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  1. Dammit John, I’m trying not to add to my over large stash and then I see this. AW
  2. With Mrs W off with one of her “Ladies who lunch” groups, I had a full day of modelling. First up was to fit the tiny attachments for the radar aerials to the nose. These pieces are ridiculously small: there are four of them that go on the nose, with no clear attachment points, more what you’d expect from Sword than Hasegawa. Luckily I got all four on, in more or less the right spots, without losing any to the carpet monster. The errant seams were rubbed down again, primed, the yellow band masked off and a rough black pre-shade airbrushed: still trying to airbrush straight lines Then a couple of light coats of RLM 75: After lunch I did a largish mottle of RLM 74 over the top: Finally for today, finished off the wheels with an umber wash: Thanks for looking. AW
  3. I have a SPAD A.1 pulpit fighter that fits the bill for this. Put me down. AW
  4. I’ve put some Mr Surfacer 500 on a couple of seams that I wasn’t happy with and also painted the yellow fuselage band as I think this will be better than using the decal provided. AK RLM04 yellow sprayed over a white base. Thanks for looking. AW
  5. Primer: which has revealed a few spots needing a bit more work. The build had reached the stage where I begin to feel dissatisfied with it as it looked rough, but this time not too much to fix up. Thanks for looking. AW
  6. Maybe they could rerelease it as a Vintage Classic? I’d get one, or two. AW
  7. I got the wings on today. I was in the process of attaching the canopy, when I remembered, just in time , that I had not attached the gunsight. Luckily I was using PVA canopy glue, so the canopy was easily prised off and the sight glued in. I also had to fill the locating holes for the large antler aerials on the nose that I will not be using. Thanks for looking. AW
  8. Ailerons and their actuators attached to the wings: and the gondola fixed under the nose. This had another gap requiring a shim under the rearmost part. This may have been due to the gondola being assembled separately, had it been built in situ the fit may have been better. I painted the shim black first as the white card would probably show up through the small windows. Finally, I masked up the canopy. Not having a masking set for the kit, it was a real pain, especially the windscreen which is made up of many small, irregular panes. I would strongly recommend anyone contemplating this kit, or any Ju 88 for that matter investing in a masking set! Thanks for looking. AW
  9. Picture 6, interesting place to store spare wheels. AW
  10. Great to see the Canberra back in the air. Love all the take off shots. AW
  11. Opening up the GB to Axis makes my Nick and Dinah eligible. Bring it on! AW
  12. Andwil

    Asia GB

    I have any number of Japanese subjects, or a Chinese Gladiator I would like to build and then of course there’s a Thai Navy AV-8S Harrier…… Count me in. AW
  13. To be fair, other than the ones I’ve highlighted the fit has been quite good, the tailplanes and fin fit perfectly. The one that surprised me was the wide gap between the forward and main fuselage sections that required a shim. I thought maybe I had assembled the top part incorrectly, that maybe it should have been flush with the rear fuselage with a step that the rear canopy fitted onto, but double checking the instructions and the clear part proved that I had done it correctly. The underside fit is quite good so I can’t explain the gap on top. The undernose gondola is a pain though, mine is a bit of a mess at the moment, but that’s mainly down to me being all thumbs. In providing parts to allow for the different versions of the Ju 88, it has resulted in otherwise avoidable fiddliness. AW
  14. Looks like you have it tamed. Those instructions look decidedly dodgy though… AW
  15. Back after a few days away and I got the nose and tail feathers on: also mated the engine nacelles to the wings: after these have set I will tidy up the seams and attach the wings to the fuselage. Not pictured is the gondola, a fiddly construction of three clear parts and one solid part. Fortunately most of it will be painted so the small windows can be masked while I sort out the seams and sand off a thumb print! Thanks for looking. AW
  16. R4+XM is definitely a later aircraft. I’ve decided to leave the upward firing guns off my model. AW
  17. Cockpit cemented to the port nose half: and the nose section closed up: I closed up the fuselage after dry fitting showed that it would be possible to wiggle the tail wheel and that circular thing that sits on top into position after painting. The forward, cockpit section was then attached to the rest of the fuselage. Again the fit is not the best, with a sizeable gap: That required a shim: Thanks for looking. AW
  18. Here are the cockpit parts painted up and with the instrument decals in place. The decals are quite thick and stiff and consequently quite tricky to get into place on the side walls, a fair bit of Mr Mark Softer had to be used. I don’t know if the brown leather seat padding is correct, but it adds a bit of interest to an otherwise dark grey cockpit. You will notice that I had to paint one of the radio boxes on the rear bulkhead. This is because the instructions call for decal #27 to go there. They also have a decal #27 on the port side wall. Only one decal #27 is provided on the sheet! The decals are also very shiny and required a matt coat in order to match the rest of the cockpit. Still drying in the photos. I have also assembled the wings: You can see that the nacelle fronts are not a particularly good fit. Also apparent is the slightly different colour of the plastic on some of the sprues. Thanks for looking. AW
  19. Is that a picture of the JU 88 in the RAF museum? If so, its a R-1 not a C-6. AW
  20. Order put into Hannants today for decals, masks and a reference for builds in the first few months of next year…. AW
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