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  1. Nothing like a sharkmouth to enhance my liking of an aircraft,well tidy mun. Regards celt
  2. Its a big beastie,well tidy indeed. Regards celt
  3. Didnt Airfix kit one of these back in the day?Well tidy mun. Regards celt
  4. A great model from a pain of a kit[mine ended up thrown against the wall].well tidy mun. Regards celt
  5. A wonderful model of my fave aircraft,well tidy mun. There are a lot of snobs in this hobby of ours and I too have been told I am not a proper modeller because I do not use an airbrush,although in my case my models all come under the six foot rule [they look ok from six feet]. Regards celt
  6. Well tidy mun,I too have a soft spot for this diminutive fighter.I wish someone would release a modern 1/72 kit of this little gem. Regards celt
  7. Firefly,my fave Sherman.Well tidy mun. Regards celt
  8. Hi Keith, I will no longer be attending the meetings,due various problems.Hope all is well with you and yours. Regards Ken
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