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Just Passing Through: Ogden Rhinos

Old Viper Tester

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A couple of Rhinos from the 15th Test Squadron, Ogden Air Logistics Center (OO-ALC), Hill AFB. OO-ALC was the support depot for all USAF F-4s. The various Air Logistics Centers maintained at least one flying example of the airframes for which they were responsible in order to flight test sustainment modifications and investigations throughout the service life of the type. These images were taken on the Nellis AFB transient ramp in October 1980. A couple of years later, all of the OO-ALC aircraft would get stylized "HAFB" tail markings (see below), the presentation on the tails varied slightly, so modelers should check photos before committing to a particular HAFB marking.


RF-4C 65-0905

65-0905 oo-alc KLSV 19800900 15cr


65-0905 oo-alc KLSV 19800900 26cr


65-0905 oo-alc KLSV 19800900 23cr


F-4D 66-7455

66-7455 00-alc KLSV 19800900 14cr


66-7455 oo-alc KLSV 19801000 01cr


66-7455 oo-alc KLSV 19801000 27cr


Ogden only had the one RF-4C. They had two F-4Ds, the other being 66-8711, and one F-4E, 68-0304. They also had two F-4Cs, shown below on display at Hill AFB as part of their Aerospace Museum collection.


64-0664, February 1993

64-0664 oo-alc KHIF 19930202 04cr


64-0664 oo-alc KHIF 19930202 07cr


63-7424 August 1990

63-7424 00-alc KHIF 19900826 06cr


14-in lug store suspension units in the forward Sparrow wells on '424.

63-7424 missile station stores adapter KHIF 19900826 09


'424 restored and in the museum, February 1993.

63-7424 oo-alc KHIF 19930202 23


Thanks for looking,



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