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My continuing collection

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Hello all so im going to keep going and post my collection slowly over a few weeks. I will keep using this post and just add to it rather than make multiple posts. First up is an Hasegawa Bf-109E3. I did this kit 16 years ago and it is a Battle of Britain aircraft from the II/Staffel JG-51. It was piloted by Josef Fözö. I chose the markings because of the replacement Rudder with the extra 1/2 Swastika. Ok here goes









      Next up is a more recent build from last year. Its Eduards Bf-109G6 early. It is a sprue release. The markings are for a JG-52 Plane in Yugoslavia sometime circa May of 1944. The camouflage is real it was taken from an G8 Reconnaissance plane in the balkans.  











Hope you like them i will add more to this post when i can. Thank you all.

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Yes JWM i will do the daylight photos. Just didnt have time yesterday before it got dark out. My office only has a desk lamp no direct lighting. I will also try to come up with a better display area as well. For future additions to the photos. 


Simon382 👍 thanks for the compliment. I liked the scheme just didnt have the necessary bits to model the cameras but everything else is pretty close.

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Thanks Polo, Gazontipede, and invidia. I agree with you Gazontipede im sure it was a real Pita on the real aircraft. It was pretty hard to do for me i sprayed the upper base color. I then made paint masks in the jagged pattern.  To protect some of the sandgelb. Next i brushed the upper green and chocalate brown using the good old Mark 1 👁 To get a balance of some sort. 


invidia no its not airbrushed. It was a combo of rattle cans (sandgelb upper, mid-blue lower) & hairy sticked withe the other colors (Vallejo german camoulage dark green from the panzer series and german chocolate brown). The original series of photos were all in black and white and were the estimators best guesses. So i went with them. 


If you think the 109 camouflage was a PITA. The FW-190F I've got will give you nightmares it took a week to paint. 

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Ok here goes for the second stage of my collection this will include Two FW-190's the first is an Tamiya 1/48 F-8. The plane is from the 5 staffel SG2 late 1944 in Poland or Czechoslovakia. The scheme though extremely outlandish does exist on an actually D-12 but i adapted it to this F-8. 







Ok the next FW-190 is an A8/R8 RämmJaeger in 1/72 from Eduards weekend series. Its represents a plane flown by Paul Lixfeld of JG 300.







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Next up is a Revellogram P-61 Black Widow. I didnt want the standard Night fighter. I always liked the bare metal F-15a Reporters. So i tried to find a BMF P-61. I did and this was the personal mount of Major General Earl Barnes in the South pacific. It was to my best guess the only BM P-61 in the war. The plane was taken from the 550th NFS. The Generals personal logo was painted on both outside Vertical Stabilizers. Since i had no decals i created a mask for this and painted it from scratch.









Hope these look ok will add more tomorrow or saturday. As always Thank you in advance.

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Thanks Karlo 

17 minutes ago, Karlo said:

Nice brush work and great looking camouflage patterns ! Love the look of Bf-109.

They're all a combination of Rattle can and Brush. With the Exception of The BF-109E that was Airbrushed & Hairysticked. If you haven't seen the other Two posts i have ( F-86D & F-104G ). I say please look at those. They're both done using Aluminum Foil. I pretty much will use any medium to get the effect im looking for. 

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