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  1. Reminds of the time back when the Australian GP was held in Adelaide, one year a Lynx from a visiting RN ship raced Ricardo Patrese around the circuit. The Lynx won, but it was close. The Lynx also put on a display that included achieving AOA that were frankly frightening to be sitting beneath. AW
  2. Hi Pat, yes I would recommend buying a different one, but I wouldn’t pass on the original to anyone I considered a friend! AW
  3. Thanks for the idea and offer guys, but there is too much else wrong with this kit to make it worthwhile. AW
  4. New tool kit on order from Hannant’s, hopefully will have arrived when I get back from a one month trip away. Then this one will be consigned to the bin, it’s beyond me to make anything half decent out of it and after all, a hobby is supposed to be fun. AW
  5. Thanks Rich, it does go together quickly and easily. It’s nice to build a simple kit once in a while as a welcome relief from more complex ones, and proves that a kit doesn’t have to be an over-engineered wonder kit with a four part fuselage to make a nice model! A few little additions is all it really needs. And with that, a small piece of acetate for the gun sight and the canopy on, which is a near perfect fit. I have also made up the undercarriage, just needs a wash to bring out the detail. This is as far as I’l get before my trip away, when I return in a month it will off to the paint shop. Thanks for looking. AW
  6. Airframe completed with the addition of the tailplanes, radiator and carburettor scoop. It’s hard to see but I’ve made up the support for the gun sight. As the subject of my model is a Ki-61 I Ko with a retractable tail wheel, I made up a pair of doors: Thanks for looking. AW
  7. Looking really good. The wheel behind the pilot’s seat, I assume it’s a trim wheel, if so how was the pilot meant to operate it? AW
  8. I think ICM were over ambitious with this original tooling and attempted to cater for the many different versions with engineering and parts breakdown, including the complex multi part, scale thickness undercarriage that was beyond their moulding abilities at the time. It is good to see that they have improved over time and learnt from the experience. AW
  9. That idea has some merit. If I get that far I will need some crew figures, fortunately I have a Hasegawa Ju 88C-6 that has suitable figures that I could use. However: Decided today to close up the nose assembly. With a couple of tabs added to the very small contact points, and the gunners seat in approximately the right place: not too bad. But, turn it over and Oh dear. Not only that, but the rear bulkhead part, which incorporates the forward wing spar will not fit the rear of the nose as it should. In one week from today I am away for a month. I will ponder on this kit while I’m away, but the chances of it being completed are currently quite small. AW
  10. Actually made some progress today, welcome relief from the horror show that is the Do 215B-5 I’m attempting to build over in the Dornier STGB. Cockpit and IP in place: Fuselage closed up: and wings on: Fit is good, there looks like a small gap at the wing roots but shouldn’t be a problem. Thanks for looking. AW
  11. I’m seeing green. It would be the standard IJNAF dark green, which has a blueish cast to it. The rest of that box top scheme looks highly fanciful, but I’d be happy to be proven wrong! AW
  12. Trying to connect on my iPad I get this message: Looking at the Show Details it tells me that the security certificate had expired. AW
  13. Intrigued by the panting instruction for the rocket motor. How did it get burnt on a one flight Ohka? Was ground running even possible? AW ps autocorrect changed Ohka into zouks!
  14. Had a look around and unfortunately all the local retailers are out of stock of the new tool 215B-5 so for now I’m stuck with the original I’m really worried about the undercarriage. AW
  15. Well that looks like it is several orders of magnitude better than the original tool kit that I’m fighting with! AW
  16. I’ve made a start and can begin to answer the question above. Basically, it’s horrible. Firstly, there are many parts more than are strictly necessary and the moulding is quite crude. Dry fitting is almost impossible if one has the standard human provision of two hands. Secondly the instructions are rather vague as to placement of the parts (note also that part B26, the gunners seat needs to be bent PE style and the photo of it on section 5 is actually wrong as both legs need to be angled out to the side walls: fortunately there is this detailed (but quite small) cut away which helps with placement of the cockpit components: Thirdly, ICM have made many small parts scale thickness and are very fragile, Quite a few are already broken on the sprue. This is the support for the trim wheel, part A15: and here are some of the undercarriage components on the sprue: broken in three places and covered in flash. I don’t think the undercarriage as supplied will be robust enough to support the model. Finally, fit is awful. Part of the nose is a clear part (that will be painted over for this variant) that is misshaped and will leave a big gap. Having said all of that, I have started on the cockpit and painted it up and it doesn’t look too bad. I will persevere with it, but having had a look at the new tool kit on Scalemates I really wonder whether it is worth continuing with or not. Thanks for looking AW
  17. Cockpit painted, still got some belts to add. The information I have found on Ki-61 interior colours is conflicting and confusing so I settled for a dark grey-green shade (actually Lifecolour RLM 74 Grungrau). Thanks for looking. AW
  18. I’ve never had any trouble with Australia Post, generally their service is pretty good, can be a bit slow at times, especially if anything has to come from/pass through Sydney. AW
  19. Classic! Nothing says Japan like a vending machine. Brilliant. AW
  20. For my entry I’ll be doing yet another ICM Dornier, this time a Do 215B-5 nightfighter in the one true scale. I’ll be doing Helmut Lent’s machine which fits into my aircraft of the aces theme. Here’s the box and sprues and a bit of aftermarket. As I’m going away for my first holiday away in over two years for the whole of May so I may not start until I get home. AW
  21. So a start on the Tony. The Hasegawa cockpit is...basic. A floor, a seat, an instrument panel, a pilot figure. No control column. So a I started by making a front bulkhead/firewall and a bit of a rear bulkhead to fill the gap behind the seat. A control column from thin rod. Although very little will be seen once closed up I also added the switch panel beside the seat and a lever on the other side, some sidewalk detail including the throttle quadrant and oxygen regulator (?). The gun breeches were also added to the shelf that supports the IP. Some of the knobs and switches are over scale but they are only intended to busy up the cockpit, 1/72 is just too small to depict each one accurately. Thanks for looking. AW
  22. Sea Harrier XZ457, 14, 899 NAS, HMS Hermes. Hasegawa 1/72, scratch built cockpit and nose gear bay, Airfix seat and sidewinders from the spares box, brass pitot by Master, painted with Hataka acrylics. The three kill markings under the cockpit were in reality not painted until Hermes was on her return voyage post conflict and would probably not have have been on the aircraft fully armed, so I’ve used a bit of artistic licence including them. I brushed on the clear coat aiming for a slightly streaky, patchy appearance. And yes, the Coastal Kits base is not HMS Hermes, but it is a British carrier deck! Thanks for looking. AW
  23. The whole Flanker family are horrible ugly planes IMO and there are far too many of them on here for my taste. AW
  24. Final assembly done. I came across the first real problem with this kit. The main gear leg required drastic shortening in order for the plane to sit square on all four points. As with all my other Harrier builds I attached the nose wheel and outriggers first and once set put the main gear in position. With the Airfix, Esci and Sword Harriers this allowed the main gear leg to be set at the correct depth, but the engineering of this kit did not allow for any adjustment other than brutally cutting down and sanding the gear leg. Thanks for looking. AW
  25. I’m not sure where I saw this, if I ever saw it at all. I’ve been reading a lot about the “Shamrock Hien” over the last couple of days and such a picture has never been mentioned. Maybe I just imagined it? Anyway there is plenty of doubt surrounding the plane that as a modelling subject it is best left well alone. Even the subject of my model, which was captured intact, has some uncertainty over the fuselage band. The Rising decals give it as white with a blue border, Nick Millman in his Osprey volume on Ki-62 Aces has it with a red border with the reasoned explanation that as Takeuchi was leader of the 2nd Chutai it likely had a red command band that was subsequently painted over white when it was passed on to another pilot. So I’m leaning toward painting it with a red band. Then there is the thorny issue of the interior colour..... More to come. AW
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