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  1. Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin - Tamiya 1/6

    Coming together nicely. Do the splits in the kit engine assembly mirror the actual engine casing make up?
  2. Thanks Nigel. Yes to supplying CAD models, they don't print directly from thin air yet! Not sure I get your comment about the lights though?
  3. Thanks Roy, I agree not a looker but because it was around everyday it does evoke memories, moreso for me as my brother had one as his business workhorse for a time. A little more progress with the add-ons to the chassis. The fuel tank brackets are on and I've made the rubber step liners from 26mm long strips of black plasticard grooved with a P-Cutter - also hides the joint, yeah!. On the Chassis cab version I noticed that there is an additional leaf in the rear springs, more easily replicated to scale with a strip of plasticard than a cast-in version. The rear lamp brackets will be added once painted, these align with the rear tipper subframe/other body saddle mounts, about 4mm fwd from the end of the side rail. A feint pencil mark can be seen as an indication [photo top right]. Hopefully the chassis will be in primer by the end of tomorrow.
  4. Which compressor to choose ??

    Mine is also on its way out. I've been looking at the Sparmax brand which have received good reports and they do a version with a reservoir for a reasonable cost, thereby avoiding constant running and possible complaints from 'others'. Probably goes without saying you get what you pay for and it's a long term investment so well worth a little extra outlay. Any decent compressor should come with a gauge and moisture trap already fitted.
  5. A plantation of primed parts.
  6. Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin - Tamiya 1/6

    Looking forward to following this. Great finish on the engine parts, it looks to be the start of an impressive kit. Mark
  7. Oh no not again! Just looking at the BRS photo prior to spraying some primer and recalling cleaning the kit wipers up last night something didn't ring true. LHD WIPERS!! Both lhd & rhd dashes are supplied in the kit so why not the wipers?
  8. Propshaft and other ancillary bits up next, once I find the correct reference photo! The two sections that make up the rear have now been replaced by one length of 2.5mm dia. tube with the joints having some CF pins inserted to sleeve into the tube at either end. [Discarded resin rods in the foreground] As the joints are slightly kinked this will allow for turning the ends to align the propshaft.
  9. Whilst waiting for some filler to dry I couldn't sit idle and the Tipper body got started. I decided to add the hinge pins to the tailgate, fortunately the 3D printed hinges I produced had holes in which made for easier drilling and insertion of a small length of plastic rod. I've also included a close up of the dropside locks, really impressed with the casting detail that Phil Edwards achieves as these were integral to the side panels. More progress photos to follow.
  10. I wonder if Japanese cars were used on fleets back then, more like a Cortina? It's about the only tipper I could find with a decent livery, thanks for the comments.
  11. I found this photo of a Mk2 with Tipper in BRS livery which I'm leaning towards as the finish. Note it's the managers vehicle - that's probably one up on the neighbours when parked on the drive!
  12. All the bits are now back from the resin casters. Eagle eyed viewers will note the chassis and undercab floor are now split following advise on mould longevity and rubber density, and I thought it was just plastic modelling?! Anyway some way of mating the two parts had to be devised and in the best tradition of keeping it simple a small rectangle of plasticard with double sided tape applied proved ideal. When attached [as per photos] this aligns the longitudinal rails perfectly enabling the two parts to be glued with CA. Some other components have also been attached to the chassis with a few more yet to add, and a bit of filling to the steps. Then it's the turn of the Tipper Body parts to be assembled.
  13. Pocher 1/4 ducati pangalie

    1/4 scale, I hope it goes at that size, enjoy.

    Looking forward to attending the show and seeing lots of new and old faces, just finishing boxing up the goodies to tempt all you enthusiasts. Mark
  15. Looking for info on Zakspeed Denim Mk2 Escort

    This link is for an ad by the firm who did the restoration, with photos. You could drop them an email and see if they can enlighten you as to the whether boot lid had fuel fillers pre-restoration. http://www.motorsportretro.com/2013/11/for-sale-1981-zakspeed-ford-escort-ii/ Another link to a diecast model that does show the fuel fillers, although this is no guarantee it's correct! http://www.carmodel.com/neo-scale-models/neo45233/1-43/ford-england/escort-rs-gr-2-denim-n-83-zolder-1982-j-van-ommen/68295 Good luck hunting down the info.