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  1. Early bath for a Buccaneer ;)

    Would it be worth fitting the bomb bay door before attempting it? Just thinking it might help things turn out a little more to shape?
  2. The clearest and simplest picture Ive found for DIYing the nose is here:
  3. KP 1/48 Su-25UB Frogfoot

    Looks spot on to me. Almost ready for a bit of grubbing up. Hang in there!
  4. RN Fg1 Phantom

    I love such chat too, its great to find out the little things that we perhaps wouldnt otherwise. I went straight to Google images, and a quick rummage didnt show any forward Sparrows with a CL tank on Navy a/c at least. Like this un here -
  5. What have you purchased 9

    You too? Could the tide be turning...?
  6. 80's Front Line Asia, only 4 more needed!!

    Wouldnt French Polynesia open up some nuclear options...? Or maybe a nice, un-nuked rendition of a pretty piece of coral?
  7. 80's Front Line Asia, only 4 more needed!!

    Cheers. it took me ages.... Any rough idea of a start date? (Ish?) Just weighing up what to tackle and when here.
  8. Revel Typhoon FGR4, WIP

    Looking good. Scheme wise, there are a few less grey options if they tickle you - something like these? Or, 2 squadron Typhoons dont get seen much -
  9. What's your car used to go buying models

    Always tune the carb with the choke halfway out on a mini - leaves room for "trim". And maybe flames on over-run downhill....
  10. What's your car used to go buying models

    SU carb? Oh yes. 1 3/4" HIF44 version was the model of choise for a 1300 Mini.
  11. What's your car used to go buying models

    Cheers. Theyre still around, but its mainly just nice ones that are still left and theyre hiding away, tucked up safe n sound in their garages. Bloomin wimps. My old man has a 1967 S800, still on the road. Theyre a bit rare!
  12. What have you purchased 9

    Cost me a Phantom and an A-10, but Ive got this funny nosed thing on its way: Slight surplus of Russian ordnance may have occurred....
  13. What's your car used to go buying models

    Bit old, but it works. 1/48 Su-34 you say??? Im on my way.
  14. Wondering if any of you guys have used this and if so, how did you get on with it? My main concern is the fit of the resin to the wing. http://www.wolfpack-d.com/catalog/htm/wp48146.html I used the Airwaves PE set on my last Phantom, it went fairly well, but was a bit fiddly and flimsy so thought Id look at alternatives with more detail and of more substantial fixing.
  15. Houchin kit supplier in UK?

    Most helpful and spot on timing is this!