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  1. Thanks for your all comments and feedback. I created a test model containing several 5mmx5mmx5mm overlapped cubes and saved as STL file without union operation and Chitubox software worked fine. Therefore I have to correct my previous statement. In general Chitubox works well with STL files containing overlapped bodies (and I must admit that most of my STL files are in this form ). But I also experienced that for very complex models containing significant amount of details, Chitubox fails at some areas unless the STL file contains single body. Most probably the tool fails to calculate the surface normals of some STL triangles that causes the hollow zones/volumes in print file. And sometimes Chitubox generates very strange triangular surfaces which are not part of the model if it is very complex and contains multiple bodies in a single STL: The mid and below nose gear bays are the results of STL files without and with union operation respectively. My conclusion: if the printed parts or Chitubox process have some unexpected/unexplained imperfections, union the model to create a single body and repeat the process. Serkan
  2. If the parts have no intersected volume and they touch each other only at the surface then having a STL file with multiple body is ok. Otherwise they have to be united/fused/added (whatever it is called) before exporting as STL file. Serkan
  3. The printed canopy frames look fantastic. I tried to do similar in my ongoing Blackbird/Oxcart projects but was not so successful. By the way, you can't beat me on wasting resin!.. Serkan
  4. My deep apologies for such late comment but the root leading edge panels should be in the triangular form instead of the rectangular one, shouldn't they? Serkan
  5. Looks very eye catching. You are very close to RFI. This is good to see that one of us will finish his ongoing Blackbird project soon. Serkan
  6. She looks fantastic David. Congratulations!.. Serkan
  7. I gave a try to cut with plane and apply fillet as you suggested. In overall it looks fine but some circumferantial details still are perfectly circular which shouldn't supposed to be. I need to think about it. Most probably they won't be visible at all in the printed parts. Serkan
  8. Thanks Ian, Then maybe the best solution is to model inflated unloaded tire and then slightly sand the bottom round the edges to simulate loaded case. Serkan
  9. Here are the loaded tire models for different rotation angles: Serkan
  10. Using "Blender" tool the loaded tire mesh has been generated: The loaded tire for eight different rotation positions were modelled: Next step is to add the print supports and make the models ready to print after the summer break. Serkan
  11. I have discovered a miracle tool namely "blender" to modify/distort an existing mesh model including STL files. Using lattice modifier mode I managed to generate the loaded tire model: From the above images right to left you can see the flat, inflated and loaded tire models. Next step is to repeat the process to generate the loaded tires for various rotation angles. Serkan
  12. More or less the same concept. I change the car whenever it needs a car wash...
  13. Since several years I am using leasing car from Mercedes Benz as they offer us with special conditions and replace the car with a new one every year. I don't even fill water to the windshield washer reservoir...
  14. You are right Bill. The type of the gas has no effect on the tire shape but the level of pressure. Here is a reference picture together with the final model: The lower left model was one of the preliminary modelling attempts. Serkan
  15. After working a bit more on available pictures of operational aircrafts, the profile has been modified for the inflated tire: The above picture shows the comparison of inflated and flat tire models. Next step is to find a way to model loaded inflated tire. Serkan
  16. The tire profile in previous post is for the display aircrafts in museums without inflating with nitrogen. But the tires on operational aircrafts had more rounded profile as they were highly pressurized with nitrogen: Now the wheels fit better to the fork. Serkan
  17. Looks very good. Nice finish. Serkan
  18. I had some nasty experiences with acrylic, enamel and oil paint washes. I ruined one of my build because of oil wash. Since then I am using the primary school aqua colors (watercolor but not the acrylic!) and this is very forgiving. All you need to do to remove the wash on an area is to wipe off with moistened paper towel or simply wash the entire plane under tap water... Serkan
  19. Looks really good. In my 1:48 build I did preshading in different way which is barely visible: It seems that your technique will give better result than I did. Serkan
  20. I still have half liter 2:1 uv resistant epoxy clear resin that fully cures within 12 to 48 hours. But there are some PU 1:1 crystal clear fast curing resins especially in UK which I haven't tested yet. Serkan
  21. Here is a clear resin cast example from my Su-27IBK what if build (originally Italeri Su-34): Serkan
  22. This is really very strange that just falling the windshield on the floor causes such damage without stepping on it. As already suggested the first step is to ask the company or distributor for a replacement/spare part. If the spare part is not available you can try to form the windshield from clear polycarbonate sheet using vacuform techniques. Or you can search internet for 1:48 vacuform canopy replacement. If I need to duplicate a missing or damaged part I repair the existing one and make a silicon mold from it. Then I cast the new parts using PU or epoxy resin depending on the part type (opaque or clear). Serkan
  23. Many thanks. Except the first one all them are in 1:72 scale. What is the scale of your build?
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