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  1. Not a tank I am familiar with but well tidy nonetheless,well tidy indeed.
  2. Hi tonyot, I am not a Spitfire fan[prefer the Hurricane] but the Malta Blue makes the Spit look cool.
  3. Next to the Matilda,this is my fave British WW11 tank,well tidy mun.
  4. Hi Mitchem,I dont build or post anymore but I like to look at models and comment sometimes.
  5. Well tidy pair of models and not a cheat line in sight,
  6. Nothing like a sharkmouth to enhance my liking of an aircraft,well tidy mun. Regards celt
  7. Its a big beastie,well tidy indeed. Regards celt
  8. Didnt Airfix kit one of these back in the day?Well tidy mun. Regards celt
  9. A great model from a pain of a kit[mine ended up thrown against the wall].well tidy mun. Regards celt
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