either. The ammunition boxes for the waist guns just did not make sense for an F, they were abandoned. Next one I will have to scratch them The ammunition boxes on the ball turret interfere with rotation and the ammunition feeds really need to be replaced. The pilot and co-pilot seats reminded me of recliners..they were modified. Eduard bits were used for the instrument panel and throttles...excellent product. I dipped the nose glazing in Future (or Pledge floor care here in the Stated now) to get it as clear as possible because it is very thick. Pavlas wasn't great either. I took quite a bit of time to blend the clear front windows and associated panel lines into the fuselage. I'm OK with it but I think Ill do better on the next one. It is painted with Vallejo acrylics as I no longer use oils except for washes and weathering, I do not spray them anymore. Kitsworld decals were used for the artwork. The kits national insignia were used as they were the correct size. The Kitsworld national markings for the wings were undersized in my opinion. Tom Probert gave me some very useful information on painting the interior...thanks so much. It was about 18 months when I asked for it Tom..better late than never. Well onto the pictures. As always all comments are appreciated. All the Best! Don ps: Yes that is the new Airfix 1/48 Stuka B-1 in the background. But that's for another post...LOL!
  4. 1/72 Airfix Dambuster

    Thank you all for the kind comments. Very much appreciated. All the Best! Don
  5. Stunning...absolutely first rate! Don
  6. 1/72 Airfix Dambuster

    FLCH Thanks for the kind words. I did it the old fashioned way...rolled the blue tack to about 1/8" diameter then followed the camo pattern. Filled in with tape and liquid mask. All the Best! Don
  7. 1/72 Airfix Dambuster

    All, Thank you all for the kind words I really appreciate it. The Lancaster is very special to many of us. The Dams raid in particular. I'm glad you feel I did it justice. I hope to do another two or three in the future. I hope to put some pictures of my latest completion, 1/72 Revell B-17F, up in the next few days. All the Best! Don
  8. 1/72 Airfix Dambuster

    Thank you Tomoshenko...I did use the the method in the instructions..it was OK not a big problem. All the Best! Don
  9. 1/72 Airfix Dambuster

    Stever you are correct. I actually have switch my 4 engined bombers to 1/72 because of this limitation. I do have a few Tamiya Lancs in the stash but I have no idea if I will ever build them. As you mentioned the Chastise Lancs were quite "clean" . Thanks for noticing...most would not have noticed that little detail. All the Best! Don
  10. 1/72 Airfix Dambuster

    Bodmin I did mine freehand with my freshly cleaned airbrush, first grey then a dirty black slowly building up the colors . Of course this was after a nice single malt to get the nerves in check and looking over as many pictures I could find in my resources. Hope this helps! Don
  11. Very well done! All the Best!
  12. Some pictures of my new tool Airfix Dambuster done some time back. Did a little updating in the cockpit, belts and such. Drilled out the intakes , added dorsal window from clear acrylic rod, added wing tip lights from acrylic sheet. Overall an enjoyable and great fitting kit. The plastics was really soft that made scribing of the dorsal plug panel line for the removed turret challenging. Hope you enjoy the pics. All the Best! Don
  13. Really excellent modelling! All the Best! Don