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  1. Super answer Ziggyfoos. I also notice the difference in the number of stars on the fuselage side. It has made up my mind that i will go with the open type stencils as i want to depict the airframe at the time of the shoot-down of the MiGs. cheers Andy
  2. Absolutely superb. Good choice of colour scheme as it is unusual Andy
  3. Thanks guys. Winded Penguin, it is 1/110 not 1/144 so slightly larger. Even though the panel lines were raised, the detail was good Andy
  4. hi all, No, not that one but the 1/110 snap together kit! I built this in a week and it was great fun. There was a lot of filler on the underside joint but it was very easily sanded down. Every other part fitted well and the paint job was simple. Decals went on well apart from the long red stripes which broke up, but even then, they were easy to piece together again. Hope you like it, Andy
  5. You have captured perfectly the worn look of today's Raptors. Very well done indeed Andy
  6. Thank you very much. I used sanding sponges to smooth off the Mr Surfacer 1200 primer, then sprayed Hataka yellow and MRP Black. The varnish is Klear and Galleria mixed 50:50 for a semi-gloss finish Andy
  7. Yes, but a bit shiny Andy
  8. Speak to Britjet on this forum. He designs and prints decals to an extremely high quality. All work is free with a donation to a charity of your choice. Top stuff Andy
  9. thanks Martin. The Indonesians did it for me too, closely follwed by the Singapore F-16s which were lumpy, bumpy and dirty! Andy
  10. Cheers Mark. I have an FC account, but can't log in. The mods never reply to mails either. Useless! Andy
  11. I do my best For me, the seat is the highlight. A lot of work putting it together, but it looks so real. Andy
  12. hi all, This is the 1/32 Italeri F-104G finished in the markings of JaBoG 33. The kit is very good but not perfect. Fit of parts was excellent in places and poor in others; some details were crisp, others not; the plastic was soft and accepted glue really well, but the nose undercarriage leg is very weak; and some areas were well detailed others not. On the whole it went together well, but i incorporated an Aires cockpit and seat (both superb), a Reskit exhaust and wheels (again superb), a Master pitot (excellent) and Peddinghaus decals (not so good). The decals conformed well and were very strong, but they were about 15% too small and slightly inaccurate. As a consequence, i used some of the decals from an old Revell kit which perfomed well. However their falcon's legs were too big by about 20%! In the end it was a bit of a mix and match plus some help from my friend Richard who provided masks for the black bird outlines, thanks. Hope you like it Andy
  13. Thanks guys. It was worth the journey even if there weren't too many vantage points around Darwin Airport. As you say, some really rare aircraft for us northerners. Andy
  14. hi all, Following on from WallyinOz's photos from Exercise Pitch Black 2022, here are some of my pictures from the same event. I have also included a Hawk from Williamtown and PC-21s / King Air from East Sale. Hope you like them.
  15. Super photos Mark. I plan to go up on Thursday and maybe next week too. Should there still be some flying? Andy
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