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  1. Hi Dave; If I remember correctly, I built the Roden SE5a Wolsey Viper kit many moons ago, I think they supply the stand alone engine kit with the plane and if you build the complete engine it doesn't fit in the fusilage, don't ask me why, but the engine appears to be too long for the fusilage, so if IRC I left some of the bits off the back of the engine that are not seen so it would fit, but whether it would be OK to do this if you are leaving some of the engine covers off I dont know. Cheers Pete.
  2. Hi Dave; I'm using a mixture of Raw Sienna, Burnt Sienna and Burnt Umber on mine. Cheers Pets.
  3. Evening all; Latest update, fusilage closed up and painted. Cheers Pete.
  4. Hi Dave; Thanks for the comment. I made the cushion from Milliput filler, a blob of it, thinned down then cut to the shape of the seat, I made the indentations for the buttons with a cocktail stick, then stuck some 1mm bolt heads in the indentations for the buttons, when all was well dry I finished shaping it with sand paper and gave it a coat of Saddle Brown paint. For the wash around the fuel tank I used Raw Umber oil paint, then just using White Spirit pulled the runs where you want them. HTH Cheers Pete.
  5. Morning all; Salutations from the Western Front, the Flanders Filth continues, latest update on the Albie DV. As usual any comments gratefully recieved. Cheers me dears. Pete.
  6. They look just about spot on Jennings, I'm gonna have to seriously think about a sheet of these. Cheers Pete.
  7. Ok Dave, if thats your first WnW kit, I would give up. It's toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo good, your gonna make the rest of us look like beginners. Seriously mate that is one superb looking Albie and things are only going to get better, I'm really looking foreward to the next one. Cheers Pete.
  8. Are you sure? I've just checked our listings and we seem to have a program about a 27 stone woman!!!!!! Pete.
  9. Great work John, luv the shadowy roundel effect. Cheers Pete.
  10. Looking very good now Dave, lovely paintwork. Pete.
  11. Lovely build John, great work, as you say, a crime not to use the wrinkled style fusilage. Cheers Pete.
  12. Come on John, you can do it mate, get an Albie started. Pete
  13. Hi Dave; Looking very good now, when you do your upper and lower wings, it's best to get every thing ready for rigging before you assemble them, I usually get the rigging lines fixed to the top wing before I add it to the model, then work from the middle outwards. It seems to help prevent lines getting tangled. Also put the exhaust on before you start rigging, otherwise you can get some rigging lines broken or sagging. HTH. Cheers Pete.
  14. Lovely little build Dave, excellent job. Cheers Pete.
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