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A Swallow over New Guinea - Finished


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  • Andwil changed the title to A Swallow over New Guinea - Finished

Last couple of bits done, prop attached and an aerial wire added and its done:




More photos to follow in the gallery.


Now I thought I’d have a bit of fun.  Apparently allied pilots encountering the Ki-61 often reported that the Japanese were flying Bf-109s and allegedly one of the reasons for it being given the reporting name “Tony” is that it looked Italian and all Italians were named Tony!  So I thought I’d do a comparison with the other Axis fighters powered by the DB inverted  vee engine:


Bf-109F and Ki-61




MC 202 Folgore and Ki-61




All three together






While there is a superficial resemblance, what really strikes me, and surprises me, is that the Ki-61 is somewhat larger all round and that the MC 202 is positively tiny.


Thanks for looking.



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Hi AW,


The original Ki-60 "heavy fighter" was smaller - more 109 sized I believe but the wingspan was increased by 5ft to give a lower wing loading and more manoeuvrability in keeping with the Japanese tradition! The fuselage was lengthened by 1ft at the same time.



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Gee she did turn out really nice, well done. :thumbsup:


The 3 of them together looks really great and intersecting to compare as well.


Hope you enjoyed the build, was great to have you along.

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