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  1. That seems like a great price, especially considering Italeri's UK prices of late.
  2. Course you can, Gary. I've added you to the list. What part of East Anglia are you from? I spent my younger years in Ipswich.
  3. O.M.G. (as I believe the kids say these days) a 1:35 X-Craft! I have to get a couple of those! This is a kit with my name all over it.
  4. As Graham said, thanks for the offer, Colonel sir. Your assistance will be gratefully received. As for me, I'm planning to do something Star Wars, but I don't know what. Depends if I can find my AMT AT-AT, which is currently hiding in my mum's loft.
  5. Yeah Mish, Kits-World do some great Fort decals. I've got one set so far (A Bit O' Lace), and plan to get others. Kits-World website
  6. I'd like to formally welcome Graham to the co-hosting seat.
  7. Welcome aboard Daniƫl, I've added you to the list.
  8. Looking forward to seeing this one come together. I nearly bought one at the weekend, but I've spent enough for February already!
  9. Welcome aboard. The current list is: Obi-Jiff Kenobi Wellzy Erwin Jazzy Jase maltadefender Enzo Matrix Phil B Daz Greenwood Mentalguru CPNGROATS rowmk9 Mish Doug Rogers khimbar MadNurseGaz robw_uk grufsnik Potato Pete red glen mrcooljules Graham77 Peter O dahut smuts Paul J slufdriver woody37 Chris Jephcott sunshine coast Smiffy AndyC nigec Basosz lancfan Sabre_days erikmuntz Thundergrunt racedees mungo1974
  10. I've now got another one to bring along - the Revell easykit pocket Snowspeeder. It's only about 4 or 5 inches long, but it might fill a space on the table.
  11. Me too, plus TWA & Braniff 'Big Orange'. Got my eye on some 1970s-era BA ones too.
  12. Thanks. I knew I must have got the name from somewhere!
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