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  1. Puuuuurfectly timed KUTA

    Fixed. Chopped up lead dropped past the rudder pedals has sorted it. Tis a rattly old bird now, but hey, they like a bit of a rattle.
  2. Puuuuurfectly timed KUTA

    Had some issues here, so apols for a lack of... anything. However!! Some bits got stuck together n stuff! Quite amazing. However, however.... if you decide to convert a build from "in flight" to "static", you may want to "weigh" up that decision carefully.... DOH!!
  3. 10th BM Anniversary GB Chat

    Would I be pushing this too far if I suggested a 100th anniversary 2 Squadron Tornado? I could perhaps title the build " "10"0th Anniversary of Shiny II (AC) " ? Too much?
  4. Praise be! Saves me from tackling that "lovely" 1/48 Buccaneer..............
  5. I do too, but decals to suit arent available and I hate 3 colour camo schemes too. Besides, the old scheme is a classic. Thats my excuses anyway.
  6. It is indeed, but I have one in that scheme. The Omani Jags got a new scheme fairly recently - http://imgproc.airliners.net/photos/airliners/7/7/2/2225277.jpg?v=v40
  7. Ah. It gets worse.... I hadnt remembered or spotted the Sea Vixen in the stash.... can someone pop over and give me a helpful slap, please?
  8. Doh! Late night posting balls up! Cheers for clearing that up for me though.
  9. Grumman Gb 20 Oct 2018 to 10 Feb 2019.

    Flicking through the GB Calendar I spotted this along with a rather predictable Hasegawa 1/48 F-14 in the stash with an equally predictable aftermarket decal sheet and some resin boomy bits. Hoping to get a bit more done this year, so, if youll have me, please dont shoot me for my obvious choice.
  10. Would a Jaguar M be eligible for this? Sure, it didnt enter service, but it did leave and return from/to a carrier deck during the trials. [/url] Apols for being a pain, just found the GB calendar and been eyeballing the stash.
  11. Cool, thanks for that Georgio, makes sense and is appreciated. One thing if I may though - the Jaguar M was the French carrier experiment version, the Indian Agave radar verion was/is the IM (chisel nose IAF version being the IS) As an aside, Ive also got a Nigerian BN 2 seater planned, but I wont attempt two at once, especially as this one is the good ol Kitty Hawk. Id best go check that Indian box for all the bits!
  12. Puuuuurfectly timed KUTA

    Ah - I have but one rule for the bench/stash - All relevant bits go in the relevant box. No excuses or exceptions. I still havent tidied up, mind.
  13. Puuuuurfectly timed KUTA

    Bloomin things have given me some right grief and then I stall with all three at this point whilst managing to finish a Lightning in a week or so. Bonkers. Tidy up day for the cave n bench. Things just got serious!