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  1. Stunners! The first Herk for me, great angle and light. It is a view not seen very often Andy
  2. Well there you go. I have learnt something. Looks nice, Andy
  3. I think i said £20 per club! All it needs is a receipt on show to prove you have paid. Andy
  4. I don't know of anything other than the kit. Andy
  5. Yet another cracking model Norbert. I wonder what else will follow from your partially built stash? Andy
  6. Japan does on the F-2, but they aren't F-16s are they? Andy
  7. Awesome model of the best Sea King colour scheme. Well done Richard Andy
  8. That is a beautiful JASDF Phantom. I remember making the grey version using Phoenix Decals in 1/48. NEVER buy their decals!! Andy
  9. I'll echo these comments. Great shots Andy
  10. Top photos Gary. They look great in the sun, as you say Andy
  11. Ahhh, thanks Jabba. Let me know if you need any colour help. The book should cover everything, but you never know Andy
  12. Only one day on base and definitely nothing from outside! Andy
  13. Superb photos with a good selection of angles. I was decorating Andy
  14. I thought the M had bigger span wings? Andy
  15. Gorgeous light on those helicopters and nice sharp photos too. Lovely. The Aurora is a rare one as well. Andy
  16. Thanks chaps. Yes Calum, we did, but that was something that could have also been organised as an individual too. Obviously without the excellent company of a tour group though Andy
  17. It is a PC-9 from Slovenia Andy
  18. Thanks guys. The taxiing Israelis would gave been better in nice light though Andy
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