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  1. A true craftsman in every respect. His work was inspirational.
  2. I am interested in your kits. I would love to have them and possibly restore them
  3. it was an excellent weekend. damn cold on saturday though.
  4. just come across this thread. some of the kits in 1/24th are now quite collectable and expensive for a toe in the water excercise. A much admired present day kit seems to be the beemax bmw m3 touring car. sells for around 34 quid. apparently goes together great and looks great too. tamiya mini is a nice kit too.
  5. great work. very inspirational. your methods are very good.
  6. i totally agree, a good primer and a well known top coat. here in the uk, i would use halfords paints. you can always step up in the future to airbrushing.
  7. try zero paints via hiroboy. steve can colour match
  8. fully agree with noel. Ian and Rod have shown me their moggy, its the best that is available today and will save you so much work.
  9. bare metal foil is also available in black, i do agree with you, it is one frustrating job to carry out.
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