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  1. Any updates on this? I do hope it hasnt run out of thrust or stalled...
  2. Heres an option - https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/393504435823?hash=item5b9eb12e6f:g:0C8AAOSwZH9hFnvk
  3. Just to add - the later Revell boxing has really nice decals, the KH however are appalling and have important ones missing too. For the least drama I would go with the later Revell 04996 box. The KH isnt unbuildable, but it is a bit.... taxing shall we say (I still have a T2/4 and French "A" to complement my finished GR1. Yea. Great.
  4. Thats a blinder. Really liking your work there and a whole load of inspiration for whenever I get around to my planned 1435 FGR2. Thanks for posting and in such a well photographed manner.
  5. I see what you mean regards the decal availability. Maybe worth setting up a Wanted Ad on here - one of the Airfix boxings came with the Ecuador options and included a second set of the large "no walk" sections decals, someone might have those spare if nothing else
  6. I'm pretty sure I stuck the lower leg bits on as late as possible, seems to sort of work. The decals are rather wrong and incomplete. I think it's xtradecal who do a fair few sets, look for the ones with the large "no walk" sections
  7. What era? And NATO or Warsaw Pact? Have you tried an ebay etc search for simply "1/48 cart" & "1/48 trolley"? As that throws a few interesting and random bits up. Theres at least one on ebay at the moment, bit pricey though for what it is.
  8. Maybe worth a Wanted Ad for surplus bits from Frogfoots etc if your're not too bothered about complete accuracy of detail vs resin. Folk on here are rather helpful for such things which is a bit nice.
  9. Theres a 1/43 Landy available that isn't too shabby. I forget who its made by now, but it's pretty close and doesn't look out of place with 1/48 stuff
  10. Mine ended up with a slight tracking issue, but not too bad at all. The Airfix is a bit of a bugger too to be fair with the main gear, maybe more so than the KH. I'd maybe suggest a mismatching of parts has happened, could be wrong but it was mentioned earlier and is very easy to do with the daft instructions and their mistakes, but my KH Jag is nowhere near as far out as yours is going by the photo. All that said and despite how I found the issues, it wasn't that hugely bad of a build for me. Challenging at times, sure, but a bit of sanding here n there and it worked. Biggest hurdle was that underside fuselage join due to warps. The rest can be worked with a bit of patience and a lot less filler than the Airfix too. Maybe I'm weird, but I think it gets far worse press than it actually deserves. Would be nice if Hasegawa or Tamiya got in on the game though, don't get me wrong.
  11. It all a bit reminiscent of high priced Phantom FGR2s before Revell rereleased and gazumped the Hasegawa casher inners. I've two F2/F6s to be getting on with, hopefully another release of the Lightning range will see me the last one I want, certainly no rush now anyway.
  12. Ah. 20-30 quid I see are unfinished auctions
  13. I've not seen any that cheap on Ebay for a long time. I'll take a look again
  14. Mate, we are so on the same page. Thanks to this post and the lovely folk on here I now have two kits in my hands, both at a sensible price. Shout out to @franky boy and @Julien there. Much appreciated guys, will do them justice. Given its age and accuracy it is far from a bad kit, just a tad basic, which is very fortunate given what the aircraft was and means to me and how I get bogged down with things like KH Jags. Bit weird I got more response from this post than my (now slightly old) Wanted Ad tbh, but whatever works. Just need one more for the line up that I would like: Binbrook camo F6 (got n finished), Red spine n tailed grey F6 (now in the stash), Blue spine n tailed silver F6 (also now in the stash). Which just leaves a German based (I cant spell Ghuttesloh) Green over silver F2. As for resin wheel wells... not my bag. I do like one of a selection of an airframe to be a little opened up, so have a resin spine avionics thingy for one of them, might look into a little more but aside from pitots, not sure they need much especially with the later Cartograph decals which I have a spare 95% of. Cockpit wise I can deal with just a decent seat in each of these I reckon as so much is not seen. But ladders.... got to have a ladder if the canopy is open, that is LAW. Annoyingly (sort of) the best one I made or the one I was most happy with I built and gave away to a friend for his 50th. I always take a tube of superglue with me when I visit and look longingly at the vertical thing on its oak stand. Big Sigh... worth it though. ps - Talking of pitots, my Father has one from a Lightning, a 1:1 genuine thing. I had forgotten about that. We got a fair few interesting bits from Nigel Spurs yard in Eagle, near Lincoln back in the day. Wish there were still places like that, but the market and prices have gone mental for such things over the years.
  15. Ha! As bad as me with Jaguars and British Phantoms. I have myself to blame re the Lightnings, giving them away doesn't do much for the stash. Doh! 1/72 just isn't my thing I'm afraid. Mainly wanting a line up of RAF Phantoms & Lightnings in various schemes/marques and a cluster of Jags in their various forms/nationalities. Maybe the same with 104s too, just need one more of those I think.
  16. I have seen the "internal/hard" versions from both Master Casters (48050) and QuickBoost (48965) as well as the Master Casters "Soft" type (48051). Has anyone used any of these and found any fitment issues or one to be better than the other etc? Kind of obviously for the Hasegawa/Revell kits. Any help or example photos are much appreciated.
  17. I was hoping to eventually knock up a little family of these things but I see they are being advertised on ebay etc for £65+ which is a bit daft to me, they're not exactly a great kit, just rare. Anyway... would anyone happen to know if that's it from Airfix for these now or will there be another release or retool etc? Its a bit iconic and I suspect a good seller, so would make sense especially in 48th
  18. @dromia Would conversion to the C or EC models be an option? As far as I can make out from a look in the World Air Power Journals "Phantom Spirit Of The Skies" Book - externally at least they are very similar with just a few variations in antennas and a bulge above and below the wings to take the larger/wider wheels and tyres. The inboard wing pylons would need to be swapped or modified from the pointy Navy type to the rounded USAF type too, but they would likely be found available from someones spares on here I would expect. They flew with the USAF in the South East Asia (SEA) camo scheme and the EC versions were used as the first Wild Weasel Phantoms which gives another weapons option if thats your thing? Failing that, are you sure the Hasegawa offerings are not what you are looking for? They are far from bad by my humble standards, the major gripe being the blanked intakes but FOD covers are one way to "fix" that.
  19. Very true, updated with Israeli help or so I read. Love what the IAF did with them especially the latest updates. But sadly I think they're done for soon.
  20. I've always thought of the Jags as a bit like a 1275 Mini. Not that powerful but once it's moving its a right bugger to catch Weren't they originally wanted and designed as a trainer jet and as such the Adours would have been more than sufficient for such a role? The Hawks aren't "that" much smaller but manage with just one Adour so they can't be "that" bad. Regardless, it's a testament to how good overall the Jags were - bit under powered, no radar, pretty basic especially the early versions, yet part of a nuclear strike force. Love em to bits. Seems the Indian re engine project isn't happening, that's a real shame but sadly they can't go on forever. Pity the modern stuff these days lack the charm of old.
  21. I have a thing for II squadron markings, but number 6 are cool too, can't argue. Unsure re the whole frint end and screen for the KH shape, seems maybe a tad underfed. Can't quite put my finger on it tbh but it's pretty close and thank you, it wasn't easy!
  22. I understand. I was thinking of the AGM-65 on the lower of the LAU-88 launcher as that "might" look a little more sensible with the clearance and the US F-4G often carried a single one on the LAU-88. The AIM-9 was a just a thought though, really not sure I would do it as it is a stretch even for me who thinks an Exocet under a Royal Navy FG1 Phantom looks cool
  23. I found the nose avionics doors fairly good. Compared to the bits like the gun shrouds etc etc. Used bluetack behind them and Tamiya extra thin to nail them in place and it didn't turn out too bad I don't think, for my standard of work anyway. Wing leading edge wise you can simply smooth out the kink a bit and let the leading edge slat kind of cover up the deviance
  24. Ah. The AIM-9 LAU-7 launchers were a thought of mine too, but wanted to take it one step at a time Have only found images of them with the LAU-7s but no ARMs on the inboard pylons. It would make for an interesting look, we are thinking similar things
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