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  1. Evening Everybody, As I have been given the go ahead to do either an F-14 from either Ace Combat or Macross (Thanks Col!), I have decided to do one of either. I did attempt to get an iDOLM@STER themed aircraft themed - well actually it was a collabration aircraft between Ace Combat and iDOLM@STER, which I own in Ace Combat 6 on the Xbox 360, that build dates way back to the the last F-14 GB way back in 2014... how time flies. It wasn't until last year that I actually finished it (I will show a picture of it later). Here is the link to the old thread with no information in it what-so-ever apart from how the sprues look. I swear I posted more than that, oh well. This one is going to get a bit confusing as I am not going to use the kits that came with the models, so please bear with me. First we have the "main" scheme I will be doing. I have had this kit for many years, and was reviewed by Julien was back in 2013 (clicky linky to review). I also owned this aircraft in Ace Combat 6 but didn't really fly it. It will look like the below image from Bandai Namco. But as I am not too keen on this scheme and I will probably just put that on display in my man cave, I will be using the Revell F-14D Super Tomcat (below). I have already made this scheme in 1/144 and enjoyed it. I might go back to it one day. So that will leave an Hasegawa F-14D kit without a scheme. What I am planning on doing is making Lt Shin Kudo's aircraft from Macross Zero using the F-14D kit as the F-14A kit the decals come with is terrible. Anyway the box art. There is also a "monochrome" scheme which I really like the look off. I think I have enough decals to do that one as well, but that is completely outside the scope of this GB for me. You only see the aircraft for about 5 minutes max before it is ripped to shreds by the new fighter of the Anti-UN Forces (this was towards the end of the UN Wars before the Macross actually took off). But before it meets its end, it also fights some MiG-29's (I always assumed MiG-29K's as they where from a carrier I would imagine). I also own the MiG-29 from this scene and plan to build it soon. See below for the video if you are interested (not my work). The aircraft that Shin flies is actually called an F-14A (Actually called an F-14A+ Kai) but from what I can understand it is pretty much an A model, but I will need to look into that. I am not too bothered by accuracy on that one as it isn't my main build. As promised here is how the iDOLM@STER F-14 turned out. Not my best kit, but I am happy with the results. I would have to redo all the white bits though as the decals where horrible. I will be starting this after I have finished the C-47 Dakota I am building right now - shouldn't be too long. Kind regards, Dazz
  2. Evening Lads, Just seen this myself and looking at my stash I have 5 x 1/72 F-14's, 4 of them from Hasegawa. Only issue is that they are from Ace Combat and Macross, so not What-if's but maybe Sci-Fi? Would these be acceptable? I have skimmed the chat thread and as of yet there is no rules thread (I bet there is now). Failing that, I think I have some 1/144's floating around. Kind regards, Dazz
  3. How on earth have I missed this one for so long?! Well checking my stash, I think about 85% of it falls into the 3rd Category. Count me in! Thinking the ND-001 Nadesico or possibly something funky from Macross/Gundam... hhmm... Kind regards, Dazz
  4. So I had a back payment from my last job and I decided to treat myself to some bits from Japan. You might be here a while... A few of these I have bought last year but only just posting here. I'm including the F-14A Kai+ as thats from Macross. It was cheaper to buy the actual model than the knock off decals from China. Go figure... I'm not usually a fan of "CAG" birds, but I like this one, but there is a low-vis scheme in the kit also. Thinking of building this into a Wild Weasel/Recon type. Don't know yet. I bought this for the decals, but I might build it as Fokker's bird one day. I have a thing for the EW Valkyries for some reason, this one is cool and kinda reminds me of the Yukikaze. I needed to add an clean Messiah to the list right? I will probably be doing the one in the back ground with the cows skull. This is a show I have been watching recently and loved it so much I purchased the light novels which are also good. It's a really brutal show and am looking forward to the 2nd series in October. I might get some more and make a diaorama, it screams to be heavily weathered. Don't think I am brave enough to attempt the mini Valdilena Milize though. This is one of my grails, as far as I know, the VF-4 is only in Macross Flashback 2012 but it's a cool design. Kaname is one of my favourites from Macross Delta, I had to get this. Another one of my grails, I saw this on an auction site in Japan and won it, I love the colours in this and Mikumo's voice (sung by Junna) is amazing, hard to believe that she was singing for this show when she was 14. Even if I can't fully understand the lyrics. I had been after this one for near on 20 years when it appeared on an auction site (we know the one) and I just had to win it. This is my holy grail and looking forward to getting it, now if only I could get that damn Thunderseeker. Even though this is a real aircraft, I had to include the Demon Lord here. I could put my other Ace Combat aircraft here (there is a few). Anyone who knows me, knows that I love Ah! My Goddess and it my favourite show. There is even a review the in the anime circles where the reviewer of the show says he knows someone who would conqurer the world in Belldandy's name - he was refering to me. I have also put this here as it's not a real colour scheme. In one of the other pictures, there is an RF-4E Phantom II, I got 3 of them from the 501st Squadron of the JASDF I am going to get some custom decals printed and have each of the special aircraft that had Belldandy, Urd and Skuld on the air intakes. Think that is enough for now. I just need to clean my work bench off before I start these, did anyone else spot a theme here? Kind regards, Dazz
  5. Is that what that is? I've seen it being taken as pre-orders on HLJ and thought it was a M.Ka kit of some description. Unforunately, Manga UK are not more, the borg of the anime world Funimation have taken them over. Kind regards, Darren
  6. It's still known as Macross outside of Japan. Robotech is a bastardisation of three completely different shows (Southern Cross, Mospeada and Macross) and as you can guess I'm not a fan of it. Unfortunately you can't buy any Macross dvds outside of Japan (apart from Macross Plus and Macross II, maybe one other that escapes me right now as "technically" they are illegal releases) as no one has legal rights to series outside of Japan despite Harmony Gold saying otherwise. I remember first reading about this when I was 13... I'm 38 this year, I hope it's resolved soon. But I digress, I love the Tactical Scout Type, would love to see a WIP of it. What do the parts look like? I was lucky enough to get an Elintseeker last year as well as an VF-1B and VF-1S Strike Valkyrie... (Which I need to add to this thread still)... The Thunderseeker is still evading me and I finished the VF-1J Super Valkyrie (I will get pictures one day in a RFI). Kind regards, Dazz
  7. Evening everyone! Hope this message finds you all well? So I managed to do some work on the Gainful before Christmas, she's all primed and that is where I have had to leave it. I unfortunately contracted Covid-19 over Christmas from my girlfriend whom caught it at work. I was doing well until two weeks ago where I went into hospital with a chest infection. Two days later I was rushed back into hospital with my blood oxygen levels being only 68%. Turns out I have managed to contract what is known as "Covid pneumonia"... This isn't fun and apparently was even more worrying because of my age (I'm only 37). I've never been so ill in all my life and worried. But I was looked after by the NHS' finest and they have sorted me out (absolute champions). Unfortunately I'm still struggling with my breathing, so I'm going to have to quit this GB. If I can get back to the bench I will start again but my lungs have taken an absolute pounding. Sorry guys... Kind regards Dazz
  8. Hello All, I have been looking at all of the group builds on Britmodeller the last week or so thinking what ones can I join (I would like to join a few but I must be realistic). My modelling time has been short of late as in August I was made redundant from my job when the 80% furlough scheme finished (yeah - funny that!) and I then started another job 3 weeks later (yes I know I was lucky there). I have thanked my old place of employment for playing for my holiday with my redundancy money and the deposit for a new car (70 plate Nissan Juke if you must know). I now work for the Fire Brigade in their IT deptartment - I love it there. The work/life balance is amazing compared to my last place and I am enjoying the challenge - however it also means I am dead to the world when I get home. So I thought I would enter the longest running/just started GB with what I am hoping will be an easy build! As I understand it, SAM's are allowed in this GB? With that assumption in mind I have picked out the Trumpeter SAM-6 from the stash. I thought I would break up the aircraft models with this little beastie. Not much to look at huh? Onto the sprues... exciting! I am going to go for the Polish one as that seems interesting to me for some reason. Can anyone make heads or tails of that? I know my record on previous GB's isn't the best, but I do have to admit I did finish the model in my last GB I joined the "model kit you built as a kid" one. I just haven't posted any pictures of it... see below. Those micro-missiles really do bug me. I might look at them in a few years. So the plan is to get a simple kit done and painted. I do have another idea for this one, but I will need to see if the Postman is kind to me. Kind regards, Dazz
  9. I have been trying to get my hands on one of these kits but they are pretty hard to track down. I will however be following this build with great interest. That looks likes the Chinook kit at Italeri/Revell are still releasing now? Gotta be honest though, that is quite literally a "battle bus". Would be good in a zombie apocalypse I'd imagine? Kind Regards, Dazz
  10. Maybe the free shipping is a bonus to ex members? The Kate is number "A73012". Maybe the "A73013" is the book freebie? I haven't received anything else in my box and I had the A73013 on my order form too. Kind Regards, Dazz
  11. Well my club box arrived this morning. The Kate model is the same as the normal boxing just with a different decal sheet printed by Kits-World. Which I'm happy about as it's supporting a local (British) company, I could even enter it into the "Journeys End" GB. I also appear to be one of the lucky ones and received the Airfix book - it is quite literally a list. The reason I asked about shipping was because I got shipping for free even though I was no where near the £50 limit. Just lucky I guess. Kind Regards, Dazz
  12. I managed to get the Pro membership around 1pm-ish on Friday. I don't think I was in time for the freebie however. One thing I wanted to know though, has everyone paid for delivery? Kind Regards, Dazz
  13. Lovely Pheonix you have done there Hoops. I have the VF-0D to do at some point. I was never keen on the ghost in this version - altho this is the version the Shinn later flies in the show. I am building a VF-1J with the Fast Packs right now, if it turns out half as good as that I will be happy. Have you done any more? Kind Regards, Dazz.
  14. Thank you for the kind words Blimpyboy. It was a struggle to get it where it is now and I am not 100% happy with her, but I did learn alot from it. I am planning on making the rocket truck it launches from (Zero Launch Length style). But that will be way down the line. Thank you Aye, she is a big 'ol beastie but I think she is an amazing piece of engineering. Looks fast as hell just sitting there. Much appreciated Keith. This is the Japanese boxing of the Stratos 4 TSR-2MS that features in the OVA "Stratos 4 : Advance Final". The one you have is probably the boxing from the first series and is plain looking in comparison (no sharkmouth for a start). I have the TV show on DVD's so I am a little bit of a fan. FYI "Stratos 4" is actually an aircraft - not a real one mind. Why thank you Houston, but she isn't pristine - far from it. But that was the look I was going for when I made her. The real thing is just amazing, glad I have seen both XR220 and XR222 in the metal. I live quite close to Shoeburyness where the other airframes where used as targets so it is sort of an local interest to me. I also remember seeing it appear in an air rec competition when I was in the ATC. I was the only one who knew what it was - even the MoD guys didn't know, which impressed the Officers immensely. Thank you for the kind words all. Kind Regards, Dazz
  15. Hello Everyone, Well it's been a few weeks since my last update (where is the time going?!). I have been working on the Valkyrie every night (what else is there to do right now?)... update time! So in my last post I said I was going to try black basing, I am still not sold on it but I am liking the results. I am going to play around with it on a few other models. For anyone who doesn't know you prime your model/part in black - in this case Vallejo Black Primer (see below). Then in ramdom light patterns you spray white to make tonal variations in the model. I am not sure if I pulled it off but this is what I got. I think the next time I do this, I might some other colours to make this more interesting. Anyways, from here you build over the coats in even passes until you get the blow - or what you are happy with. Hopefully you can see the differences in the shades? While not perfect, I am really happy with this. So this was done on both wings and then glossed and decaled. I think the gloss coat has buggered up the shading... oh well least it looks okay. Each wing is made up of 15 decals... fun! Going to gloss over these again and then try an light grey wash on them. I have also done some work on the top mounted FAST packs and the Gun - not sure if I have mentioned the gun before and I am too lazy to check. The U.N. SPACY decal of course broke up, which was fun trying to sort out. The decals on the FAST packs wheren't as bad but the skull decal on one of the boosters ripped and tore. Luckly there is some decals in the pack I wasn't going to use. These came to the resuce and you wouldn't tell which one it was (and I can't remember). I am not keen on the "steel" used for the boosters. It looks too shiny for my liking. I will have to see what other colours I have. This is the VF-1J head, I am supposed to use the VF-1A head for this model, but I prefer the look of this one (there is also an "S" head). This is still very much a work in progress picture. However I had added the decals you can see here and I likes them. The yellow ones are from a 1/144 Revell Eurofighter - I think they work. I have also drilled out the laser barrels too. I am going to dry brush around the sensor bit for highlights. I am unsure if I want a small black line to follow the red one as Ichijo's colours are red and black. For those that are wondering, the masking tape on the cutting mat is for an Airfix P-51D and I am building as well. These are the inside of the legs, you are not going to see the other side as they will have the leg FAST packs on them. The decals on these where buggers too. The red dot on the top leg didn't want to go on and tore. So I used some of red decals that I wasn't going to use - these where the decals to be used on the winglets on the bottom of the leg. You can just see these on the bottom. These where painted instead as they would look better that way and I was right. I am really happy with how I have painted them thus far. I also managed to pick this up on a well known auction site for a decent price. I have seen a version of the Valkyrie (the VR-1D) which carries a recon pod and a sorta IR sensor on it's windscreen (think Flanker/Fulcrum and you are there). I have also seen another modeller turn that version into a sorta SEAD like. I might do a version of that, once I get the okay from the other modeller to sorta steal their idea. My girlfriend and I have an idea for the base. I think that will be more complicated that the entire build! More to come. Ideas or comments welcome. Kind Regards, Dazz
  16. Oh nice, I've still got to finish my GR1's with the JP233's. Which iirc where seen to be better than the MW-1 because of the less drag penalty but the MW-1 has more munitions? I could be wrong there. I did find an MW-1 in a Dragon set I've got somewhere, never actually checked it so I don't know how good it is. I'm still looking for BL775 clusterbombs in 1/144. Looking forward to this one Bosse. Like you, I own more Tornados than I should admit too lol. Kind Regards, Dazz
  17. Oo a S.A Bulldog. An aircraft that is pretty close to me as I have about 4 hours flying time in one with the ATC as a kid (funny enough). I also built this kit but different decals (I think it was a blister pack one) for one of the many GB's I sign up for, but unlike most I actually finished this one! Below is my example from about 4 years ago. I will look forward to watching this one progress. I cheated with the noseweight by using a stand. lol Kind Regards, Dazz
  18. Thank you both, I am really enjoying this refurb. While I know it will not be perfect, I am happy with the results thus far. So I couldn't resist a little mock up to see if there was anywhere that needed my attention. The cockpit to fuselage join needs some sanding. I will probably lose some of the vents there, however I have PE vents from my Gundam kits that will fit the bill perfectly! Infact they are almost a direct replacement! But that will be another post tomorrow... probably. I am going to try a black basing method on this aircraft. Not nothing to loose right? I am happy with how the wings are turning out. The bottoms are shocking, but I will look at those later. Hope this gives you an idea of what it looks like? Kind Regards, Dazz
  19. Thank you Modelling Minion... it's taken a while to get to this stage but the hard work is over now... I think. So as I said in my last post I have done more work on the Valkyrie, but with out any pictures yet. While listening to the voices of Lynn Minmay, Fire Bomber (Particularly Mylene Jenius ), Sharon Apple, Ranka Lee and Sheryl Nome - anyone who knows anything about Macross knows that the two most promient features are the Valkyries and songs, but I digress. First up is the typical Hasegawa canopy with the mold seem down the middle of it (picture below). So with my newsest No. 11 blade I scraped away the excess and with the Micro Mesh Sanding Pads, I started at 1,500 grit sanding one way (vertically or horizontally) then going down to the next pad and changing direction. The picture is when I had reached the 4,000 grit pad. Getting there, after some time, I was down to the 12,000 grit pad and a nearly shiny canopy. Not bad I don't think. I used to hate doing this to canopies, but I think I am getting there. I did have a polishing liquid, but I will be buggered if I can find it! These are the FAST packs for the legs. They are not finished yet, but getting there. Believe it or not there is 12 decals on these each. The wonderful "U.N. SPACY" logo broke up didn't it? Well that was fun. Since taking these pictures, I have painted the gun pod, the booster and micro missile packs. The nose has been attached to the main body. I think I am getting there. I am in danger of completing this kid... bloody hell! Kind Regards, Dazz
  20. Hello Everyone, Has it really been 3-ish weeks since my last post?! Wow time flies when you can't keep track of it! I have been working on this kit pretty much everynight as well as playing EVE-Online (one of my favourite games). So where I left it last time, the cockpit was nothing more than a hole in some grey plastic (below). Oh god that is horrible isn't it? So I spent a few nights cleaning it up and sorting out the horrible example of gluing at the nose. While looking for ideas on this kit, I remembered that the VF-1A/J/S where based on the F-14 Tomcat. I had some left over PE from a previous build so why not add it in? Not my best work, but not the worst either. It would just so happen that if you folded the PE part down the middle it would fit excatly into the cockpit - result! Thats not bad eh? So I painted the seat and computer thing that sits behind the pilot. The decal for the instrument panel was a disaster as it folded up on itself. Not bad for a 20-ish year old kit. In the end I painted over the bottom left part and painted the "ears" silver. You wont know the difference once it is in. Not bad I would say. You can see the PE parts too. Excellent! I am not very good at seat harnesses yet. Does anyone have any suggestions? As you can see, a lot will be seen in the Valkyrie once the canopy has gone on. Hhmm... There is also a nast seam line down the middle of the canopy. Lease the nose looks 100% better! First job was sorting out the FAST boosters... I am going to be here a long time. These little darlings took me 2 nights to sort out. I think I have fluffed the bottom of one of them. But I am not worried as it is the bottom. Bottom one looks so much better than the top. I have also had to rescribe the detail I have lost. A skill I am not 100% comfortable with just yet. This is the main body of the Valkyrie. Where the black bits end, I have placed two plates as you can see right up inside the aircraft and see the lovely mechanism. THis will hopefully stop that. The two arms and the added FAST packs for them. I just needed to tidy these bits up and for the majority will not be seen. The bottom of the Valkyrie, this is actually the chest when it transforms - this kit will NOT be doing that! The arms in the previous shot go inbetween the two intakes/legs. They will cover up that horrible hole. I have also modified the legs to have the MLG doors closed. Hasegawa in their infinite wisdom only made the kit to have the wheels on disply. A few snips and excessive sanding will get you a closed MLG bay. I have also found the sister kit to this one that I have been searching for, for the last 19 years. I was going to get a £60 one from Japan, but I found one closer to home for a much better price. I will enjoy building this when I get around to it. This is the VE-1 Elintseeker. Think AWACs/Hawkeye and you are there. This kit is a two seater and I can steal some of the bits not used for the Super Valkyrie... maybe. I have since done some more work on the Valkyrie since I have taken these pictures. I have painted the leg FAST packs and decaled them (the bit with "U.N. SPACY" on the Elintseeker pic). I will post pictures of them tomorrow. Questions and comments welcome. Kind Regards, Dazz
  21. Hi VoidDragon, Depends on what you mean by "best place". I personally import all my own kits but I buy them in bulk. So it works out cheaper. But the best place that I'm aware of in the UK would be GundamMad, but they've probably run into stock issues with every other shop I'd imagine. Which Gundam was you looking into getting? You might be lucky and find one on eBay. I found a Macross kit I've been after for 19 years just recently. Kind Regards, Dazz
  22. Just out of curiosity. Does anyone know what kit was used/given out with the Take-Off magazine in the late 90's? I was in year 5 at Primary School, so barely remember it apart from the horrible colour of the plastic. I know it was a Tornado GR1 (or supposed to have been) with decals for "Debbie" in the Gulf War but that's as mush as I remember. I've still got a fuel tank floating around somewhere. Reason I'm asking is because I put a cheeky bid on the Kits-World decal set for Operation Granby and won (somehow). I'm guessing it was the old Airfix GR1? Thanking you in advance. Kind Regards, Dazz
  23. Thank you Steve for the kind words, the kit certainly put up a fight and there was times I wanted to throw it out of the window. Glad it is finished now and is of a reasonable quality. It's good enough to go on the shelf. Kind Regards, Dazz
  24. For anyone who is following this build or did, I have completed it and is in the RFI here. Click here for Finished Model goodness! Kind Regards, Dazz
  25. Hello all, I have finally finished the kit I started a year ago for the Sharkmouth GB. For one reason or another, I lost interest in this kit as it just kept on fighting me. To say the that the Airfix 1/72 TSR-2 is a pig of a kit is an understatement! I guess it didn't help that I added aftermarket bits to it. At one point, the kit actually flew off the table in the garden and nose dived into the patio. I had to deal with a snapped flap/tailplane and the wing joint had cracked along the back as well. Original build thread is here. I have learned a lot from this build and I will probably revisit it in a few years time as I have another one of these in the stash. You never know, by then Airfix might've released a new version (heres hoping!). Any and all feedback welcome. Not really sure if this should in be here in the Sci-Fi RFI or Aircraft RFI? Kit used : Airfix 1/72 TSR-2MS Stratos 4. Aftermarket : CMK Resin Engines, tailplanes, flaps, engine intakes, airbrakes and electronics bay. Paint : White... white and more bloody white... I used @Navy Bird great buld here for a lot of the references and pitfalls. But my kit decided to throw more at me. I also stole the idea of using a light grey oil wash for the panel lines. I am more or less happy with this side. It hasn't worked in other places as I have oblierated all the panel lines with my multiple layers of primer/paint. I did try to add some detail to the wheelbay. really hard to get a picture of it where you can see what I did. I also added breaklines to the wheels (5 of them!) but it was hard to see what happened to them. Even my trip to see the real one at RAF Cosford didn't help. And just for fun below a picture of the real one (this is a picture I took on my visit to RAF Cosford). Even at rest she looks fast as hell... Any and all feedback is welcome. Kind Regards, Dazz
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