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  1. I popped along to the running day today, my pics are Here if you want a looky
  2. A few old cars and motorcycles turned up at the transport museum today, dunno what they are if anyone can fill me in.... DSC_0027 by richellis1978, on Flickr DSC_0026 by richellis1978, on Flickr DSC_0025 by richellis1978, on Flickr DSC_0024 by richellis1978, on Flickr Full album, lots of bus stuff here
  3. Aldridge, I'll be there for a few hours, got too much to do with the ERF for next weekends truckfest for a long day out!
  4. Looks good. Can't believe some of the buses being preserved now, they are so young! Ill be driving for a local museums running day Sunday, they will be running 4 low floor buses that are already in preservation
  5. I've just been into the Land Rover factory and spotted a soft top Range Rover. Did take a picture t but 'asked' to delete it. There was a couple of prototype discoverys too and a business protection jaaaag
  6. Done a bit more, wheels are on the broway is a Base coat of mud, washes and powders will be added later.
  7. Had a couple of days off and in between 'jobs' around the house Ive got some paint on, the cab, it had a coat of white on the roof and my plan is to sand it back to give a pinky sun bleached look. The door is odd, it will get a decal to look like its off another lorry. The chassis has been painted silver, a spray from poundland! Looks OK and it will be covered in mud and dirt anyway. First coat of black on the wings and window rubbers too. Starting to get somewhere. I also got some plastic at Cosford for the tipper body ribs, I plan to make the flat sections from a thick foil baking tray so I can distress it! AEC MM6 work in progress by richellis1978, on Flickr AEC MM6 work in progress by richellis1978, on Flickr One wheel is just to check my nuts fit, and the clearance on the cab. only 9 more to make, then its fitting the 10 nuts per hub!
  8. sherpa van, bedford CF, or a new transit/ sprinter/modern van lets also think maybe montego, allegro, rover sd1 like the 'normal' over exotic stuff!
  9. There is an ergomatic transkit in 1/24 coming very soon....
  10. Realistically it's probably a bit too far gone
  11. Foden S21. Not everyone build planes
  12. I'll be watching, have you looked at some of the aoshima bus kits? They may supply more useful bit for the build
  13. DSC_0045 by richellis1978, on Flickr DSC_0027 by richellis1978, on Flickr DSC_0018 by richellis1978, on Flickr DSC_0015 by richellis1978, on Flickr DSC_0013 by richellis1978, on Flickr Full Album LINKY
  14. A local railway had a gala running day today, industrial engines both steam and diesel (and petrol) a few I took DSC_0058 by richellis1978, on Flickr DSC_0056 by richellis1978, on Flickr DSC_0053 by richellis1978, on Flickr DSC_0045 by richellis1978, on Flickr