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  1. Thanks for these rerefence material. Though I need a bit time bring them together they are awesome. Serkan
  2. The shape and nose chine has neither M-21 nor SR-71 form. It is closer to M-21/A-12 shape. Also the overall fuselage sections are too shallow. I have listed all these odds (and many valuable contributions from mates) through this post. Serkan
  3. I have started to draw CAD model from available materials. First of all I have imported my top and side view drawings and reference pictures to CAD: Generating the nose and fuselage sections with chine was a bit painful: But the progress I did during last week is compromising Also I have spent plenty of time to get realistic windshield and front canopy contours: The Italeri kit modification still continues. I will open a new thread to report digital blackbird progress in there. Serkan
  4. Hi guys, Since couple of days I am looking for the complete drawing of the below image to buy/download preferably including top view. Has anyone any idea where to get it? Serkan
  5. If you have taken any flyer from them I can translate it for you... Serkan
  6. Hi Robert, No that's not mine. I have not completed 3D model yet to print it out. Since last 2 weeks I was trying to get most accurate drawings and reference material to make 3D model using CAD. I have made some progress and I will share some pics when my little daughters go to bed... Serkan
  7. Is there any source to get first three drawings in high resolution as well? Serkan
  8. Hi Martin, Thanks lot sharing this link and for your kind words I fully agree Michael. I have bought it and got the download link within 2 hours. This is exactly what I was looking for... Serkan
  9. I am just wondering if any of you have the high resolution copies of these drawings: I really get tired of never ending sanding/filling/shaping process... Maybe best way is to make 3D CAD modelling and printing all parts with 3D resin printer (which I bought one last week) Serkan
  10. The nose bulkhead had to be modified to match new nose shape: I started first starboard side; The both sides were modified and in overall the result is better than before: Next step is to coat the parts with primer and to add panel lines. Serkan
  11. Thanks Neffan, I have lost my motivation after the aged resin disaster. Two of four Flankers were highly deformed during the desperate heat treatment using kitchen oven I will restart T-10M series builds soon. I have already casted the forward fuselage halves and also for Su-27IB and Su-33UBM I have casted clear parts. During last 2 weeks I have painted 20 AA-10, 50 AA-11, 20 AA-12 missiles to have enough armaments for all these Flanker derivatives Serkan
  12. I fully agree. The below photos show the difference between Italeri/Testors and Revell/Monogram kits: The Revell/Monogram kit has more realistic nose and fuselage shape (circular fuselage sections with circular arc chines) but the cockpit area ruins everything... I will do SR-71A mods on Revell/Monogram kit (using the canopy parts from this A-12 mod). Serkan
  13. The frames were filled with PUR: When it was fully cured I started to give its final shape. First starboard side was completed: After reshaping nose upper half the lower half was copied from existing part using modeling clay and PUR: Finally both halves were glued together to complete new nose: The new nose looks more realistic than the existing one... Serkan
  14. Yes I know how much work I have to do. But no pain, no gain Maybe it would have been easier to take a piece of wood and simply carve it to shape a new front fuselage... Serkan
  15. Here are the steps how the new nose was built: First a well detailed A-12 (actually it is M-21) front view was used to draw sectional profiles following panel lines and rivets: Then these sections were mapped to top view drawing and curvatures were replaced with circular arcs: After then most representative few sections were used to generate smooth transitions using profile extrusion. Then 12 sections were selected to generate new nose: As given in my previous post here are the sections on sytrene sheet: And assembled form: Serkan
  16. Yes indeed... I need some fuel before going back to business
  17. I was not very happy with the nose shape. Even after a long filling-sanding process the nose curvature was still far from having realistic shape. Then I decided to create nose section contours and build a new nose model from these sections. The sections were cut with cutter/plotter using 0.5mm styrene sheet. All sections were glued on planform shape: The new nose shape looks better than existing one. The next step is to create surface from these sections. Serkan
  18. The front upper half was filled-filed-sanded many times to give the final shape and after then coated with primer. The panel lines were drawn with pencil and some panel patches were marked with masking film: There are some areas to improve surface quality but in overall it seems fine. I have not decided yet whether I should scribe the panel lines or raise them. Sinked panel lines is easy to do but it won't be consistent with the original kit part as they have raised panel lines unless they will be scribed. Serkan
  19. My assistant is impatient to see the result: - I want this bird!..
  20. The front upper half is now almost ready: The A-12 Oxcart will look like this: And M-21 will look like as follows: The planform view of single and double seater versions: The A-12B modification will be done after duplicating the front fuselage upper half. Serkan
  21. I am afraid that you won't get out of box what you want to have! Neither the bird nor the chick will be as expected (or dreamed)... Serkan
  22. This will be the next one in my list The whitebird not the lady Serkan
  23. Thanks for your kind words It is not easy to build an accurate Blackbird derivative from existing kits available in the market. At the beginning I thought that it shouldn't be so difficult... The windshield is the one of the biggest pain in the neck. As you said having the Habu evil look is not possible with the existing kit parts and massive modification is required on this area including windshield, front canopy and nose. YF-12 kit has relatively better clear parts and therefore I have cloned these parts and used them as starting point. The windshield is not perfect but at least has correct height and width. It has also flat windows. I have also a mostly finished Sr-71B in 1:48 scale. But I think I need to give a break when I complete this project before starting 1:48 mods. The plastic itself is thicker than 1mm that can tolerate light sanding/filing. But I would recommend to support the surface from inside by gluing 1mm polystyrene card in any case. Regarding to clear parts in 1:48 I will definetely do when I start that mods. Regards Serkan
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