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  1. That's a mean looking MiG there! Great photos, and good work on weathering the decals, too.
  2. Goodsmile is willing to go for more lost treasures of SF modeling after their Robocop kits (btw there's a CAIN coming...). So up in their Moderoid plastic kit line is the iconic Power Loader with along with Ellen Ripley at the controls. https://www.goodsmile.info/ja/product/12210/MODEROID+パワーローダー.html Coming in Summer, 9.500 Yen.
  3. That's an awesome looking sculpt – good look with the painting! And in GK-M's defense, they also sell a range of amazing original kits, so they're not entirely on the Dark Side.
  4. Great paint scheme and overall impressive work on that awesome machine! I have to echo @Redshift 's impression that some of the blades seem to be angled irregularly.
  5. Congratulations! Looks like it was quite an experience.
  6. The stands are made from a 10 x 10 cm Dibond pieces, which is 3 mm vinyl sandwiched between thin aluminium sheets. Sign makers use this, so you can get leftover pieces for cheap there. The models are pinned on 1,5 mm steel wire, which handles the weight easily. If you drill at the center of gravity of the kit, the displays are pretty stable despite their small footprint. While I like the intricate landing gear mechanics of some planes, I always prefer to display plane kits in-flight. But finding proper pilots can be tricky. And to provide the exception to the rule, I'm currently tinkering at a Harrier with it's signature gear down – for a hovering display.
  7. Actually, this is the way... There are few things in modeling as satisfying as un-masking a Viggen splinter camo paintjob.
  8. That's a really nice subject, and a reminder that I haven't re-watched Spielberg's "Always" for too long!
  9. Nice Collection! I recommend the newer Zvezda kit for your next build, it looks much better. For the digital pattern, there are very good masks available from Arma Models.
  10. Very impressive build of one of the craziest concepts that actually lifted off the ground IRL. I hope the best for the restauration of the craft.
  11. Most impressive quality and productivity, and also exquisite choice of subjects and color schemes – it's hard to name a favourite, but since I already built a MiG-21 and Su-22, there's a lot of inspiration for a Su-25 or Yak-38 going on.
  12. 2021 started very productive with three consecutive aircraft builds, until the V-Siren resin kit ultimately tested my patience and modeling skills from April to October. First off was the MiG-21bis-D from Eduard Zvezda MiG-1.44 with "what if" pixel camo Tamiya Me-262 V-Siren I also finalized a personal pet project "Star Wars 1946" And the final 2021 kit was the Night Raven (Kotobukiya 1/144) from the Ace Combat 3 video game
  13. I agree with everyone that it looks better in this camo scheme than the standard overall grey. Great work on the kit & the base. I've build the later version with the diverterless intake and encountered no issues with the fit there, and the details indeed are great. I wish there were aftermarket lo-vis insignias available. Btw, here's an article about the development of the J-10 from the IAI Lavi: https://nationalinterest.org/blog/reboot/why-china-looked-israels-lavi-jet-its-j-10-vigorous-dragon-160931
  14. Interesting pattern & flawless execution. Coincidentally, I recently read Robert Harris excellent novel "V2", centerd around a (fictional) German engineer, who was part of von Braun's team developing the rocket, and a female calculator who is part of a British team that tries to indentify & destroy the launch bases at the Dutch coast via radar & ballistic calculations. Very interesting perspectives on the rocket war & a good read.
  15. Great work! I have the same kit on my workbench, and your pics feel very inspiring.
  16. I can tell from personal experience that Soviet pilots are hard to find.
  17. Great colors, and It's always nice to see a gear up build of this kit.
  18. Top quality build & the weathering is spot on! I can't believe the kit is almost 40 years old.
  19. Getting ready for the long winter evenings with some retro (style) mecha.
  20. If the kit is as bad as you say, then your build is proof that the magic is in the paint job. Great weathering and photography!
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