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  1. Sorry forgot to add this to my reply post..... on your tank tracks..... I use a base of black (GW) , a drybrush of Tinbits , followed by Boltgun silver/oily metal , then chainmail silver . Then a wash of ink watered down Devlan Mud wash is brill for this . Then pick out the details with pure silver . Do you use paint/Ink washes on your models ? If you do....all those leftover colour washes put them in a jar together and you will get a really murky, nasty colour . This is a brilliant ''dirty'' wash for all kinds of things . It works really well for weathering stuff like jackets , trousers and armour . john
  2. Hello there , A very nice model , with suitably orky writing on the sides , have you tried any weathering stuff on it , rust,dirt ect. I use Mig productions light rust , and various fading washes , its a cinch to use and not a fortune to buy ,a little goes a long way . They also produce a ''resin '' mud effect too . Also easy to use . When i get a new camera (some scumbag thought that they deserved my camera , more than me) i will post more pics . john
  3. hamlrt


    Hi there , Thanks very much for the very informative link and the tips . Ok here goes .. Models i am working on Games workshop Resin Model Titan....got this for a snip , lots of hard work cleaning it up to make it look decent . Thought it would look really great with ''Super Shiny Bits'' and perhaps a little colour flip on the Sci fi weapons . I really wanted to make up a template of the unit symbol and ''ghost'' it , with layers bringing it up to a solid insignia...yes i know running before i can walk , but a exciting thought none the less . Testors ''Roswell UFO'' (the fishy shaped one) , reading through the blurb on the instruction sheet , it hints that it may have been a ''organic'' living spaceship , i wanted to try and replicate this after looking at the rainbow effect of real Fish scales , hence the alclad colour flip paint. Dragon Ferdinand Elefant 1/35th with diorama , my first plastic tank kit in donkeys years , airbrushing the camo should be a interesting experience. I am sorry i am a real novice with the airbrush , more at home with traditional brushes . But i am learning by doing. Kind regards John
  4. Well thankyou very much , i expected to be ripped apart john
  5. hamlrt


    Hello there Iam a bit new to Airbrushing , and although i am getting on reasonably well with my airbrush , i have many many questions from you knowledgable people out there......... I bought some Alclad paints , gloss black primer , silver and a colour flip green to gold Are they ready to go or must they be thinned first It says to use laquer , is gloss varnish the same i.e games workshop spray on gloss varnish I have a bog standard humbrol double action airbrush and compressor , it says in the blurb to spray at 15psi , well how do i reduce the pressure in the compressor How exactly do i make a template , and use the masking film One of the effects i want to try , is a ghosting effect , where there is a very faint pattern building up to solid with a graduation of colour how would you suggest i do this hope you guys can help john
  6. hamlrt

    How Do I.......

    Thanks guys John
  7. Hello There , This is probably in the wrong place , but hey ho . Now can any of you knowledgable people out there tell me how exactly could i model rubble from a wrecked house . I am currently building the Dragon Elefant tank , and i would like very much to build a scenic base , however i justdont know how to make the rubble and detritus . thanks john
  8. <a href="http://s63.photobucket.com/albums/h148/ham...pictures028.jpg" target="_blank"><img src="http://i63.photobucket.com/albums/h148/ham...pictures028.jpg" border="0" alt="Porsche Konigstiger"></a> Well heres my first post of a model hope you like it john
  9. Hello Everyone ,. Thanks for the replys and welcomes , yes its the ''fishy'' model . Now about that erm.....probe/aerial .....how much did you want for it..... j
  10. Hello there , My first post on the forum , and not the last i hope . Has anyone made the Testors Roswell kit ? It loooked a interesting kit so i thought i would get it.......for other uses as well ! Where and is it possible to get a lighting kit for the model without sending to america ? I will post piccies when i start building it . John
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