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  1. Hey guys, well its been a while since I last did a physical model (been getting a bit carried away with the 3D renders lately!) So today I got stuck into the Revell USS Enterprise for a client. I don't normally rush things, but once I started this kit today I couldn't stop, so I persevered and managed to get this done in a single day! Its been a while since my last 1 day build! (well, I started after lunch!) I'm putting it in the WIP Thread as its not TOTALLY finished as I will give it a quick gloss coat tomorrow once the decals have totally dried! Hope you like! I'll include a link to my page where there are more pics including some more WIP and "finished" pics. https://www.facebook.com/chriscardwellmodels/
  2. chris1984_99_99

    3D Renders

    I Love those Renders Andrew! I may have to pick your brains on a few things as I am still learning!! Did you build the meshes yourself or download them?
  3. chris1984_99_99

    3D Renders

    Hi Guys, I havnt been out in the shed building many models lately... the winter has seen to that! So, instead I have started dabbling with modelling of a different sort, 3D models. The Meshes are downloaded for free online and rendered by myself in Lightwave and finished off in Photoshop. So far I have done a few dozen, so rather than linking them all here, I will show you a few and give a link to my FB page where I upload them. Hope you enjoy! Chris https://www.facebook.com/chriscardwellmodels/
  4. chris1984_99_99

    Moebius Battlestar Galactica Raptor

    Fingers crossed it comes out sooner than later!
  5. chris1984_99_99

    AMT 1/2500 USS Enterprise C

    Details have all been painted on, including the blue hull highlights. I have used some artistic license on this one and tamed down the amount of blue highlights, as well as the colour, making it less vivid that the decals would have. By painting the hull rather than using the decals it has allowed me to retain the detail on the hull rather than plastering over it.
  6. chris1984_99_99

    HMS Zulu, 1/350

    She is stunning! I take it you had to get the photo etch separately or does it come with the kit? Fantastic work!
  7. chris1984_99_99

    Where to find Victorian era Royal Navy models

    Hi Bob, I had a look at your WIP post, great work!! Can I ask where it is you got the kit from? I think she may be perfect for what I have in mind!! Will need to get some etch for the railings though! Thanks!
  8. chris1984_99_99

    HMS Renown....no not that one, the Gin Palace!

    Looking forward to seeing more on this! You are doing great work with her so far!
  9. Nice work! The old MkII Viper is hard to beat! Specially when it comes to adding weathering...the more the better they look!
  10. chris1984_99_99

    Where to find Victorian era Royal Navy models

    Yeah Combrig is one of the makes I have found searching online but from what I've seen them seem to have a lot coming, but not much released? Has anyone UK based ever bought or made anyt of their kits?
  11. Hi guys I have been looking online for some time trying to find any model Victorian era ships of the Royal navy. They seem to be pretty elusive! Can anyone point me in the direction of any producers or websites where I might have some luck? Im not too worried on the scale, be it 1/700 or 1/350. Thanks in advance! Chris
  12. chris1984_99_99

    Old Martian Tripod

    Thanks Neo!.... hmmmmm!....giving me ideas now! lol
  13. chris1984_99_99

    BSG Pegasus

    Likewise! Also the hangar pod interiors you cast.....would you be interested in making a few more? hint hint! :-)
  14. chris1984_99_99

    Old Martian Tripod

    This is fantastic! I love the LED lighting as well, really gives it life! Can I ask where you got it from? I've been wanting to build one of these for a long time!..
  15. This going to be the first Star Trek model I have built in a few years, and the first build of 2016. It is a commission of the AMT 1/2500 USS Enterprise C. These photos are upon completion of the first day. Enjoy! What you get in the box Another image of the kit unboxed After grey primer (Halfords grey primer) Some detailing work And another. So after opening the box and looking at the decals, I decided I would rather paint than use the decals supplied. The reasons for this are I think they are too bold and not very screen accurate. I also think "wallpapering" decals like this cover up a lot of the detail on the kit, so instead I will be painting the various shades and tones on the hull as well as some of the detailing.