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  1. Thanks for that, much appreciated. Found an Add-On for Firefox that works just fine. I had got so despondent with the whole thing I didnt think to look for such a fix or check the threads. Made my day it has!
  2. Oh, the scheme thats preferred is with just the red tail, not the spine and wings. So am gathering photos for reference. If anyone has any theyd like to share, Id appreciate it and love to see them myself. The above reminds me of that clever chap who made a great brake chute - anyone else remember it and did he ever give away how he had made it as that would look great in a case!
  3. Cheers, Steve. Ive ordered the Hu60 tonight, will have a play with that, see how it looks. Alternatives and options are always good.
  4. Cheers. Im struggling to find a good aerial shot of Binbrook though. Google maps is too recent and its all gone these days... Leaning more towards wheels down, canopy up, steps and maybe an Oxygen cart and a pilot climbing the ladders.. might change my mind tomorrow though. Ive ordered the QB seat and the ladders anyway as this wont be my last 48th Lightning, regardless...
  5. Hello you helpful bunch! Its a friend of mines 50th birthday coming up and I was thinking of sorting him with a nice 1/48 Airfix Lightning (XR770) in its red and grey scheme. He grew up around Binbrook and loves this particular aircraft, its "AA" tailcode also happening to be his initials. Now, Im familiar with the basic kit and the decals - I have the later boxing of the F2/F6 in the stash with the rather nice decals to sort this, but I have a few questions that you may be able to help me out with seeing as searching is rather fruitless these days since Photobucket decided to do what it did.... At this point in time I am unsure whether canopy opened or closed will be how I will go or even wheels up or down, any thoughts on that would be great. 1. Aftermarket seat & cockpit? Im not sure I see the point in the whole cockpit, as not a lot will be seen however I go about things, but the Quickboost seat looks rather busy for a non-flying model. Does it fit ok? 2. The Eduard etch pilot access ladder - is it any good? Alternatives? 3. Flying or not, it would need a case really. What I have seen have been a bit daft price wise. Is there a sensible source for such things? Looking at around 400x350x250mm (LxWxH) really. 4. Fixings for an in-flight model...? Im intrigued/tempted by the clear perspex rod up the exhausts method, could maybe play with some clear paints through the airbrush too, but fixing them to the case? Ah... a vertical Lightning with a tiny Binbrook printed out on the base perhaps? Any ideas or photos of things posed in such a way would be a great help. 5. Nearly forgot - The red tail etc - I tend to use and like Humbrol enamel. The instructions call out Hu60 Matt Scarlett, is that a good plan? I dont have any here to play with to check. Oh. I have 2 weeks maximum.... please help me guys!
  6. Building a HAS

    Not sure where they come from, but we get pretty regular 15s up here in Lincs using the Donna Nook range and generally having a hoon about. I think it was last year that me and a few work mates watched a pair trying to out turn each other over the local butty van. They, Tornados and Typhoons are often buzzing about to the point I can often tell which is which just by the sound... Plane geek street cred points innit. I just find the F-15 a boring thing to look at. Very capable, sure, but they look like every 9 year olds drawing of a plane, yknow?
  7. Building a HAS

    It is a bit tricky as all of the colours seem to change according to light, but the grey just isnt working for my eyeballs. I tried searching for the 1/72 Hasegawa destructions to check my conversion to Humbrol all those years ago, but no joy. Im still 99% sure it was Hu79 though and it looked about right, one of my better models that was back then, spurred me onto doing a lizard F-15E and Im no fan of F-15s as a rule!
  8. Building a HAS

    Im still not feeling that grey, mate. Humbrol 79 or EDSG might do it. Could be wrong, but... I cant not say anything seeing as youre deliberating over it too. Phantoms look bang on by the way.
  9. Building a HAS

    Was going to say - a coat of clear tends to darken and pull stuff together. I feel your pain though, had loads of trouble with my Su-25 colours and its still not perfect, but itll do.
  10. What have you purchased 9

    Dinosaur dentist diorama?
  11. Building a HAS

    The grey looks off to me in the first daylight pics, seems to need to be darker/deeper and a little less blue. Otherwise I dont see it looking far off. Cameras lie though, so hard to be sure. The artificial light pics look fine to me... Still not posted your seat. Either work screws me up with PO opening times or I forget. Sorry, man, will get it to you eventually! Im starting to want another A-10 in this scheme now.... could have a trio of the early greys, Lizard and the later grey schemes. But No, my stash is fixed, cabinet organised!! He says....
  12. RAF/RN Wessex armament?

    Thanks again for this. The book arrived yesterday and it is indeed far more useful than Google.
  13. Tanmodel announce a 1/48th Buccaneer.

    Pretty sure I read on Facebook that its going to be 2018 for the release of the Tan Bucc.
  14. Tentative 1/48 Academy Su-30M2

    Cheers, Dave. Ive had a quick look round at cockpit etc and resin seats, didnt realise the nose was another Academy/HB/KH special.... Ill have a look at the comparisons, but if youve mentioned it then I fear its required. Thanks for the heads up, appreciated. I do like the Flankers lines, especially the 30, its a very pretty thing, particularly in the light blue camo scheme. I think I have the decals in the box to do this very aircraft and Im liking what I see here, although I was thinking of building it clean, no missiles... I dont generally get along with kit ordnance and spend a small fortune on Eduard stuff... this photo isnt helping: http://imgproc.airliners.net/photos/airliners/8/8/0/2065088.jpg?v=v40 Hmmm.... Canopy up, airbrake down, flaps n slats down and some ladders would look... well... just like that there above. I do have some chocks all done n ready, thats something if a backwards start. The missiles with their noddy caps do add a bit of colour and further interest. Hmm. Maybe I can swap my surplus F-14 Eduard missiles for some Russian versions... via my trade post that is.
  15. Hi guys. I signed up for this early on and just hope I can still see it through. Work has been away stuff of late, so it might be tricky, but if I dont commit to something then nowt will happen. So here I am. Still a little undecided re a scheme for it, but regardless, I find the 30 the prettiest of the Flankers and would like to see it done and on/filling a shelf. Looking at an OOB build, possibly swapping the seat and decals for aftermarket bits, but time will tell. It would also serve as a good kick up the bum for a few almost finished shelf of doom things that deserve some attention. So.... I guess Im in. Obligatory photos - it has been mildly started with the forward fuselage bits glued not brilliantly, but thats how I got it and will have to deal with it. The decals actually look pretty good, something of a surprise there. Leaning towards the traditional, Russian blues for the camo scheme. I only have room for one "regular" Flanker so its kind of got to be that way. The stashed Su-34 will get that weird purple/grey I reckon for some contrast, one day, sometime.....