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  1. You may remember that we once did a "Kits for Kandahar" campaign to keep the squaddies entertained during those long hot stints out in the sandier areas of Afghanistan. That was a very successful and fun way of giving a little back to our boys in MTP, but this time we're trying to raise some supplies for those that have done their stint, and come home with injuries of one sort or another due to their time there. Malcolm Childs has been in touch asking if we can be of assistance as follows: The Help for Heroes Tedworth House Recovery Centre near Salisbury provides occupational therapy to veterans and injured service men and women. The residents can be suffering from a range of injuries from PTSD to Brain and Spinal Injury. The goal at Tedworth House is to support their treatment and help them back into employment. Art Therapy is used to introduce the residents to new activities through a communicative outlet encouraging focus, patience and fine motor skills. Scale Modelling is one of the courses that is offered and Malcolm volunteers, running the sessions supported by the Occupational Therapist team. The sessions are 1 hour with approximately 10 people. It gives the residents an opportunity to start a kit and experience the hobby, many possibly for the very first time. Following that a voluntary evening session is offered for residents to finish their models and to discuss how they can continue the hobby at home through online forums, magazines, IPMS branches etc. The Recovery Centre is entirely charity driven and so to offer the best experience they need donations of model kits and making materials. For example:cutting mats, glues, clippers, paints, brushes, and model making magazines. We need donations of small simple model kits (preferably not current military vehicles). Following the sessions the kits and materials may be taken home by residents for completion. During the session Malcolm will endeavour to photograph some builds and post them up for our enjoyment. Any questions: You can also contact him here under the username Malcchilds. I've put the email address in as a graphic to stop him getting spammed, so if you're emailing him, transcribe the address carefully. Donations should be sent to: (Models for Heroes) Malcolm Childs 1 Harrier Road Bishops Green NEWBURY RG20 4AB We've ordered a bunch of A4 cutting mats for the lads & lasses, and we're going to have a look in our collective stashes for some simple kits to bump start the campaign. If you've got anything that you can spare and think it might be suitable, Malcolm with be very happy to hear from you.
  2. aboard Andy. Just don't look how many of your kits are now outdated... it'll cost you a fortune!
  3. RODEN I have a Roden kit, and reviewed the Merit kit, and the Roden kit is the better of the two
  4. You could have painted her blue and then applied a load of Blick stickers... then overlaid dozens of coats of white to completely obliterate all the detail and removed the stickers (if you could still see them). If it were white dots on a blue ship, it would have been doable, but with the coverage of white, it would have been a nightmare
  5. Easy - just navigate to the sub forum that your thread is in, and it's all available there, just like it used to be. F'rinstance, this thread had 0 views when I just looked. Probably still says that, as it doesn't always update immediately, in order to save loading the server up with too much at one time.
  6. That's cheating - you should have masked them all off
  7. Admit it, those are just little blue sticky labels made by Blick No chance of missing that one in the sky
  8. You woz right, but I was only one letter away, and still struggle with the correct pronunciation. I'd rather say "Ultimate Primer". Much easier, and trips of the tongue... it also sands exceptionally well, unlike most acrylic primers
  9. Oh yes, I forgot about Mr Surfacer. That or Tamiya Fine Surface Primer in cans can usually be found in my spray booth in case I need to do some spot priming
  10. It's not my favourite either. I had that same problem with their Metal Color (sic) primer. That and you can't sand it without peeling. Alclad and Ultimate's rebadge of Badger Stylnrez (or however you spell it) are the best from my POV, but Alclad is lacqueur based, while Ultimate Primer is acrylic based. All IMHO, I must add
  11. I've had a reply back from Invision, and it seems that this is a known issue, if it's what they assume. Using multiple devices at the moment can result in you being logged out on another device when you log in elsewhere. They are currently writing a new feature for the next update, which is a fairly big one, that will allow you to log in on multiple devices and will even let us know the device, the operating system and the browser details, so we don't have to ask you all those questions in the event of an error. It also will allow you to manage your devices that you access the forum with, to allow you greater control over the security of your account. Say for example you leave a job, or sell a device, you can remove that device from your authorised list, thereby securing your credentials from malicious use. It'll also help us to track down sock-puppet accounts better, because they still exist, would you believe it? Anyway - try restricting your browsing to one device and one tab in one browser for a wee while, and see if the issue goes away. Close down any Britmodeller tabs you have open on other devices too, just in case. If the logging out does go away, go back to using multiple devices and see if you get logged out when you go back to your old ways. If it doesn't go away while you're using just the one device and browser, chime in back here and let me know as much info as you can so that I can pass it on.
  12. Nice one guys - the more the merrier. We should be alright for mats now though, but knives, files, adhesives and paint as well as kits should still be needed
  13. Sorry couldn't let it go
  14. The cutting mats have arrived, so now I need to get up into the loft to see what else I can send. Aren't cutting mats heavy? I almost collapsed under the weight when the postie handed them to me
  15. That looks more like Have Spoon
  16. Hawker Hunters At War – Iraq and Jordan, 1958-1967 ISBN: 9781911096252 Helion & Company via Casemate UK After the Hawker Hunter was retired from RAF service with the introduction of newer, supersonic capable jets, the Hunters were taken back, refurbed and offered for sale to potential customers in the Middle East. Iraq and Jordan were allies of Great Britain at the time, and had already taken plenty of post-war surplus off the British hands, throughout their military establishment, from tanks to aircraft and rifles. Bound in a flexible card outer sleeve in a portrait format, the book contains 104 pages, over 120 photos (some in colour), and 15 colour profiles for the aircraft discussed in the texts. The narrative covers all aspects of the Hunter's service with the Iraqi and Jordanian Air Forces and their service with them both in the next decade or so. It even gives the details of the fates of them all, with a few photos of extant parts that still languished in a dump at the beginning of the new millennium. It documents the missions that the aircraft flew, the outcomes and through some dramatic gun camera shots, the fate of a few unlucky enough to be shot down during the Six Days War, by which time the Hunter was outclassed as a fighter and sometimes fell victim to the Israeli Mirages. The book is broken into chapters as follows: Acknowledgements 2 Abbreviations 2 Special Relationship 3 Crisis of 1958 7 New Start in Iraq 17 First Battle with Mirages 23 June 1967 War 31 Battle for H-3 46 Post-Scriptum 55 Bibliography 60 Notes 61 The author Tom Cooper has extensive knowledge of Middle East conflicts from his time spent there, and has written many articles on the subject. Patricia Salti is the widow of a Jordanian Hunter pilot 1st Lt Muwaffaq Salti, who is considered a national hero in Jordan and was lost in combat with Israeli forces in 1966. She has become a leading historian of the Royal Jordanian Air Force, and due to her unique insights and her contacts, she has written numerous official publications, and has cooperated on other related projects with Tom, such as the Arab Mig books. Conclusion A very detailed history of the Hunter's service after it left the RAF as a fighter that will be of interest to many, although perhaps not quite mainstream due to the subject matter. The wealth of information, data and of course the significant quantity of pictorial information held within the book will doubtless be enticing for any modellers or aviation enthusiasts that are curious as to the fate of those airframes. Highly recommended. Review sample courtesy of
  17. I've done a little sprucing up now, so if those that are affected could see if it made any difference, I'd be grateful I'm waiting for support to have their first coffee of the morning over in 'Murica, and my self-help attempts have thrown up a few small issues that affect the Support section of the forum, so I've flagged them up to human support too.
  18. aboard
  19. BTW - are any of you that are affected loggiing in via Facebook?
  20. Can you remember when it happened, as in dates? It might give me a clue, as last week we did 2 minor version upgrades. I'm just working on a couple of minor fixes on the forum as I type this, so bear with me
  21. Support request made. Let's see what they suggest.
  22. As of today, who amongst us is suffering from this frequently logged out issue? As I mentioned earlier in the thread it used to do it occasionally to someone for a week or so, but it's never been too frequent that I'm aware of. If we've got a bunch of folks being affected at once however, it could be worthwhile going to support to find out if they can help. I'll open a generic ticket with them and see what they suggest over and above my suggestions. If needs be we can give them specifics of members for them to look into things more deeply if required.
  23. aboard Billy
  24. to the clan Paul - some of us never seem to finish anything, so you're not doing too bad. What's important is that you're having fun whilst doing it
  25. aboard Vladimir