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  1. Hurry, I can't wait,10 more yrs and I can start getting my senior discounts
  2. So,basically I can take an SJU-5a for an F-18 and that would work. If that's the case I already have one in my box of resin seats and I am good to go. thanks for the help guy's.I looked at that web site,that was a big help. Later boys,Pete
  3. Hey Phil,Hey Rod, Thanks for the info. It looks like I can pretty much use a standard looking Mk 10 and get away with using that. I don't see much in the way of any differences. That helps a lot. Pete
  4. Hey everyone, just a quick question. Is the Martin Baker Mk 10 the same as the Mk S10L? I have a 1:48 JAS Gripen and I want to put a resin seat in it,but I'm not sure if the Mk 10 is the same as the Mk S10L? After doing some research that is,found out what seat is in it. Any help, Pete
  5. Dude that looks sweet. If that was a decal sheet it looks AWESOME. Pete
  6. Thought the color looked cool when I found a line drawing on the internet. Hope you like it to. Thanks for looking, Pete
  7. Hey ggc, thanks thought it could have used a few more improvements. :whistle: Pete
  8. Hey Mike, it is 1/48. It's the czech models kit. It went together well but the landing gear is a little weak, the canopy is from a 262 I had gotten from imatt88. Didn't like the one that came with the kit. Pete
  9. Hope you guys like this. I'm sort of computer dumb here so I hope you guys will bear with me.
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