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NuBSG Centurian by Revell

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All finished my Revell NuBSG Centurian. He stands about 14inches tall. The main skeleton in Humbrol enamel Metal Cote steel and the armour is Halfords Chrome rattle can. Lots of other metalics on the weapons, waist, tupeing in the neck etc. Very pleased with how this bad boy turned out and highly recommend the kit.







Its amazing what you see in a photo that you dont see when its sitting in front of you! Spotted some small bits of cleanup to be done, but nothing major.

thanks for watching and commenting guys,


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Thanks gents.

Noel, the full build log is here: http://forum.ipmsireland.com/topic/10853746/1/

hopefully that will help a bit more. Good Luck wit yours. There really is nothing to watch out for on this kit....

Breaker, there is a single LED in the head and the switch has been built into the neck so turning the head turns on the light. The battery box is in the tirso and the upper half just sits on the waist with some rods to hold it in place. There is a video clip in the build log.



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You point me to a No 6 kit and I'll do it.... :) .....or better, a No 8

Thanks for all the kind comments Gents!

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Thanks Will, and yes, he is a big boy!

You can just about make out the visor is lit in that pic. Alos the right arm is posable from the elbow joint. Seriously thinking of getting another and trying to perform hip replacement surgery to get it into a walking pose....

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