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  1. Belated congratulations PC.
  2. A BIG Rolls Royce

  3. Qatar to buy Typhoon

    But aren't Qataris those naughty bad Arabs who we don't like at all (completely unlike those other most excellent Arabs who we like lots).....I'm confused.
  4. First To Deir ez Zor

    Certain recent events have put me in a very good mood, so good in fact that I'm determined to commemorate them with a model: I've already got the Revell 1/72 T-55 and I'm about to order I've just ordered the Trumpeter T-55 with KMT-5 mine-roller.....Looking at pictures of the Trumpeter kit suggests I'm going to have to scratch some replacement rollers that are more to scale, fortunately I believe that I know a fella who did that very thing not so long ago, hopefully he'll spot this and can advise. PS - Just remembered I have a turned barrel and full OKB running gear for a T-55 too, so I reckon I've got the main bits well covered, now to get all the references I need.....For that, only this place will do (highly political & at times graphic content, if that's a problem for you, don't go there): http://sturgeonshouse.ipbhost.com/topic/754-syrian-tanks-at-war-some-pictures-and-words-between-them/ http://sturgeonshouse.ipbhost.com/topic/786-syrian-conflict/ And on the move (with onboard in-action footage): I'm going to have to scratch-build some of the smaller Syrian details, but that should make for a fun project in itself (if perhaps a bit fiddly given the current state of my eyesight).
  5. Ratch's 1/72 (1/76) Napoleonics

    Just been catching up (Long-time no-see! ), really impressed with the faded whitewsh over brickwork effect you achieved, very convincing indeed. I'm a fan of Perry Miniatures, I have their 28mm plastic ACW stuff and it's really nicely done.
  6. Nice wingy-thing an all, but can we get back to Zero now please.
  7. Mi-24 Hind? Ident help

    It's all wonky!
  8. Dragon's 1/72 Pz IVD - has anyone seen the tracks?

    Revell's J is a decent kit, but you can only really build a very, very early Ausf J with some Ausf H features.....Bringing it up to scratch requires better exhausts, some modifications to the front hull towing points and turret, plus finding some Thoma Schurzen. There are some other issues with the Mirage Pz.IV kits, the layout of the front hull is not quite what it should be (IIRC).
  9. Bandai "Box Scale" Dioramas

    Gotta say, for something that's come straight out of a pot those are all pretty impressive.
  10. M3/M4 Medium Tank STGB

    Dates: 30 Dec 2017 to 1 April 2018 Host: Sgt. Squarehead Title says it all.....Pretty sure there must be more than a few unbuilt Shemans in stashes out there, why not build them in the company of like minded fellows here on BM? Any vehicle based on any variant of the M3 or M4 Medium Tank chassis is eligible, the wider the variety the better! 1 - Sgt.Squarehead 2 - Arniec 3 - Bonhoff 4 - fatfingers 5 - SleeperService 6 - TrojanThunder 7 - Dazzio 8 - Shermaniac 9 - Ozzy 10 - PlaStix 11 - Joss 12 - Antoine 13 - DaveyGair 14 - badger 15 - Hockeyboy76 16 - TeeELL 17 - AndrewE 18 - JackG 19 - Panzer Vor!!! 20 - AgentG 21 - TonyTiger66 22 - Paul Giles 23 - AndyRM 24 - Bullbasket 25 - DaveJL 26 - 06/24 27 - beefy66 28 - vindicareassassin 29 - softscience 30 - stevej60 31 - Foghorn Leghorn 32 - TEMPESTMK5 33 - Doug Rogers 34 - Dads203 35 - FrancisGL 36 - Badder 37 - Plasto 38 - HL-10 39 - The_Lancaster 40 - Blitz23
  11. Low flying in Russia

    Looks like a T-34/85 preserved as a monument.
  12. First To Deir ez Zor

    No worries fella.....Glad to have you along, you know way more about these 'modern' thingies than me. All being well I should start cutting plastic tomorrow, I'll just be test fitting the running gear and trashing the tyres to begin with. I finally found the camera battery so I'll stick some images on Imgur once I have something to show.
  13. 1/72 Saturn V

    If you fancy putting it to alternative use (some scratchbuilding will be required): https://www.dropbox.com/s/d4q0shfrj9rf0wx/Project Orion.pdf?dl=0
  14. Mi-24 Hind? Ident help

    Well I knew it was a Mil-35, the M bit is probably too technical for me, I'm a Trackhead.
  15. Dragon's 1/72 Pz IVD - has anyone seen the tracks?

    Apart from the price, it's a clunky simplified version compared to the Pz.IV kits they released prior to it.....Dragon could have made a kit to the same standard as the kits I listed earlier, but they chose to simplify the parts and messed it up (plus they upped the price again). The single advantage their kit has over the much cheaper Revell offering is accurate track pitch, the Dragon kit on the other hand lacks the filzbalgfilter fited to each and every Pz.IV Ausf H. PS - Almost forgot.....Modelcollect have announced a 1/72 Pz.IV Ausf H, scroll to kit #UA72078 on this page of Henk's site: http://henk.fox3000.com/modelcollect.htm
  16. T-54A (MiniArt;1:35)

    That really is nicely done, love the lively shading.
  17. First To Deir ez Zor

    Cheers fella, anything but (as usual), should keep me occupied for a while. I've just chucked a Chaffee shaped spanner in my own works by blowing most of my readies pre-ordering a platoon of OKB's new 1/72 M-24s.....I reckon I can just about scrimp the pennies for the T-72 track and a Zedval 'Soviet Tank Booster Set' (not the official title, I'll post a link later). However this is all I'll need to get started on the lower-hull and running gear, so I can at least get (it) rolling. Don't suppose you've bought direct from Tankograd at all have you Ben?
  18. "They Swim "

    What a cool figure, I love the colours you've used, different and very effective indeed.
  19. Hypothetical N Korean win

    I'm fairly convinced that Trump isn't the only person considering scrapping the Iran nuclear deal.....If I was Iran, I know what I'd be thinking (& quietly doing) right now and that's a fact. If they are not doing it (and it currently seems to be so) then I'd guess they've probably received certain 'assurances' from Russia (& possibly China too). I don't think anybody really cares about American bluster anymore, the reality is simple.....If the US attacks NK, the south of the country gets obliterated, Japan and Guam get nuked for sure, the mainland US maybe (& let's be clear, if the US misjudge their retaliation to this inevitable response, then the big boys will join in and it's game over for homo-sapiens). It's called deterrence, the US used to understand it, but then they lost the plot and deliberately sought to undermine it.....Karma's a bitch.
  20. Another Hero gone

  21. We have a T.Rex

    Stonking, love the 'camo-scheme'.
  22. TIE/sk x1 "Striker"

    Entirely too wet IMHO. Nah.....It's lovely and the base looks great too.