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  1. Poor old uchikoma, one day they'll win Batou-san's heart.
  2. Somehow, of all kits, Matchbox seem to call for building out-of-the-box without add-ons or improvements. I still love those old kits regardless of accuracy or detail. They may not have been the best in that regard, but to me at the start of my modelling obsession they always seemed like the best-made kits.
  3. Excellent testbed. with those proportions it could almost qualify as a Bandai "Super-Deformed" kit!
  4. Nice to see a Brisfit in the flesh. If you had trouble with that lower wing attachment, just imagine what it must have been like for the real thing!
  5. A nice finish, your pic really brings home the huge wingspan of the Wellesley. The majority of my teenage builds were Matchbox, precisely because they were such easy builds - perhaps not the best in terms of detail or accuracy, but always a really good fit. And, as mentioned above, for some subjects there was no choice other than Matchbox! There is a Matchbox Model Kit Appreciation Group on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2011417682416561
  6. Beautiful - nice to see one of these done properly (unlike the one that hung from the ceiling of my 13-year old self!).
  7. Beautiful rendition of this version. A greatly under-appreciated film, I always thought.
  8. Nice to see one of the old Matchbox classics coming out of the box! I have fond memories of building this one in '81 or so.
  9. Very nice finish for the old hairy sticks. What scale are these? Looks tiny.
  10. Beautiful job with a beautiful aeroplane! I have a soft spot for Matchbox from my youth when I built almost nothing else.
  11. It's always the way, isn't it? Go to town on the interior and it disappears as soon as you close it up, but just leave one tiny bit unpainted and it'll stick out like a sore thumb every time you look at it! Very nice work, the FW 190 is one of my old favourites.
  12. Very appropriate! My favourite Thunderbird, unfortunately never managed to snag a kit (well, I do have the new super-deformed one by Aoshima).
  13. Thanks for the welcome! Unfortunately the hobby shops here have been in decline for a long time, partly because of the rise of online alternatives and partly because the local youth just aren't into models any more. And if you've seen any recent news about Hong Kong you'll know the rest of it isn't what it was, either ... Still, I'm looking forward to the next phase of my life!
  14. I get a "Access to am3pap006files.storage.live.com was denied" message - perhaps it's set to restricted access?
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