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  1. Very nice, been eyeing these up for a few civvy conversions
  2. Nice, bit of welderup style there!
  3. Don't see these much now, especially in this condition
  4. Done a bit today, added some plumbing to the chassis, brass hard fuel lines ando some hydraulic hoses for the tipper rams, back axles done with the worm drive as per the real MM6 and following the how to on here I've cut away sections of the cab, and replaced with thick foil off a baking tray so it can be battered as per the real truck! The bumper is also foil so it can be damaged too
  5. Blimey it's been a while since I updated this, think it's time to head down the shed and dust this off!
  6. I'll be watching, my wife has brought me this kit, Mr Grey drives an R8!
  7. Nice, was this from home bargains? I wanted to get one but they only had helicopters left!
  8. Just seen on Facebook cosford are opening some cockpits in the Cold War hanger tomorrow for the 10th anniversary, yes, 10 years since the Cold War hanger opened!
  9. I'll need some to convert to civvy Street!
  10. Yep, used them lots, stuff is cast to order so does take a few weeks
  11. Very nice, btw if you buy the recovery version the tipper bits are in the box
  12. Cool, thanks for sharing, I could cry seeing the seddon Atkinson being wrecked!
  13. There is a Merseyside bus preservation group that may have something to help there
  14. very nice little lorry!