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  1. Am I right in suspecting that it would show your stash looking like the contents of the average model shop (if it’s anything like mine before it went into storage). AW
  2. ^ Kind of that lad to let the young lady play with his joystick (snurf!). AW
  3. Well there goes your spare time! Since retiring I can’t believe how much I found to do, leaves very little time for actually being retired AW
  4. Last few bits on and it’s finished. Happy that I was even able to successfully attach the little PE mudguard to the tail wheel without too much drama. An enjoyable, if testing at times build and an interesting and unusual addition to the collection. with its slightly over scale load: Gallery pics to follow, after my return from a weeks well deserved, and long overdue trip away to do some walking, bird watching and relaxing generally. It’s been a hectic year with a family wedding, house move and arrival of first grand child all against the backdrop of Covid uncertainty (although we have been lucky in South Australia and been spared the trouble experienced elsewhere). Thanks for looking and thanks to the hosts for an interesting group build. See you over in Ragnar’s Return in a weeks time! AW
  5. I’ve been using Dekls decals on my Pilatus Porter (High Wing GB), putting the whites under the coloured markings is essential and really brings out the colours, particularly the reds. AW
  6. The major decals are now on, the replacement set worked perfectly. “Only” the tiny stencils to go. Given the hand painted title on the starboard fuselage of this aircraft, I have fashioned a suitable load for it out of milliput: based on my memory of the start of my working life in the mailroom, two of the large mail bags of the time. Delivering the boys letters from home, packs of socks and Anzac biscuits and subscription copies of Go-set and Hustler. I’ll put these into the cargo cabin and pose the port side door open. Thanks for looking AW
  7. Good news on the decal front. Firstly, I tried a decal from another Dekls set on my mule, it went on with no problem. Secondly, Dekls had a stand at the SAPMA show which is on this weekend (and conveniently in walking distance from home!), I spoke to Derek and explained my problem to him. Before I finished my explanation he said he knew what the problem was, was very apologetic and gave me a replacement sheet for free. Apparently his supplier had given him the wrong type of paper for digital printing. Can’t do better than that, excellent service. He recommended that I strip off the few decals that I had got on in one piece as they were unlikely to survive a top coat. AW
  8. Yesterday I started on the decals, it was a false start. This is the first time I’ve used Dekls decals and it’s very likely to be the last. I started, as usual, with the top of the wings. I carefully cut out the first roundel, dipped it in warm water for about 15 seconds per the instructions. It loosened quickly, I placed it on the wing and.........it broke up into about a thousand pieces. Strong language followed. Fortunately there are sufficient decals on the sheet to provide some spares. I sprayed a fixative over the sheet and left it to set overnight. Recommenced this morning. First roundel, went on nicely, second roundel likewise. “Hooray I’ve solved the problem!” The gods punish hubris. First Army title shattered attempting to position it. Second one went on ok. And so it went, two or three good decals and then a shattering. Got halfway through and ran out of patience when the serial, provided as two decals and the smaller army titles had to be stitched together from multiple pieces. The decals are very thin and fragile and have to be handled with kid gloves and even then a prone to tearing up. Decided to give it a rest. I might try again another time. If Dekls, a local producer have a presence at this weekends SAPMA show I will ask them for a replacement sheet, or find out what I am doing wrong. Here is as far as I got: Thanks for looking. Any advice welcome! AW
  9. Very nice Patrice . I really like your busy flight line dioramas too. AW
  10. Thanks Hewy. I have tidied up some bleeding and a little overspray and removed the masks: This will get a gloss coat and then it’s on to decals. Exhausts painted, the top two are the correct ones for an Australian Army Porter. Thanks for looking. AW
  11. Nice save on the wings Heather. Always a challenge with the three dimensions geometry and inherent flimsiness of biplane wings. At least the real things were firmly attached to the interior structure of the wings and didn’t rely on the tiny mating surfaces (snurf) of our plastic replicas. AW
  12. Eduard 1/72 Nieuport N.17 C1, Lt Paul Tarascon, Esc N.62, Chapilly, November 1916. AW
  13. Finally can call this one done. I have spent a bit of time attempting to fix the mess I made with the rigging holes. I’m not really happy with how it turned out and it certainly won’t do anything to repair Franco - Australian relations. For better or worse it’s in the gallery. Don’t look too closely at the ugly hole filling. Thanks for looking. AW
  14. A whole week has gone by since I had the chance to do any modelling, I thought retirement would give me more time! I masked and sprayed the anti glare panel black, and the wing and fin tips dayglo orange over a pink undercoat. I think the dayglo will need a second coat though. and I painted the wheels. Thanks for looking. AW
  15. 1500 calories? Luxury. You should try the Fast 800. No more than 800 calories for up to 12 weeks. 2000 per day thereafter. I lost 14kg and have kept it off for over a year. Best of all, I have lost the craving for junk food and am eating healthier than ever. AW
  16. Does this mean you actually look like your avatar? Taxi is looking splendid. AW
  17. Sorry to hear that Pat, please accept my sincere condolences. Take your time, plastic can wait. AW
  18. Primed yesterday: and green today: AW
  19. I’d like to join in with a Wildcat and/or Zero. AW
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