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  1. Good to see another bike build, I'll be following along intently. Great start so far.
  2. 1/24 Revell Type 1 Van Custom

    Roof sliced in half and a joining strip added, now left to set overnight before packing and filling.
  3. 1/24 Revell Type 1 Van Custom

    Sides have been chopped and here's a test fit of the roof. This now requires slicing down the centreline to widen it, I'll have to check what radical action is required for the screen before undertaking this. Talk about play it be ear, ha!
  4. 1/24 Revell Type 1 Van Custom

    A quick update. The rear arches have been relined and along with the front indicator & door handle recesses filled. New rear axle added, the existing hubs have been chopped off the kit axle to be remounted. There are some extra parts on the sprues from the Samba Bus which I'm utilising to convert the cargo area into a 'Snug'. The plan is to add a Guinness beer tap onto the bulkhead with a bench seat forward of the rear arches and maybe a wood panelled floor. Now for some more surgery.
  5. 1/24 Revell Type 1 Van Custom

    The arches are out, big up Dremel. Template made for replacement inner wall then to be added some curved liners from plasticard. Kit rear axle shown, to be replaced with straight tube.
  6. Tamiya Jaguar Mk II

    Great job Alan, not far off completing a stunning build.
  7. 1/24 Revell Type 1 Van Custom

    Well best laid plans and all that. One of the front hubs is off and I've made a start slicing off one of the rear inner arches. A new hub locating bracket has been added to take the kit hub with a carbon fibre pin for support. Hey ho! The ride height has dropped by 5mm with about 1mm clearance between tyre and arch. The rear suspension looks like another scratch affair with a straight beam axle - more on that story later...
  8. 1/24 Revell Type 1 Van Custom

    Welcome aboard one and all, plenty of room in the back I thought I'd pile into the chassis and get the suspension/steering fitted. It's not often you have to use a hot knife on a kit these days but the steering arm required it's lugs melting over the axle uprights. Anyway thinking ahead I thought it best to check the wheel fit under the arches. The stub axles were a tad too long so a couple of mm got lopped off the ends, no doubt the rears will require similar attention. Now I'm thinking the ride height needs dropping.
  9. Here for your enjoyment is another van that's going under the knife. I've applied some 10mm Tamiya tape to use a a cutting guide on the easy parts which equates to near enough a 9.5" chop The fun will be working out the screen and door cuts, although I may do without the quarter lights in the doors. Handles will disappear along with hinges etc for a clean look. I'm thinking of another Guinness scheme but using metallics for the black and cream. It will be lowered too with a suitable set of alloys added. What could possibly go wrong...?
  10. Painting Window Trim

    Here's a link to the Molotow Black marker pens, again available in various nib sizes. https://www.cassart.co.uk/painting/accessories_1/paint_pens/molotow_one4all_acrylic_marker_1mm.htm?productid=12422&utm_source=google&utm_medium=base&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIp4DCk86H2QIV6b_tCh3AbwjnEAQYBSABEgLDuPD_BwE
  11. NewMan Porsche 956

    Really excellent job.
  12. Pocher 1/4 Ducati

    Great work.
  13. What CAR/BIKE kits have you recently bought 2?

    Italeri Escort Mk2, it'll probably get chopped up a bit. And this Grp2 Escort from Roaring Replicars. I undertand C1 Models supply a resin nose for the droop nose RS2000 which with the RR body will make an X-Pack escort. Also I hear 'someone' is having cast the 7.5 x 13 Ronal 4 spoke alloys [with the angled spokes] + tyres.
  14. Painting Window Trim

    Do they do the cocktails as well?
  15. Excellent build, finish and detailing.