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Airfix Scots Grey in 54mm Scale.Finished.

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Hello again Chums,there has been progress but not much.


Black Knight,many thanks old fruit.That's some superb gen for which I am grateful.


Troy,cheers old chum.I'm finding this figure lark a lot more involved than it looks.


Stix,thanks old lad.


The mess tins are supposed to be strapped on to the top of this item (no,I've no idea what this is called either) but as is it doesn't sit naturally.I've taken a scrape of plastic out so that it looks like there's a bit of compression there.




I've also managed to superglue one end each of a couple of straps to their items ready to fit on to our chap.



One thing I have found is this website http://www.uniformology.com/index.html which shows promise for some useful goodies and gen.

I've a spot of self time planned this week so I'm hoping to get some in and have this in the gallery by Sunday evening.Thanks all for looking in,more soon.


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The red thingy is his valise

Basically a tubular bag case to hold his spare shirt, shaving things and other personal items

It was the cavalry mans version of the foot soldier's back-pack

Some valises unrolled and some were a tube shaped case.

The regiment number was usually on the ends of the valise

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G'day again Chums,little victories.


Black Knight,thanks once again old chum.Yet more gen for any poor uninformed soul,like I am,who may happen across this thread as part of their research into their own build :thumbsup: .


I had forgotten how time consuming this straps caper could be.If I was using plastic card it would take much longer and be nowhere near as easy.I suppose now that horsey has an eye she'd better have a name so I looked for a list of Scots horses names from the 1800s and came up with Ailsa.  




I've more than likely set the sabretache and scabbard straps up the wrong way but they can stay where they are.By the time the rest of his baggage has been hung they probably won't be visible anyway.



More soon Chums,once the current lot of paint has dried,thanks for looking in.



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Hello again Chums,festooning has continued.


The stirrups have had their straps attached.




To fit these up properly the seat of the saddle has been glued into place after some final fine tuning.The stirrup straps were only just long enough to do the trip.



The metalwork for the bridle was next for attention.Like all niche trades the naming of certain items tends to reveal nothing to the layman and,nowadays,guarantees a certain price raising impenetrability to defend a craftsman from a customer.Try this wikipedia article for the bridle.



These were set up on a lump of blu-tack and glued



and then moved to their destination to make sure that they will fit and sit properly.



The plume was glued to his titfer.



The water bottle,bag and carbine were hung.One of the joys of doing this with masking tape is the possibility of repositioning the items with no fuss.I still haven't worked out how I'm going to make these look like they're bouncing around on a galloping horseman but something will come to mind.



More soon Chums,thanks for looking in.

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G'day again Chums,we're nearing completion.


The face has been glued to the headgear.A quick look around it revealed a patch of the white plastic not hidden adjacent to the collar.It's only on the one side and doesn't disappear by moving things around.That makes another bit of touching in to be done in a tricky place to see into and operate in at the same time. 




Anyway may I present Hugh.The offspring of very minor aristocracy his arrival was given a passing mention in "Who's Hugh".A subsequent edition,"Hugh's Hugh" ,shed a little more light on his ancestry.A later volume,"Whose is Hugh",aroused curiosity but no clarity.



There's plenty of finishing to be done before he is put together with Ailsa,who also needs some finishing.Then there's the reins to be added.

More soon Chums,thanks for looking in.

Edited by Alex Gordon
Dyslexic Keyboard.
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Hello again Chums,I'm going to call this one done.There has been pushing,prodding,touching in of paint and attaching the last bits.Here we are,Hugh and Ailsa.







My thanks to Plastix for casting the net,Enzo for doing his bit,Black Knight,Grey Beema and Troy for splendidly useful gen and to all who looked in,chipped in and encouraged.I'm also going to do a @trickydicky210 being as he sold me the thing.


Right,hands up who thought that,with several of them to hand,I was only going to make just the one.





Thanks again all,I'm off to play Rafale in the French Fancy II GB.


Edited by Alex Gordon
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  • Alex Gordon changed the title to Airfix Scots Grey in 54mm Scale.Finished.

Most excellent


If you intend do do more of these figures, a suggestion.

I bought some Timpo heads

I find the Airfix faces very neutral but the Timpo faces are expressive.

I used one on this Royal Marine


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18 hours ago, Alex Gordon said:

Right,hands up who thought that,with several of them to hand,I was only going to make just the one.


Sneaky doing two.   is that the horse from the Polish Lancer in the other build?    

They look great, and really enjoyed this one, some great modelling and a lot of interesting research.







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Hi Alex. Once again you have produced a splendidly informative Less Than A Tenner GB thread! I am really delighted you took part and that you produced such a superb model(s) from your detailed efforts. Very well done!! :worthy:

Thank you for taking part in this GB.

Kind regards, 


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Thanks again Chums.


Black Knight,thanks for the heads up.I've a few more of these to go at so I'll give it a bit of thought.That's a rather good job on your Bootneck.


Troy,I don't know.It's one I found in a box of Airfix 54mm goodies in the estate of a late friend.


Stix,most of the informative bit came from those who chipped in with the many and varied bits of gen without which I'd still be working on it.Thanks for hosting old fruit,it's been a good fun GB with all sorts of goodies to behold.

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