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Hi all,

Here are a couple of pictures of my Advanced T-65 Reconnaissance X-wing. Finished now, but it turned into a rather long project even by my slow standards!

This is based on the 1/48 scale Fine Molds X-wing kit. Overall, it is a good kit that could have been great; FM decided to do it as a snap-tite/screwed together kit, and from a scale perspective it hurts the fit of the kit and the buildability. Nonetheless, this is my normal scale and so most welcome. The two things that always struck me as "wrong" with the reel ship is that it had no real forward vision and the main landing gear was housed in the lower engine bays. Arrgghhh!

Well, that was the start, and the updates grew from there. The ship itself represents an advanced X-wing modified to an armed reconnaissance variant. The markings are custom dry transfers. Paints were all custom mixed using Floquil railroad colors plus a dash of Model Master enamel here and there, thinned with lacquer thinner and Xylol (and sprayed with a fan and a proper respirator). I used clear acrylic paints as barrier/finish coats for the panel line washes and weathering. I have put a touch more weathering on it since these pics were taken.

What say you?

Cheers, Jim



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In a word.......CoooooooooLLLLL!!!!!


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