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Legendary Blackbird - Part 0: Genesis... (3D Printing)

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The basic cockpit tub model is now ready to print;






The console, instrument panel and the cockpit rear bulkhead details will be added later. There is enough material to add the console and instrument panel details but I have found only few pictures showing the cockpit tub rear bulk head showing the rails and cross bars etc. (ejection  seat removed).




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The cockpit parts are now ready for the fit test:




The forward fuselage has the alignment guides to fit the cockpit tub correctly:



The tub can be placed through rear cockpit area by simply sliding forward:




The instrument panel needs a bit help using a tweezer to place correctly:



And here are the all printed cockpit parts together:





Next step is to check NLG bay fit...



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2 hours ago, LorenSharp said:

I'd have to say that's pretty slick there Serkan. Don't you love it when it all comes together?

Yes I do Loren. I did some improvements on mid fuselage section as well. Very soon I will be ready to build A-12B Titanium Goose in 1:72 scale using all 3D printed parts and Italeri/Testors kit.


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Here are the NLG bay and strut:



At some areas the wall thickness have to be increased but in overall the details looks very good:



The strut requires no modification as all the details were printed as desired:



The bay doors are also fine except the louvres.  They are missing on the printed parts because of very thin wall thickness:



I will fix all these little problems and reprint the parts. Next step is to model A-12B rear cockpit tub.




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A little update on exhaust nozzle: All the rivets and details have been added to outer surface:







The tiny rivets are difficult to see on printed parts but recently I got a new 3D printer which has higher resolution in xy (0.035mm instead 0.050mm -> 50% higher resolution). I hope this will improve the quality of the surface details.




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22 minutes ago, Shalako said:

Merry Christmas Serkan!


Vey nice work mate! May I ask, is that a C-2 seat from an F-104 that you have 3-d printed? I thought the SR-71 was using a different type of ejection seat.




Thanks Bill,

The modified C2 seat was used in Oxcart but Blackbird had an further improved seat. I have not modelled Blackbird seat yet.



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  • 2 weeks later...

Many of you asked me both through message and in different Blackbird/Oxcart ongoing work in progress topics that if I will model YF-12A as well. To be honest this was not in my to do list. But last weekend I started to play with the available drawings and I decided to spend a bit time to see if I can model YF-12A. Here are the initial outcome of this study:

First YF-12A drawing versus A-12 model (in blue):



The basic shapes were updated (circular cross section areas):


It seems that modelling YF-12A fuselage is possible. Next step is to add basic shape of the crew area...




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The windshield and front canopy shapes have been added to model. Also the chine shape has been roughly updated. After all the construction lines were set to hidden and the surface mirror was created the YF-12A shape became visible:



The lower surface will be modified as the next step...


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