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  1. Bentwaters Warthog

    2 missiles on each side, slant mounted would be perfectly legitimate.
  2. Bentwaters Warthog

    Top job. Is it missing pylons 3 and 9 there?
  3. Hmmm, cool. Lightning and/or Hunter for me I suspect, cant remember if I stated anything before. Not very adventurous, but thats me bag innit. Mind you, I spy a Sea Vixen and a Buccaneer in the stash behind me... will look at options.
  4. Hey Bobski, thanks for the reply. I have had a look at Xtradecals offerings again and I can only see the II Sqn markings in 1/72, unfortunately. Typically I have chosen a squadron that is particularly difficult to get marking for to suit certain aircraft ie Typhoon and Meteor. Perhaps an enlearged scan of the 72nd decals could do it if I buy that sheet and print my own. No rush though, maybe 48th versions will show up soon.
  5. Building a HAS

    I just did similar with a Lightning... I wont tell if you dont.
  6. Building a HAS

    Nice work. I have to ask - Should the frame be black or grey in an A-10? Not that it really matters, just chucking it out there.
  7. Puuuuurfectly timed KUTA

    Not forgotten, still getting the Lightning finished off... work... life.... usual excuses. But nearly there, very, very nearly there.
  8. "Right" also has the same number of letters as "Green". That along with "No port left in the bottle" has always stuck with me... even after I got thrown out of Air Cadets...
  9. Well.... if it all goes Pete Tong we could always have a thread "This isnt a GB, oh no, not this" To put it another way - this is happening, folks, get on it!!!
  10. What have you purchased 9

    1/48 RAPTOR pod from Freightdog (they have a few in stock in 1/48 now as well as 1/72 ). I t looks pretty good, not much clean up required, just need 48th decals for II(AC) squadron for my Tornado GR4 (easy enough to find) and was hoping to do a Typhoon in the same squadron markings with the smaler RAPTOR pod version (decals and smaler pod proving impossible to find...)
  11. Hey guys n girls. Would anyone happen to know if decals for a II(AC) Typhoon are available anywhere for a Typhoon? Ive had a good search about and either Im blind, Man Looking, or there simply arent any out there.... anyone know differently? Heres what Im looking for: Thanks for any help.
  12. "Theres no Port Left in the bottle" Not sure what paints you are using, but Humbrol Hu81 is a pretty good match for the gear bays if that helps at all. Unsure if the inside of the bay doors should be the same colour...? Still loving what youre doing, keep it up.
  13. Re the rocket pods - CMK do some resin ones and I found these the other day that appear pretty good, not seen them before and looks like they come as a set of four too - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ResKit-48-0060-Matra-155-4pcs-Hunter-Canberra-Harrier-Phantom-Jaguar-Hawk-1-48/292313963584?hash=item440f451c40:g:t-kAAOSwH-dZ-Y7w
  14. Ah, i just found the messages re the decals... it wasnt you at all! Sorry! Carry on, lets see those lovely things get finished.