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  1. Go for any version of the Meng Cougar lovely vehicle and a great kit
  2. Great news alright. Looking forward to them all. However Hobbyboss have a history of years between announcements and actual releases
  3. SeanM

    Which Humvee?

    The Bronco M1114s and Academy M1151 represent more up to date Humvees and have loads of detail in them. Good kits too....
  4. Currently reading the Osprey book on the Green Beret ODA teams in Afghanistan 2001-2002. Very interesting and some good reference material.
  5. I like your plan and all nice bits you have lined up. The Meng pickups are nice but a bit basic. You'll probably want some sort of radio mounted on the dash board and an antenne on the roof. And lots of storage in the bed.... Looking forward to watching this come together
  6. Well folks, it's long over due for me to start this thread. The plan is for a dio with a Pibber providing cover for a Light SEAL Support Craft LSSC dropping off a Seal Team as part of a Vietnam GB on IPMS Ireland forum. This will actually be my first diorama Basic construction and painting of the PBR, Patrol Boat Riverine, is complete but still a lot of detail to be added. The LSSC finally arrived last weekend and it's now ready for primer. PBR has 4 crew in the top left of the picture, LSSC 2 crew top middle and the other figures are SEALs from 2 Dragon sets and some that came with the LSSC. I won't use them all though as even with the two boats they couldn't all be carried. Lots of weapons and storage from the different sets and a Black Dog Vietnam storage set. IPMS Ireland Vietnam GB IPMS Ireland Vietnam GB IPMS Ireland Vietnam GB IPMS Ireland Vietnam GB IPMS Ireland Vietnam GB Still loads to do but at least progress is being made. A good start is half the battle!
  7. We don't spill our drinks
  8. I recently got the Meng version. Awesome looking vehicle
  9. SeanM

    Hesco barriers

    RT Dioramas do a set of 10 for €10 https://www.rt-diorama.de/english/to-the-shop/modern-combat-new/ MAiM also do a set for the same price https://www.modernarmies-in-miniatures.de/barrier-container-set-1-1-35_maim-brmodern-armies-in-miniatures-front46_maim35012.html Both based in Germany and post is not too bad. I've used MAiM before and like their stuff. Not used RT but will try them soon
  10. I got both sets of Meng/AK paints for Modern Russian Armour and I have to say they do spray very nicely. Russian AAA All 4 vehicles have now got their base colour. I'm using the schemes in the Meng Shilka booklet for 3 of them. It may not be 100% accurate but they look good and that's good enough for me. Russian AAA Russian AAA Russian AAA The Tunguska will get an Artic scheme with black and grey stripes Russian AAA I hope to get a good bit of the camo painting done over this weekend
  11. Nice work. I found those Trumpy decals very brittle and hard to work with....
  12. SA-8 AND SA-13 are possible future additions but have you ever seen anything as ugly as that SA-4? SA-2 Is another I'd like to add sometime. But first to finish these 4. I have a great track record of starting projects, not so good at finishing..... EDIT: Have the SA-9 also in the collection
  13. Don't know why I decided on such madness but I'm building 4 modern Russian anti-aircraft systems in parallel. The kits are: Meng Shilka - beautiful kit with workable tracks but clean-up of the spruce attachments on each link has to be exact for them to connect. Trumpeter SAM-6 - simple kit, nice missiles. Link&length tracks though. Not a fan of them from when I build one years ago. Will replace these. Panda Tunguska - horrible kit. POOR fit of parts and really overdone with tiny bits. Non workable individual link tracks. Might replace these too Panda TOR - such an improvement over the Tunguska. Very detailed radar that went together very well. Also has individual workable tracks Soviet AAA Soviet AAA Currently on the process of priming them all. Each will get a different colour scheme just undecided on which ones yet....
  14. Finally finished the Stryker ADV. Apologies for not keeping the build log up to date but with the PB woes and finding Flikr troublesome I've not been posting recently. I shall rectify that going forward. Anyway, here we are, all done at last. AFV Club M1128 hull with Ledgends A DATE conversion mounted on it. Painted with Mr Hobby Olive Drab and weathered with various washes, filters and pigments from AK, Mig and Tamiya Air Defence Stryker Air Defence Stryker Air Defence Stryker Air Defence Stryker Air Defence Stryker Thanks for watching folks.
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