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Legendary Blackbird - Part 0: Genesis... (3D Printing)

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The test print is done. The first impression is very promising. Here are the outer wing and eleven parts together with Revell 1:72 Blackbird:




More images will follow.



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Here are some images of Revell/Monogram, Italeri/Testors and 3D printed outer wing upper and lower surfaces:





I need to check the root fillets and tip leading edge curvature from real aircraft reference pictures.  But in overall the shape and level of detail seems very good to me.


Next is to check panel line depths and surfaces smoothness.



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To control the panel lines and surface quality the parts were coated with microfiller black primer and sanded with 1000 grits paper:




The woodlike texture shows the 0.033mm print layers. The remaining black primer fills the steps and gives a smooth surface:



In general the panel lines look fine but for better visibility I will make them a bit deeper.



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24 minutes ago, Pajarito said:

Quite an impressive work, Serkan!

Are these going to be available in 1/48th scale to be grafted onto the Italeri Sled kit?




Thanks Igna,

I have already used most of them in my ongoing Italeri and Revell 1:48 conversion projects:


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On 1/21/2023 at 2:54 PM, Gondor44 said:

The way you are going with this you will be able to completly print any version of this aircraft to what ever scale you want!



Yes indeed, I am planning to print an A-12B in 1:32 scales, and maybe YF-12A as well! 🤔

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