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Venus wars ( Anime film )

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One of my fave anime films from many moons ago was Venus Wars.. (Who remembers the Manga UK intro trailer)


I posted this some time ago. 



It is now being release by Wave in 1/20 scale. At a very reasonable price. 




I can now do that girlie squeal. 








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2 minutes ago, Pilgrim_UK said:

I can now do that girlie squeal. 

Draw the curtains first!

Neat Monobike. I've seen similar ones as Kreiger builds.

Hopefully you'll do a WIP?

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Is that what that is?  I've seen it being taken as pre-orders on HLJ and thought it was a M.Ka kit of some description.


Unforunately, Manga UK are not more, the borg of the anime world Funimation have taken them over. :(


Kind regards,



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On 13/07/2021 at 23:41, Electric Indigo said:

Apparently, Wave is considering a driver figure to round off the awesomeness of this release!.....



How good is your Japanese? Can you translate?? Google seems to be not very helpfull when it comes to asian languages..


And one more thing: Wave has some nice Kits in the pipeline. Personally i am very much looking forward to the new 1/24 Scale Tachicoma from Ghost in the Shell. A Re-Release of the 1/24 Scale Logicoma would make my day

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I find Google Translate actually very helpful with Japanese & Chinese texts. And it's directly available in Twitter.


Since the kit is out, it's clear that the figure option has been dropped. Hopefully, some third party will jump in; the bike looks a bit empty without a driver.


Also, I have the new Tekkaman kit from Wave on pre-order, it should be out in a couple of days.

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I have one winging it's way to me as we speak with something a little bit extra. Another favourite Anime.


EDIT: It would seem I won't be getting the order as my account has been suspended and order cancelled. I have payment problems it would seem.





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